Month: October 2013

Dami Im, X Factor Winner (Australia Got It Right)

Melinda Doolittle, David Archuleta and Jessica Sanchez of American Idol, Ella Henderson of X Factor (UK), Marco Germar of So You Think You Can Dance (U.S.) and most recently Morisette Amon of The Voice (Philippines) were the awesome talents I personally rooted for in their respective contest seasons in the past.  Click the name of these talents to read my posts about them for me to prove my point.  I can’t seem to remember when was the last time that my chosen contender won the contest he or she is competing on TV.

Strangely, despite their breathtaking performances, no one among these brilliant and gifted contestants did won in their respective talent contests.  They were beaten by other competitors as oddly voted by their respective country’s viewers.  Honestly, I’d rather observe a grass growing than listen or watch these so called winners perform.

lady gaga, katy perry and rihanna has yet to perform a number as amazing as this...
lady gaga, katy perry and rihanna has yet to perform a number as amazing as this…

Anyway, it seems that it was not America, nor the UK, nor the Philippines talent contests that has the right sagacity and discernment for what a true talent really means.  Surprisingly, Australia does have the right vibe, groove and keenness on this matter.  I am saying this because just tonight, Australia has voted and honored Dami Im to be this year’s X Factor (Australia) WINNER!!!

I was slightly freaked out when the host announced who this year’s winner was.  I was clapping and cheering when Dami Im’s name was called.  All I can say is that endearing Australia got it right in the pocket…  Aussies know what exceptional talent is…

Here’s the spectacular and one-of-a-kind final number of Dami Im singing Purple Rain…

Congratulations Dami Im!!! Congratulations Australia!!!

Sa sobrang galak, parang gusto kong maligo ng may pakpak! 


Dami Im and The Best Judges’ Ovation

damiimarmyI told myself that I would only write about Dami Im when she has been proclaimed the winner of X Factor Australia this year.  But with the amazing talent that Dami Im has just shown in the grand finals night tonight, I could not contain myself to not write about it anymore.

Being a self-proclaimed member of the Dami Army let this blog be a portal for dear Australia to know that one world class talent and superstar is in the person of Dami Im.  It would be a crime if she won’t win the X Factor Australia 2013.

So to dear Australia, I hope you vote for Dami Im!!!  Here’s her last performance that would surely seal the deal.  This video I suppose also contains the best judges’ ovation of any talent show in the world.

Winner or not, I will definitely miss her when the show ends…


Donating to Bohol the Easy and Dyahe-Free Way

Hey! Have you done your share of donating to the victims of Bohol 7.2 magnitude earthquake?  I did.

With the unprecedented level of realistic gore and massive destructions in the beautiful province of Bohol, I suppose your prayers and sympathy won’t be enough.  This catastrophe needs some damn concrete action like giving donation.

A lot of people wonder how they could lodge in their cash donations.  Others feel its “dyahe” (awkward) that they would have to deposit their cash donations to a bank account of trustworthy foundations when they deem that the amount they are donating is quite trivial.  This is aside from the fact that it would take you some trouble knowing the account numbers of those foundations and effort to proceed and transact to a bank.

Read! While waiting for the cashier to process my donation, i got the chance to take a photo of this signage located right in front of their cash register

I did my donating the easier way.  Its hassle free!   I simply proceeded to the nearest 7-Eleven store and hand over my cash donation while at the same time purchase myself a large “asado siopao” for my dinner.  This new 7-Eleven facility is so new cashiers won’t mind how much you donate.  Thus, it’s never “dyahe”.

Yeah, 7-Eleven accepts cash donations which will directly be issued to DSWD (Department of Social Welfare & development).  After handing over your cash, your name will be asked to be registered.  And yes, don’t forget to get your donation receipt…

Be a blessing everyone!

Psst! Reydi? Sing!!! Walang sinuman ang nabubuhay para sa sarili lamang…

Donya Ina

donya ina, photo grabbed from the facebook page
donya ina, photo grabbed from the facebook page

Donya Ina is the newest anti-social media monster – at least here in the Philippines – whom ironically everybody loves.  According to her Facebook fan page which was conceived only 11 days ago, she has already generated 277,209 likes (including me).

Everybody loves Donya Ina because her opinions and advises about the ills of putting ridiculous posts on social media is in a form of satirical lampoon that leads to the highest form of laughter.  Her intelligent insults and offensive yet clever attacks about stupid acts people do on social media is something to be pondered about.

The way a potter would center the clay on his wheel, Donya Ina is sharp and straightforward yet funny about the painful truth. She would not hesitate in making you realize that you made a complete and utter ass of yourself.

Think about it, how much do you really gain from going on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?  I’m pretty sure it’s not much.  But Donya Ina doesn’t say that we should stop using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram since these has become vital parts of our day to “connect” with other people.  However, she is the virtual life form who intellectualizes in a hilarious mode about how pathetic we look by trying to make ourselves cooler than we really are on the internet.

And what is so good about Donya Ina is that even though she is cantankerously grumpy she just wants to impart her astuteness and her maternal love to all her “anak” (children) in the internet world, because at the end of her every clever and analytical oration she would ask you to explain what you just did yet need not want an answer.  And would rather end up your conversation by saying… Labyu (love you).

Labyu tu Donya Ina…

I Must Be A Thai In The Past

If reincarnation is true, I would like to believe that I am a Thai royal in the second to the last life before the one I am in now.  I am saying this because every time I am given the time, money and god-given opportunity to travel to Bangkok, Thailand I would always grab it.

And every time my silky smooth feet would land in Bangkok, I never miss the opportunity to visit the Grand Palace complex.  It is the very palace complex where the Kings of Siam reside in the past.

super sweat with vitamin D
super sweat with vitamin D
that statue is so grand! i wan't one inside my home!
that statue is so grand! i wan’t one
inside my home!
grandest of the grand
grandest of the grand

And every time I visit, The Grand Palace never ceases to amaze me.  Aside from having so much vitamin D because of the blazing heat of the sun, I am always at awe at the beauty, grandeur and magnificence of its colorful history, intricate designs and fabulous architecture.

mind boggling!
mind boggling!
feeling at just like home...
feeling at home…
my inner being tells me, i once lived in this complex...
my inner being tells me, i once lived in this
royal complex…

I really wouldn’t mind getting back and visit this royal multiplex again.  It is because it feels like I’m simply visiting back my once luxurious past life.  Sawasdee!!!

Babalik ulet ako dyan. Por shur…

Counting Stars by OneRepublic

this photo was taken from One Republic's facebook page
this photo was grabbed from OneRepublic’s facebook page

Poetic genius, that’s how I would simply describe this song.  Though not a new song, this track has actually been the music I kept on playing and listening to inside my bathroom every morning while I take a bath for the past two weeks.  I would even sing along loudly, as in at the top of my horrible out-of-tune voice.

I don’t know why I am so stuck and fascinated by its catchy beat.  Or maybe it’s the lyrics of the song that kept me captivated.  It tells you about overcoming the hideous parts of life and finding a greater meaning of it.  It proclaims that sometimes taking risks in life are doorways to the best moments of your existence.  The ones you were meant to experience and live to see.

Or maybe the reason why I so like this song is because of my internal desire for an insane precursor that something big is coming.  Because, instead of counting dollars I’d soon be counting stars!

This song is dedicated to me! Go me!

Selpish lang ang peg!

A Cute Café For Overgrown Children

It was one café in Bangkok that I promised myself to write about when I get back to Manila.  However, it has been more than a week already but the only description that I could think about this café is that it’s cute.  That’s it.

I know “cute” is not an appropriate adjective to describe a café, a restaurant or any dining place.  But that’s the persistent thought that lingers inside my crazy shell.  And ironically, nothing else would crop out of mind to further describe it.

mr. jones orhanage
mr. jones orphanage
the cute view from my seat
the cute view from my seat. i wanted to bring home those toy soldiers
though i still fit in, their cool looking seats were a little tight
though i still fit in, their cool looking seats were a little tight and narrow
creative cafe concept

The place is called Mr. Jones Orphanage, a cute café whose theme was like a toy workshop adorned with adorable stuffed toys, miniature toy soldiers, a train track and giant wooden wheel-parts of a wristwatch.

At first glance when we passed through this adorable café, I thought it was a toy store.  But when we passed through again after shopping (inside Siam Center), we were like overgrown kids who could no longer resist to settle our big asses on the available seats.

Their menu was a dessert lover’s paradise.  They have wide selection of cakes, fruit pies, milk shakes and cookies.  I ordered a slice of orange cake plus a cup of cappuccino.  The cake was okay though I tasted better versions of it.  Nevertheless the cappuccino was superb.

a slice of orange cake
a slice of orange cake
nice looking cup with a superb cappuccino
nice looking cup with a superb cappuccino
a cute message on my cup
a cute message on my cup

Overall, being at Mr. Jones Orphanage was a cute dining experience.

Di lang pambata, pang-damulag din!