Month: November 2011

Life Begins at 41

my "thank you" message I posted on facebook

I woke up sneezing and noticed that my nose hairs have grown faster than the previous years.  This gave me the confirmation about what my good friend said that “Life begins at 41”.

Today is my 41st birthday.  People say that age is just a number but in a world where everything is judged in numbers, birthdays in some ways can be disturbing.  For me, one does not encounter a big deal about age until the age 40 comes to an end.

Life begins at 41.  It is the age when one realizes that youth has totally passed and you are being treated with pronounced respect.  People calling you “sir” to signify your stature can be flattering but this also adds to the pressure of behaving your age and definitely slims down social acceptance for immature stupidity.  Yet it is the age when childish fun is no longer juvenile experimentations but actually just for the sake of pure fun.

Life begins at 41.  You may gain weight by simply smelling the food and bodily defects starts to ensue – receding hairline, bulging tummy, blurred vision, grey hair, etc. But it is the stage when being young at heart can be awesome.  You’re not too old yet not so young…

Life begins at 41.  Crow’s feet showing at the edge of your eyes are inevitable.  But don’t get me wrong because for me crow’s feet are not something to cover up – they’re something to celebrate.  Each crease, fold and wrinkle was slowly built throughout the years by countless joyful smiles.

Life begins at 41 and today my life begins…

Kung baga sa bingo… Sa Ennn! Cuarenta y uno…


Do you have “The One That Got Away”?

Human beings 40 years old and above at one point in their early lives has encountered a special relationship with another person may it be in the form of unexplainable infatuation, true love or irrational lust.  It is the special feeling that you at such a tender age thought would last forever.  But at some point in time it is destiny who will judge that both your cards just didn’t fall the right way which results to your drifting apart.

Since destiny joked on you by encountering unexplainable and uncontrolled circumstances, feelings of regrets sets in.  Longingness to relive the special feelings and yearning to revive the failed sensation ensues.  This regret, longingness and yearning is like an unresolved bump in the throat, it is like an unsolved crime caused by incomprehensible mystery.

As you age, the only option you will have is to admit, recognize and endure that the person whom you had a failed mystifying affection for is the One That Got Away…

Kung ikaw ay cuarenta pataas at wala ka nito, siguro dahil ikaw ay isang pinagpala o kaya’y di ka lumalabas ng bahay sins bert. : )

If I were Gloria, If I were Noynoy

If I were Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA), I would not fly and go to another country to be in hiding.  I will face whatever charges will be filed against me.  If I was able to save the whole country from world financial crisis (as recognized by the IMF and World Bank) during my administration, I’m pretty sure I can also handle whatever charges will be filed against me.  This is because if I fly and would not come back, I don’t want history to judge me the cruelest verdict that not only was I corrupt but also gutless and cowardly.  I want history to remember me that during the time when almost all high-profile countries were suffering from economic crises, I was the great power who saved the country from economic collapse.

If I were President Benigno Aquino Jr. (Noynoy), I will not focus too much importance, valuable time and resources on the former president.  I will not make GMA my most convenient excuse for my continuing failure to meet the rising expectations of the masses who swallowed the promises of change.  I will not allow my presidency to create the image of always blaming and accusing the past administration for everything that goes wrong in the present.  So what if GMA leaves and doesn’t come back?  Actually, if she doesn’t come back, it will be the clearest form of guilt and I will have the focus to do what’s supposed to be done.  I will instead work on matters of much importance like improving our economy and uplifting the lives of the poor.

The problem is… I’m not Gloria neither Noynoy!

Itong dalawang ‘to, mga wala sa hulog.

The Eloquence & Loyalty of Elena Bautista-Horn

While awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on whether to allow or not to allow the former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to travel to seek treatment on her rare medical condition, I would like to commend Elena Bautista-Horn for doing a very good job.  Bautista-Horn in her interview with Karen Davila exhibited full loyalty towards her boss even though her boss is one of the most-hated human being of this country.  I myself don’t like the former president but with the clear and cloudless explanations of Bautista-Horn in the interview, I am now starting to be persuaded that the former president should be allowed to travel.

Bautista-Horn was impressive in defending her boss in the interview.   She has kept her eloquence and credibility.  Maybe it’s because she’s airing her points based on truth.  Former president definitely found a gold mine in the person of Elena Bautista-Horn.  Her being soft-spoken and debonair way of justifying their courses of action has made Justice Secretary Leila De Lima to look like an abusada (outrageously abusive).

Before watching the video interview, don’t be too emotional to the point of participating in a flash mob phenomenon but instead try to keep an open mind, then you would know what I am pointing at…

I know that this is going to be an unpopular post.  For sure, hating this specific entry will be off the charts! Similar to what I have written in the past – like my personal stand that Hubert Webb should be acquitted –   expect a lot of people would hate me again for posting an article like this. Or maybe it’s because I am just being objective, fair and impartial.

Basta napabilib ako sa talino at paninindigan ng bruhang ‘to.

Happy Birthday Gabriel Pedro!

Today is a non-working holiday because today is the Holy Feast of Sacrifice of our Muslim brothers.  But according to one of my monster pamangkins (nephew) today is a holiday because it’s his birthday.  This kahanginan and supercilious claim only proves that Gabriel Pedro Langit is an archetypal Langit progeny.

Being bright, sharp and fine-looking teenager, I personally dubbed Gabriel as the future’s kilabot ng mga colegiala (college girls’ infatuation).  The last time I talked at length with Gabriel, I was not surprised to learn that he has become one of the heartthrobs in his high school.  No he was not boasting about it but was merely telling me a factual turn of events. Yet, I actually hate to consider Gabriel to be a heartthrob because heartthrobs are a dime a dozen.

Gabriel has his own unique style and character.  He is the enigmatic spark of the Devine.  So be careful ladies because this young man’s mere smile can turn you swooning over him.

Happy birthday Gabriel… : )

Kuya, paki handa ang pang-piyansa!

Annexing the Anti-Epal Bill

Every time I see a billboard indicating the name and face of a government official on an infrastructure project being developed I don’t know whether to laugh hysterically or to start throwing big bulky things on it.  Because what I want and need to see is not their big smiling faces but: (i) the cost of the project; (ii) the expected date of completion; (iii) its purpose; and, (iv) the government agency involved.  At this point, I would like to commend the brilliant bill passed by Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago dubbed as the Anti-Epal Bill.

Currently undergoing deliberations, Santiago’s bill is formally entitled “An Act of Prohibiting Public Officers from Claiming Credit through Signage Announcing a Public Works Project”.  I suppose this is one of the most sensible bills to have been passed this year!  It deserves immediate passing into law.

But upon reading the complete text of the proposed bill, there seem to be four glaring epal circumstances that were left uncovered which I hope should also be included in the proposed bill that is rampantly being carried out by a lot of government offices:

  • the names and hideous faces of public officials on ambulances and government-owned vehicles;
  • the photos of rhinoceros-looking barangay captains on barangay clearances;
  • the pathetic photos of mayors on business permits and licenses; and,
  • the atrocious tarpaulins of government officials (of course with their obnoxious smiling faces) hanged along the streets to greet their constituents Happy Fiesta or Happy Valentines.

It is such a shame that such a dynamic, current and remarkable bill would actually come from a 66 year old senator.  I’m a bit disappointed because I expected the much younger lawmakers to draft this kind of a bill.  Or maybe these young and claims to be fresh and more sensible lawmakers have already been devoured by the old and corrupted epal system.

Now, I know that this bill will be very unpopular among government elected and appointed officials.  So in case this will not turn into a law, may I suggest then that instead of just the face of the concerned politician, the signage must bare the picture of his/her whole family.  With 70+ kids, just imagine how the photo of former Senator Ramon Revilla Sr. would look like.

Plis, plis, plis, only in the Pilipins…