Jamie’s Italian Bangkok

One epicurean highlight of me, my sisters’ and my mother’s adventure in Bangkok was the opportunity to dine at Jamie’s Italian.  It is a popular worldwide chain of Italian restaurants conceived and run by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.  Thanks to cable TV my family knows who Jamie Oliver is.

This chain of restaurants has recently been in the news in which about a dozen of its branches scattered around the world are reportedly beleaguered and will soon be closing.  It is so ironic that it has yet to open a branch in Manila, yet branches in other spots on the planet are already closing.

So before Jamie’s Italian would completely dissolve and utterly disappear from the face of earth, me, Nengkoy and my sisters took the chance to savor some of its dishes.  My family love watching cable TV cooking shows (including that of Jamie Oliver’s) and now that there is an opportunity, we will no longer forever wonder how a popular celebrity chef’s creation actually taste like.

These are what we ordered…

Soup of the Day… pumpkin soup! This surprisingly passed the palate of Nengkoy whom I consider to be an authority when it comes to pumpkin soups.

Meatball Pappadelle (free-range pork & fennel meatballs in ‘nduja tomato sauce with olives, herby breadcrumbs, rocket and parmesan) this is sooo good…

Spaghetti Alla Norma (a classic sicilian pasta dish or aubergine, chilli & basil in rich tomato sauce) it’s vegetarian yet my personal favorite! 

Truffle Shuffle (white sauce, truffled salami, fontal, balsamic onions, free-range egg & black truffle) super savory!

Epic Chocolate Brownie (with proper chocolate sauce, salted caramel ice cream and caramelised popcorn) super yummy!

And after enjoying all these savory dishes, I wonder why a significant number of Jamie’s Italian branches around the planet are in the brink of closure.  Maybe it’s because taste buds of people around the world has mutated, regressed and had a relapse that it can no longer fathom, appreciate and recognize what good food is.

Good to know that the Bangkok branch stays strong and dynamic.  This is considering the fact that Thai people seem to be one of the most discriminating in terms of flavor, taste and palatal experience.  With the luscious taste and flavors we experienced at Jamie’s Italian Bangkok located at Siam Discovery, I hope that this chain remain for a long period of time for others with discerning taste to enjoy. 

me and nengkoy… enjoyed the food so much!

Parang ako ang kasarapan!

All is Well and Swell at Novotel

Aside from the complimentary overnight stay and numerous discounts to various products and services, one distinct advantage of being an Accor member, for me, is that it pressures me to use it.  It compels me to book a room in one of their hotel chains located within Asia-Pacific otherwise my entitlement will be forfeited.

it was a smooth check-in

it was a smooth check-in

gone nuts with their welcome drink...

gone nuts with their welcome drink…

My being an Accor member gives me a reason to go on a holiday.  This is of course aside from my needing to de-stress from a very demanding job and my passionate craving to see and experience other culture.

This year, I decided to use my Accor entitlement in Bangkok, Thailand.  I stayed in Novotel located right at the vibrant city center and known as the laboratory site of modern Thai fashion, Siam Square.

Though Novotel Siam Square is not a new hotel, there is nothing shabby about it.  I was surprised myself that I actually loved this place.

It has an excellent location where restaurants, major shopping malls and modes of transportation are all within short walking distance.  The room with fast and efficient wifi facility was clean and was in good size.  The bathroom was just how I liked it — clean, simple and functioning.  The bed was so super comfy!!!

had difficulty waking up in that super comfy bed...

had difficulty waking up in that super comfy bed…

i love hotel toiletries...

i love hotel toiletries…

as expected... mine of course was the bigger luggage

as expected… mine of course was the bigger luggage

Though I did not dip into the pool it nevertheless looks relaxing and inviting.

view of the pool from the 14th floor

view of the pool from the 14th floor

The staffs were graciously amazing.  I will go back and stay there again in a heartbeat if given the chance.  Novotel Siam Square has definitely gives me the reason to renew my Accor membership next year.


Scala Cinema: A Thai Eye Candy Interior Design

It is one of the locations where the award-winning and well-admired coming of age Thai movie – Love of Siam – was shot.  That is why when I got the opportunity to visit Bangkok for the second time, I did not hesitate to check it out.  Thanks to Red “Tarquata” Juacalla (a devoted fan of Mario Maurer) for letting me search the actual location prior to going to Bangkok.

 I just hope the Thai people know and realize the grand beauty of the interiors of Scala Cinema.  I am not an authority in interior or architectural designs but when I stepped into the magnificent lobby of this movie palace located in the bustling area of Siam Square, I was totally moved.  It is a living witness to the stylish and elegant cinematic movie-watching era of the Thai people.

The lobby design is of 60’s-era European-feel interiors that is totally visually captivating that can topple other modernized Thai interior designs in Bangkok.  I personally believe that it is a Thai icon and architectural crown jewel that should be preserved and maintained.  You don’t need to watch a movie to enjoy Scala Cinema in Bangkok. 

Climbing up the grand marble stairs and seeing the regal interior ornaments – gold flower-like accents on the ceiling, the massive 5-tiered chandelier, and the out of the ordinary design of the wooden ticket booths – is already a glorious experience.  It will definitely meet the standards of the Thai royalties.  I may be exaggerating but being inside the lobby of Scala is a mesmerizing treat of visual fortification!

Ameysing Tayland ang dating!