Month: February 2010

Gym & Laundry: Positive Linear Correlation

My running shoes are one of the most unused items in my crib for the past two and a half months.  Though I am still in the “I-hate-the-gym” phase and my delicious body is getting bulky and a lot more corpulent I am still looking for reasons why I don’t need to go to the pit of the sweatshop.  I want these reasons to be statistically sound that is why I refreshed my knowledge on Inferential Statistics so as help me decide if I will return to the house of muscle and steel – the gym.

 Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient (otherwise known as Pearson’s r) is one tedious and labyrinthine topic in my Inferential Statistics subject during my college days.  It is a measure of the correlation between two variables X and Y, resulting to a value between +1 and -1.

 Since I am crazy, I utilized the Pearson’s r formula in which my X and Y variables were carefully selected:

                 X variable = the weight of my laundry per month

                Y variable = the number of days I spent in the gym per month

 After a brain draining analysis and computation, I found out that the weight of my laundry is directly proportional and has a positive linear correlation to number of days I spend in the gym.

 Conclusion:  Doing laundry is one of the chores I like.  It helps me to check out the present condition of my wardrobe (even if it is wet) and helps me decide on which items needs retiring.  Therefore I need to go back to the gym.

 Panahon nanaman ng pawis at hingal…


Shoot Me Now!

Have you ever achieved a moment that was never lined-up even in your wildest dreams?  Well, I just did last Friday when prime fashion photographer Raymond Lontok took some shots of me along the street of Adriatico in Malate for free.

Here are two of the shots…


Ang taba ko na!

Pura… Pura Kikinang

I just enjoyed watching one of Joey Gosiengfiao’s classic camp flick that starred Alma Moreno.  It is the late ’80s movie entitled Secrets of Pura.  To adore this exquisite film, the viewer should not in anyway take the story seriously but rather relish and fancy the entertaining lines and words being uttered by the characters.  I have always been smitten by Filipino camp movies for they are usually made up of characters who sees the world as an aesthetic phenomenon and can transform the menacingly significant into something frivolous.

The three sceens  in the movie that I consider to be of avant-garde quality when in comes to campiness were:

  1. Young Alma Moreno making love with her boyfriend/leading man sa ilalim ng puno ng gabi  (under a taro plant) and while fornicating she learned that her mother just died.
  2. Prostitute Alma Moreno when asked by a handsome son of a wealthy businessman about her relationship dealings with her male clients, Alma responded, “Basta makate, kakamutin ko.” (As long as it itches, I will scratch it)
  3. Successful Alma Moreno when asked by the protagonist wife of her rich businessman benefactor what was her name, she lifted her chin and proudly declares, “Pura… Pura Kikinang.”

Galing galing… Yeba!

Answer Me Before I Open It…

“If it is wrong, would it be okay that I don’t want to be right? Is this an addiction or a spiritual aversion? Why is it that we gravitate towards the forbidden? Is it human nature? But is it worth it? Does the nectar of the forbidden taste so sweet that it is worth the drama, frustration, energy and effort?  I wonder, can anything taste so good?”

These are the questions I ask myself if I would open or not the last pack of Arnotts Tim Tams chocolate biscuits courtesy of my loving friends from the nation of muscled-men, Oztralya!

Ayan! May topak ulet…

I want to live in a country…

I have yet to determine who I am going to vote for this coming May election.  I suppose I would only identify that only until the last day and during the day of the election.  Nevertheless, while I contemplate on whom to vote for, let me address some of the things I want for this country to be which a presidential candidate may want to look at…

  • I want to live in a country where farmers are valued more than lawyers.
  • I want to live in a country where politicians actually do what they say they are going to.
  • I want to live in a country where equal rights for the minority aren’t determined by the majority.
  • I want to live in a country where my taxes are spent on various services of its population and not kept by a few.
  • I want to live in a country where violence is a bigger taboo than reproductive health.
  • I want to live in a country where anyone who wants to pursue an education can pursue it for free.
  • I want to live in a country where people can get married to whomever they love.
  • I want to live in a country whose people make even their most far-fetched dreams come true.

Aba! Nasa siryus mowd ako…

Texting on Valentines

Time check, it’s exactly 7:58 in the evening here in Manila a few hours from now those loveless single people can breathe easily and comfortably. 

Every special day like Valentines, a lot of businesses flourish.   All sorts of gimickry have been made on how to celebrate special days like Valentines.  Some would go mushy, sappy and cheesy, others go quirky, frizzy and kinky and some would even go outdoor-sy or gory! (lol).  I just wonder if telecommunications companies (in the business of text messaging) are also at its peak during Valentines as compared to Christmas and New Year’s Day since not all seem to celebrate the red heart’s day.

Let me be blunt and sarcastic but for me sending a Valentine text greeting to a single loveless person would be like serving a Muslim with pork meat on his or her table.  Nevertheless, these sent text messages can actually be a gauge and basis if the texter is a sensitive friend or an unsophisticated moron.  For me sending a Valentines text message to a single loveless person is one of the most sarcastic remarks a person can do.

Therefore, let me only greet those lovebirds a great Valentines night!  Just a note of caution, bear in mind what philosopher Plato said, “Love is a grave mental disease”.  Similarly, take heed from what Melissa (the Pinoy Big Brother latest edition Big Winner)  says when asked, “What is love?”  She answered, “Love is like a bubble gum, kapag dumikit nakaka-buang.”    

What are my plans for the rest of the evening?!  Well, it’s my own business anyways so, shoo!

O sha! Maglalaba na ko.

I’m a Glazed Donut

After having dinner at Nengkoy’s house tonight and driven back to my crib by the Clamor family, I suddenly had the craving to eat a piece of donut.  My deranged faculty and taste buds just suddenly wants a bite or two of a donut.  I even wondered on what type of donut would I like to devour. 

However, it is too late for me to go out just to satisfy this ridiculous craving.  That is why I settled on browsing the internet on what type of donut would I be. 

Surprisingly, according to Blogthings (after answering a few preposterous and ill-conceived questions), I am a…


Okay, you know that you’re plain – and you’re cool with that. 

You prefer not to let anything distract you from your sweetness.

Your appeal is understated yet universal.  Everyone digs you.

And in a pinch, you’ll probably get eaten.

Sabi ko na nga ba, masarap ako eh! Mwahaha!!!