Month: July 2007

Murdering Pinoy Education

In one of those beauty pageants in the province, host asks contestant…

Host: So Miss, what’s your motto?
Contestant: Uhhh, “unto-unto others, unto-unto you…”

Thanks to the internet.  I finally read the full text of the ads/article that was recently placed and/or published by Antonio Cajilpo Go in Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The ads discussed and enumerated the conceptual, factual and language errors in the textbooks of Pinoy public elementary schools.  These textbooks are considered instructional materials approved by the Department of Education.

Children I am not very good in the use of the English language but I had odd moods when I read the errors.  It was super funny but very disheartening.  It is so depressing to read all these boo-boos that the new breed Pinoys will be learning and needs to be unlearned later in life.  I totally agree with Mr. Go by saying that these mistakes need to be corrected since its killing Philippine education slowly but surely.

Some of the hilarious mistakes indicated were:

The typhoon is moving in a northeasternly direction.

Some plants are self-planters.  They plant their own seeds.

Life is the fast rising of the sun that shines on the earth which goes around it fast. Life is the late realization that life is gone and we discover it late.

I’m capable of being the best me I can.

Do animals move only when the wind blows? What animals don’t move when there is no wind but move when the wind blows?

“Here’s for you!” the guard said while hitting Basilio.  Sisa’s husband was different from most husbands who are responsible to their families.

Galileo invented a magnifying telescope to study the moon.

The farmer is hopeful that someday he will reap with joy.  He put up a scarecrow to send the birds away.

Not all mountains are made by wrinkles in the ground.

Fishing means catching all kinds of living animals in the water like oysters and clams.

Open door on back of camera, place film and close camera door.

The hen walked coquetly.

The chicken was dressed.  They stripped off her feathers, served her quite bare and everyone poked at her breast.

“I don’t eat meat, I’m not a carnival!” – Melanie Marquez


Luis Clamor

Patis He is a 10-year old kid who thinks like a 30-year old man.  He is a 3rd honor student who can’t be a 2nd or 1st since the 1st honor of the class is the child of the principal and the 2nd honor is the child of his teacher.

A cool dude in his own right, the only child of Ate Gaying and Kuya Willy who enyoys playing with his cousins, the favorite nemesis of Erika, the barkada of Denden, the sweetheart of Nengkoy, the patis of Kuya Wreigh.

He is a kiddo that is well nursed and provided with by his parents, from books to clothes to shoes to foodstuffs to plastic toys to electronic toys.

He is a boob tube addict who can spend the whole day with Mr. Bean, The Rugrats, Dexter’s Laboratory, Picachu, Sponge Bob Square Pants, Tom and Gerry, Avatar, Muk, Robot Boy and a lot more.

One of my darkest skinned Ilocano looking nephew, Luis Clamor is the kid who celebrated his 10th birthday last July 12.

Happy Birthday Patis!

Nutty, Addicted & Bejeweled

Bejeweled Sunday night my brain melted.  I wasted more than 6 precious hours of my life in front of the computer playing Bejeweled 2, a Yahoo on-line game.  I dealt with triangular, square, circular and hexagonal shaped stones of various colors trying to align it so as to reach the next level.

I experienced various emotions while playing.  There were times I was happy for the luck that struck but there were more times I was mad due to the wrong placements and decisions I made.  I was so nutty that I would actually shout at my computer saying that its mother belongs to the oldest profession!

Every time the game would end for I no longer have any move option, I would always whisper to myself to play one last time.  By the time I decided to stop and close the computer, I was exhausted and was already suffering from catatonia.  My eye lids could no longer held up, my right hand was numb and my back was killing me.

During sleep, my neurotransmitters kept on shooting and my brain is still running with the remnants of the game.  My dream continued on, playing with the semi-precious stones… instead, I dreamt swallowing all those colored stones that come my way.

I would not recommend this game… daig pa yata ang shabu, nakaka-adik ang mga batong ‘yan!

French Week…

Samedi, 07 Juillet 2007

No I have not been to France (how I wish I was), but this week I have been bombarded with a lot of French connections…

1.  I have been following this year’s Wimbeldon tournament and surprisingly Richard Gasquet entered the semi-finals.  As expected, this young Frenchman lost the game to my favorite tennis player and world’s number one, Roger Federrer.

2.  Also, an unlikely finalist of women’s Wimbeldon is a young, chubby yet powerful French lady, Marion Bartoli.  She is this year’s runner-up in Wimbeldon after she had a beating by the American, Venus Williams.

3.  This week’s number one movie is entitled "Ratatouille".  Before it became a movie title, ratatouille is actually a French vegetable soup.  Ratatouille now is a new Disney animated movie set in France being starred by the newest Disney mouse (not Mickey this time).

4.  I was asked by our Executive Sous Chef on how to properly pronounce the French word of fresh vegetables appetizer that will be served in one of the parties of the restautants that we operate.  The French word was "crudites" which Pinoys would expectedly read as "kru-dits" but the right pronunciation is "kru-di-tey".

5.  I have read in the news that the Eiffel Tower of France is a nominee in an internet poll for the New Seven Wonders of the World.

6.  Last night, while watching a French film "Le Fabuleux Dentin D’ Amelie Poulain" my dinner is a big burger with lots and lots of French fries…

Au revoir… A la prochaine…