Month: May 2011

Italy is Two Hours Away from Manila

Being an urban dweller who presently works for a group of restaurants in Metro Manila, I never intended to look for it.  But I think I found the best Italian restaurant in the Philippines.  It is not located in Manila but can be found in Angeles, Pampanga.  Yes, the Pinoy palate capital of the Philippines is where the best Italian restaurant is located.

It’s simply called C’ Italian Dining.  They have the best and most unique pizza ever which they call Panizza.  A thin-crusted square hybrid pizza sliced in long rectangular cuts that would be best enjoyed if topped and rolled with fresh arugula and alfalfa sprouts.  The perfect harmony of flavors and textures of the dish was just like experiencing a great opera.  While eating my share of Panizza my bones were shouting “Bravo! Benissimo!!!” It’s no wonder we finished three whole pizzas in a matter of minutes!

panizza "milyonario"
panizza "kristina"
rolled panizza with arugula & alfalfa

It seems that the servers actually saved the best for last for they served us the best spinach ravioli and the unforgettable penne in chicken and parmesan cream sauce.  Both dishes were simply phenomenal.  The tastes were no longer mere flavors, but more of a lingering voice forever engraved in my mind.

spinach ravioli
penne in chicken & parmesan cream sauce
plates lining the wall are signed and written with rave reviews of popular celebrity patrons

Fattening, yes! But a small price to pay for such a delightful pleasure.  A bit of caution to all those who plan to drive all the way up to Pampanga and dine in this restaurant.  Be careful for you might get hooked, all your senses and even your soul will never forget the rich taste of C’ Italian Dining perfection.

Grabe! Kasing sarap ko ang pagkain doon!


Idiotic Anti-RH Bill Supporter

Piolo Pascual (Negkoy's favorite)

Dear Legions of Anti-RH Bill Citizens of the Land,

I am with you.  I am writing you this letter to express my full support on your advocacy that the enactment of “Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population and Development Act of 2011” otherwise known as RH Bill into law here in the Philippines should not be carried out.

After reading the whole content of the proposed bill, I realized that the guidelines will somehow control and slow down the growth of the country’s population.  The country is already densely populated and I’m sure you still want full increase in its inhabitants.

If this bill is passed into law, it will educate the populace about their choices on how to have the right number of people either via natural proper spacing of childbirth in the family or via contraception which will eventually slows down the great escalation of population

If population growth slows down, there will be fewer people to share on the already depleted natural resources of this country.  Of course, we don’t want that to happen, we hate natural resources!

If population growth slows down, it will result to planting of more trees at the available spaces of the land instead of building concrete residential subdivisions or squatter areas inhabited by the poor citizens of this country.  We want a concrete filthy jungle not a lush green environment.  Of course we don’t want that to happen, we hate trees!

If population growth slows down, it will result to lesser number of students per classroom.  Lesser number students per classroom will mean more focused learnings among the youth.  Lesser number of students in the classroom will discourage cheating among students during exams.  Of course we don’t want that to happen, we hate being too focused and being too intelligent!

If population growth slows down, it will result to lesser number of people queuing at the not so reliable MRT and LRT train stations.  Also, during the congested train ride, we want our faces digging into the stinky armpits of other passengers.  Thus, there will be lesser stink of body sweat in the metro.  Of course we don’t want that to happen, we love the asim smell of pawis!

If population growth slows down, it will result to lesser number of church goers and eventually lead to decreased monetary donations and stipend for our loving priests.  Even if the priests themselves do not procreate and the number one violator of their teaching that people should go forth and multiply, we exalt them.  Of course we don’t want that to happen, we so love the filthy rich priests of this land!

If population growth slows down, it will result to lesser number of Facebook users which will eventually lead to lesser number of Facebook connected friends. Of course we don’t want that to happen, we love Facebook!

Your Friend in Disaster,


Ayaw ko ng RH Bill na ‘yan kasi BALIW ako!


Regular schooling will re-open and start in less than a month.  In the 80’s it is the time of the year when me and my siblings are busy collating all unused pages of our previous school year’s notebooks and stitch it together to create a new but recycled cuadernos (notebooks).  Thanks to my Lola Teray who provided us with colorful strings which we used in binding.  This yearly recycling practice enables Nengkoy to purchase only few additional notebooks which we would use for the fresh school year.

During those days, what was so chic to have as cuadernos were those with covers of popular Pinoy celebrities – Maricel Soriano with William Martinez; Sharon Cuneta with Gabby Concepcion; Snooky Serna with Albert Martinez; and (of course the ever popular) Leni Santos and PJ Abellana!  I was one of those deprived with these modish cuadernos because Nengkoy always settle for the cheap notebooks with low-grade paper quality.

True enough, I never really envied those kids and classmates who had those notebooks with celebrities in the cover.  If I would be given a chance again to relive my life’s schooldays I would still stick on choosing those recycled left-over papers bunched together and transform it into useful storage of written knowledge and information. It’s personalized; its earth friendly, and, it’s a product of precious family bonding.

my present journal

Now that I am bigger, I no longer call cuadernos as notebooks but instead dub it as journals.  Para sosyal! And now that I am older and have an extra money to spend, I would gladly and instantaneously purchase a journal whose fine print cover would be the photos of two of the greatest antagonist legends in Philippine cinema – Paquito Diaz and Bella Flores.

Cuaderno sa Ispanish, nowtbuk sa Ingles, eh ano sa Tagalog?

(Sagot: Aklat ng Nota)

Nengkoy & Me in a Photo (A Mother’s Day Feature)

Facebook account holders who have fantastic relationship with their respective mothers have been changing their profile picture to photos of their mother or with their mother.  They vow to keep it there till the last hour of May 8 (Mothers Day).   But let me deviate a little from this delightful bandwagon.  Instead of changing my gorgeous looking profile picture, let me post a photo of me and Nengkoy in this blog.  This photo will not only remain until the last hour of May 8 but until this blogging comes to an apocalyptic end.

Every photo has a tale.  A good photo could even rouse multiple narratives out from the depicted visual content or subject matter. In this manner, I would like to put a title to the photograph I posted that would best describe this shot.  But lots of thoughts come into my ridiculous mind.

Some of the titles that cropped out of my wits were as follows:

The Beautiful Main Course and the Naughty Dessert

Si Aling Lupe at si Gary” (from telenovela Mara Clara)

Ang Bida at Ang Kontra Bida

Madonna and Child-ish

Nengkoy with her Yummy Kid

Ang Mahjongera at ang Taong Grasa

The Impossibly Stunning & The Pornographically Sexy

Hapi Maders Dey Nanay! Kises, kises, kises… Pengeng pera!

Preserving My Friendster Testimonials

Now that the previously web darling and popular social networking site has announced that it will have a reformat, I’m sure almost all previous Friendster fanatics are now distressed with time.  Every account holders are freaking out on how they would be able to retrieve and save in another file all their momentous photos they have kept intact throughout the years from their respective account.  I admit I am one of them…

While trying to find out how the Friendster exporter app works, I had time to revisit my profile, review all my photos and inspect my (remaining) active friends in the site.

One unique feature of Friendster is the testimonial section.  It allows you to chronicle, memorialize and reveal fascinating character descriptions of connected friends.  If utilized properly based on its intended purpose, it is one stunning feature that could tickle a person’s affection.

Hence, before the original Friendster wraps up and reconfigures into a different format, let me preserve those heartwarming testimonials that were posted and written about me by incredible friends.  These are truly the type of precious gifts from friends that I would like to receive other than their ATM cards with pin codes…

suzette cuerpo (the empress of the sea)

Posted by Suzette Cuerpo last October 16, 2005

Neil…ummmm…what can i say?…his profile says it all…MASARAP, indeed.
The coolest person I have ever known…never siyang nagalit (namumula lang ang tenga)…fun to be with…a great listener…advisor…a perfect people person…sa taong ito, vow ako! kasi, exactly my exact opposite…i just hope he will not implode (ehehehehe)…   Take care Neil…see you around.

mimi quibedo (the arab heartthrob)

Posted by Mimi Quibedo last November 8, 2005

Si Neil????? ay sobrang bait, masayahin, open minded and higit sa lahat super dooper

mike navor (the dandy daddy)

Posted by Mike Navor last May 11, 2006

Neil is a friend who knows all about you, and still likes you.
A real friend who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.
He hears the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.
I keep my friends as treasures because of all the things granted to us, none is greater or better than friendship…To you my best friend more success and happiness in life. Keep the smile in your heart. coz it shows the radiant spirit you have.

karen teotico (the crowned princess of armidale)

Posted by Karen Teotico last June 2, 2006

I am sorry guys but Neil is not as delicious as you think he is. BUTTTT!!! This guy is SOOOPERRR sa lahat ng bagay. Neil (or HR to me), is super sarap ksama, super friend, super bait, super thoughtful, super cool, super sipag, super generous, super professional, super kulit, super gumimik,super magyosi at kung anik anik pa. There is never a dull moment w/him for you can talk to him about any topic u can think of. He can be super formal one minute and mega crazy the other minute. He can be ultra mega formal pero jologs din at the same time. Weird ba? Di rin coz thats what makes him special. Mere words could not express how much i love this guy. I am truly blessed to have met Neil in this lifetime….O cya cya tama na ang bola at baka maiyak ka na jan sa kinalalagyan mo) 😉

joy reyes (the duchess of gaiety)

Posted by Joy Reyes last June 29, 2006

NEIL LANGIT… the HRD Manager but most of the time a Psychiatrist!!! He brought back my sanity after so many years (chef onil knows why, too. Hahaha). He’s my idol. He’s a good teacher, adviser, writer (especially the “however / on the other hand / moreover in his memos :p), and dancer (he’s always I think of when I hear this song “Time goes by so slowly… Every little thing that you say or do I’m hung up. I’m hung up on you. Waiting for your call, Baby, night and day. I’m fed up. I’m tired of waiting on you. Yea, the famous 2005 Madonna song. Take note: he danced this twice). He is very intelligent combined with perfect light and flawless skin that make him oh so DELICIOUS!!! La la la la!  By the way, I enjoyed reading your “pechay blog. Anak ng pechay! Ang galing mo talaga!!!

nene tizon (the baroness of chastity)

Posted by Nene Tizon last December 11, 2006

Aaayyy!! okey my delicious Sir Neil kakaiba very SMART talaga! Though sumpungin but super bait yan very broad, understanding and i like when he laughs todo bigay. Siya ang una kung nilapitan to ask for advice when i applied to where i am now.Thanks for that Sir! Di ko makakalimutan ang isang tulad ni MR. NEIL LANGIT.I love this guy. Updated ako sa blogs nito kasi i always enjoyd reading it. What more can i say tulad ng dati kung Testimonial sa kanya na nadelete cute na suplado but basically mabait talaga!!!!!

rosemary ferriol (the bollywood maharani)

Posted by Rosemary Ferriol lasy January 26, 2007

si sir neil sya ang tipo n nag papa seminar n hid ka aantukin dahil ang galing nya at laging my patawa effect p..sya rn ung sir n hnd mo kakatkutang kausapn kc kalog sya at marunong mksima at nkkpg join sa amng mga staff.

O sige! Geym! Prendster mag-sara ka na!