Month: September 2011

One Two Three

loved the shirt!!!

Last Saturday, I and Karen (one of my best friends and remarkable travel buddy) went on a special journey.  It is an unusual adventure compared to the more than 123 kilometers of travel we usually do.   We decided to go and donate to The Love Yourself Project which aims to provide free counseling and education to the people affected by HIV/AIDS in the country.  No we did not do any counseling but joined and donated in their worthy Charity Photo Shoot.

Upon arrival in the venue, we registered our name, profession and respective e-mail addresses on their log sheet then gave our humble cash donation (which is more than 123 pesos).  The receptionist handed me my complimentary shirt and a slip of paper indicating that I am donor number 123.  They then led us to the next room where we change our top to the one that they gave and were subjected to grooming service prior to the photo shoot.

During the fun posing and light flashing, the assigned photographer after taking few shots told me to keep a serious face, but being a normally cheery person that I am, it took me some time to form a serious facial guise.  I took a deep breath and counted “1-2-3” before showing off an unsmiling expression on my face.  I particularly dig the “picture taking” moment.  I felt like a rock star!  How I wish the sweet-tempered photographer took 123 shots.

Ayaw ko ma-1-2-3! (A Pinoy expression meaning, “I don’t wanna be duped!”), so while waiting for the beauty expert to finish Karen’s hair and make-up prior to her turn for the photo shoot, I graciously asked one of the volunteers if their company is already registered under the Securities & Exchange Commission.   And indeed they were which signifies that their advocacy is actually legit.

Our participation for The Love Yourself Project – Charity Photo Shoot went well.  It took us less than 123 minutes to finish what we have to do so as to help in our own little way.  The donation we gave may not be enough to rally round all the people suffering from HIV/AIDS.  But if it can be of assistance to at least 1 or 2 or 3 people, we would surely be glad to be of help.  And besides, we loved the shirt, fancied the grooming service and of course enjoyed the photo shoot!

Isa, Dalawa, Tatlo! Klik, klik, klik!


Look Up Below

Six weeks ago, while waiting to locate my naturally recurring state of reduced or absent consciousness called sleep, I watched a number of videos via YouTube.  I was lucky enough to stumble into watching two of the ten short films produced by Nestle Philippines.  Nestle’s collection of short films released simultaneously a couple of months back is dubbed as Kasambuhay Habambuhay in celebration of Nestle’s 100 years of existence in the Philippines.

Three weeks ago, while in the middle of a Management Committee Meeting, Malou Domingo my office’s Marketing Manager, out of the blue whispered to ask me if I have seen Nestle’s collection of short films released this year.  I whispered back and told her that I have seen two of the films that starred John Lloyd Cruz in one (entitled: Sign Seeker) and Marvin Agustin with Kaye Abad in the other (entitled: Unplugged).

Last night while waiting for sleep to seep and leach onto my being, I was able to watch (still via YouTube) the other Nestle short films featured.  I was able to see the other four of it.

I have yet to see the other two, but the last film I saw last night touched the tender-most region of my emotion.  It is the film directed by Henry Frejas entitled “Tingala sa Baba”.  It is a light satire that depicts the lopsided life of the rich and poor.  The film gave me goose bumps especially the delightful scene when the poor boy descends while the rich boy was lifted up the seesaw.  The goose bumps in my skin were so distinct it was like Braille on my arms that reads “Amazing!”

There are tons of socio-economic and socio-political paradoxes depicted in the film presented in a smart, creative and entertaining yet subliminal manner.  The film can also be depicted as a portrayal of reaching a dream; of personal acceptance; of friendship regardless of social strata; and, of life’s contrariness on the concept of happiness.

The main characters were brilliant!  The actor who portrayed the rich kid is so adoring!!! The film does not have big stars neither have complex settings, yet it will twist your thoughts and make you very emotional in the end.

Check the film below and I hope you be amaze the way I do.  Also, at the end of the film, try to figure out which end of the seesaw are you actually seated.  Are you a Renzo or an Angelo?

Aber, aber, aber. Saang dulo ka ng siso naka upo? Di pwede sa gitna, maiipit ka.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

Sweden, the country in Europe where I suddenly wanted to go to after reading the international bestseller The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo written by Stieg Larsson (translated from Swedish by Reg Keeland).  Sweden is the setting where the meticulously woven and electrifying tale of  – what I think is – one of the best psychodrama and crime story of this generation.

The story is so compelling it geminates right in front of your face!  The suspenseful revelations that transpired in the novel were like peeling off an onion.  Each layer is full of engrossing and intriguing thought that a reader would not want to stop until the last layer is stripped to end up with an ingenious shock.

A well crafted story with riveting characters and a plot that twists and turns in indefinable quality…  My mind has been blown.  Larsson is a genius!

Ibang klase!!!

My CityVille

The once popular city-building simulation game developed by Zynga called CityVille has been eating and consuming a considerable amount of my delicious time.  As of this writing I already reached level 79.  I actually do not know what is its peak or its highest level.  While a lot of people have moved on with other games like using bird’s anger in killing pigs or busy changing their cyberspace Sims lifestyle, I still have no plans of stopping the development of my city just yet. (I guess I need to ‘get a life’).

CityVille has given me the opportunity to at least know how it feels to own, run and develop a city which may never transpire during the course of my precious life.  Or if in case I am actually destined to develop and operate a city similar to Ayala Land or Palafox Associates, I then have at least basic background and little knowledge on urban planning.

At present this bewildering chunk of a game has no apparent connection to my personal life.  It is actually a plain and simple way of wasting time in which I should have diverted to doing more worthy activities like cleaning my house or reading a book. Maybe in the near future, it would be my virtual reminder on how stupid I used to be.

Its artificial, its time consuming yet fun and exciting.  You may wonder how I would look like in my internet-simulated empire.  This is how I depict myself in that city…

Pengeng Zoning Permit!!!

Ang ngalan ng CityVille ko ay Baranggay Malinamnam. Parang ako lang.

The Tsunami Walk

I noticed for the past few days Shamcey Supsup, the reigning Ms. Philippines-Universe 2011 is constantly among the top trending name/topic in Yahoo Philippines.  This prompted me to seek out how did Shamcey performed in Brazil during the pageant’s preliminary run.

I was surprised to learn that the charming Filipina is considered a top contender for the crown.  She is absolutely stunning!  In almost all Brazilian news features that discusses about the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant, Shamcey seem always included.  I suppose this may signify that she is one of the favorites and may actually be the lady to beat.  So much so, the beautiful and now elegant Shamcey actually possess a unique way of walking, now tagged as The Tsunami Walk.

Those swaying hips can actually create waves of mass destruction!

The Tsunami Walk is an elegant way of gaiting with unique swaying of the hips that result to distinctive poise, bearing and attitude, in which, in the upcoming Ms. Universe pageant, only Shamcey Supsup can deliver.

If Shamcey Supsup lands the title of Ms. Universe 2011 – which I predict is very likely to happen – I won’t be surprised if upcoming patimpalak ng kagandahan (beauty pageants) during town or barrio fiestas participated by pretty ladies or Bekinese speaking population of the land will strut ala The Tsunami Walk.

Para kang SM Shamcey… “Yu gat it ol!” 


Almost all Filipino blogs has released an article or two about the movie Zombadings 1: Patayin Sa Shokot si Remington (Zombadings 1: Kill Remington By Fear).  Let this blog join the happy bandwagon and let me give my two cents on it.

Almost all blogs says that it is hilariously funny and smartly written and executed.  I totally agree with all of it.  I always adore Filipino camp movies.  And Zombadings is one classic that is comparable to the level of campiness achieved in the likes of Temptation Island and Secrets of Pura.

However, majority of the articles written about the movie is their failure to acknowledge the birth and emergence of a new and unique local pop vernacular different from the recorded dialects in the Philippines which I think was taken into great consideration in the movie.  The Bekimon dialect. Awaaard!!! 

Anyway, this is the only movie where you can find an insane-looking gaydar; a serial killer; a widow in roller blades; homosexual animals; a lunatic policewoman; the morphing of a hunk to an effeminate eve; and of course, gay zombies.  All combined and mixed up to create a coherent hilarious movie.

All in all Zombadings is undoubtedly heaps of fun.  But if those who watched it would contemplate deeper amidst the laughter and entertainment that the movie brought, it is actually a piece about empowerment; it is a deposition on embracing your own personal choice; and at the same time giving a big hard punch towards society’s intolerance and narrow-mindedness.

May puso ang istorya at ang hindi matawa sa pelikulang ito, bato.

A Cloying Story Telling

Nauumay” an exceedingly expressive Tagalog word that we struggle to depict in the English language, the closest to which I could think of is the word ‘cloying’.  Nauumay is my general feeling every time I try to continue reading the bestseller novel entitled The Time Traveler’s Wife written by Audrey Niffenegger.  No matter how I struggle in trying to finish reading the book, it seems that every page seem obnoxiously nauseating.

I apologize to those people who overwhelmingly enjoyed and appreciated the book.  Maybe it is just my insane nature due to the numerous uranium-filled dinners I have lately been consuming.  But just to ventilate my points…

The book is thicker than a usual and average novel.  The events that transpired in the story seem so tedious to the point of being too repetitive.  The time traveler – whose depicted character is not to be adored and esteemed about – just keeps on moving from one circumstance to the next then back and forth throughout his life’s history that left me wondering on what specific highlights and turn of events the story would lead me.  The main character’s time travelling was too much it wears me dull to the point of boredom.

Moreover, the author failed to explicitly make clear how such time travelling capabilities originated.  Was it a heavenly spell, a wicked curse or based on a scientific backbone?  I kept on reading until I reached the middle of the book.  The author tried but failed to enlighten me as a reader.  To simply put it, I was jaded.

As a result, I simply dropped the book, go on with my delicious life and let the book gather dusts in my humble abode.  Nevertheless, I still hope I would get over with the cloying feeling and someday gather enough amounts of drive and impetus to finish it.

Ayun, naumay ako.