Month: December 2011

Happy Fruity New Year!

Nothing will be missed, nothing will be gone.  So in keeping with the Pinoy tradition of hoping and wishing for good luck and prosperous New Year, I have filled two humungous containers with varieties of sweet round fruits.

Let me also take this great opportunity to thank all the sweet-fruity-like people who provided me joy in the year 2011 may it be like a tiny cherry in shape or the titanic watermelon in structure.  A heartfelt thanks to all people who kept me company in chasing butterflies and harvesting the crops of my existence, you made me further appreciate the rainbows of life.  You have been the fresh grapes, apples and mangoes of my being.

And for those who’ve been like rotten fruits who gave me a sting in the neck this year, let me pronounce that I forgive you and I’m wishing you not to carry out the most evil thing that you would do on the coming fresh year that would result to a karmic debt that you will be repaying and re-harvesting for the rest of your life.

In 2012 we for sure will encounter noble failures – that’s the bitter part of life – but let’s turn and plant these mishaps to bear creative golden orange-like opportunities.  Let’s all keep dreaming and try to achieve it with a smile.  Happy New Year everyone!!!

Hwag kayong mag-alala, tulad ng prut salad, masarap pa rin ako neks yir!



nengkoy in her tengoku shirt

A couple of years back my younger sister Joy initiated a family tradition.  Every December 24 the whole Langit clan is distributed with shirts of the same design.  This is the shirt that every member of the family would wear to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ.  Everyone would wear it otherwise you would be considered an outcast.

Each year, the family’s surname is printed on the shirt.  This year was something different, in which collaboration and consensus of everyone was carried out.  As early as October this year suggestions and wild ideas are aired out and would crop out among family members on what shall be this year’s color and shirt design during simple family gatherings at Nengkoy’s house.

This is our 2011 Christmas shirt…


A Japanese kanji read as Tengoku meaning Heaven in English or Langit if translated to Filipino.

Nays nays… : )

Cancelled Christmas Party to Help the Needy

“Very good!”, this was the exact reaction that my older sister uttered when I told her this afternoon that the Christmas Party of the Support Service Staff of the company that I am working for decided to cancel.  The party is supposed to be slated on Friday, December 23 but was cancelled because the budget supposed to cover all expenses will instead be donated to GMA Kapuso Foundation, Inc. to help in the relief and rehabilitation efforts of our brothers and sisters that were affected by tropical storm Sendong that badly hit Cagayan De Oro (CDO) and Iligan City in monstrous proportions.

The company I’m presently working with will instead hold a simple “merienda” snack to be served to all support service personnel and will nevertheless carry out raffle prizes in which items to be raffled off can’t be sent or are not needed in the above stated devastated cities.

Every year, Christmas Party of the Support Service Staff in our company is one of the most fun social activities that all employees of the company are excited about and would look forward to.  It is the time to bond with colleagues and share the spirit of fun this season.  But this year, the event even got more meaningful since the true spirit of giving and unselfishness during genuine crisis was truly exhibited.

For those who wish to help our brothers & sisters in CDO and Iligan City, you may deposit your donations to:

Peso Savings
Account Name: GMA Kapuso Foundation, Inc.
Account Number: 3-098-51034-7
Dollar Savings
Account Name: GMA Kapuso Foundation, Inc.
Account Number: 2-098-00244-2

Aprub na walang alinlangan!

Karen & Denton: Engaged!

Karen & Denton's "Mini Me"

Joesel Javier, my Pinoy-Aussie friend who exclusively flew from Sydney to Manila to attend our dear friends Karen & Denton’s Engagement Party was a little ill passed up the task to say few words during the program.  Karen then passed on the mission to me which I deemed as an honored privilege.  Here’s the full text of what I said last night…  

Royal Palm Hotel was the site where the beautiful bond between Karen & Denton started.  Karen as the Account Executive and Denton as one of the trainee-participants in one of the functions held in the hotel.  That was is the mid-90’s.

I remember Karen telling me when she finally answered yes to Denton.  A task was given to Denton before she finally said YES.  That is, she asked Denton, the quiet and reserved type, to sing few lines of a song over their phone conversation.  Eh in-love ang mokong, ayun! Kumanta ang Denton!

In the previous decade, their relationship no doubt flourished.  I can proudly say that I have been a good witness in the dynamics of these royalties’ relationship.  I said royalties because I personally tagged them as the crowned prince and princess of Armidale.

I am one of their usual companions when they would spend their holidays out of town or out of the country.  I have been with them in Macau, Hongkong, Singapore, twice in Sydney, in Melbourne, in Bohol, in Boracay and just a week ago in Bellarocca in Marinduque.  I’ve seen them dance, I’ve seen them kissed,  I’ve seen them laugh, I’ve seen them fight and recently in our Marinduque adventure I’ve seen them sang a song together!

When I would brag and present my travel photos to my mom, she once commented that I always travel with Karen & Denton.  She even asked if I was the “dakilang alalay” of these two.  I just answered her, “No Nanay, they are my alalays  na-in love lang sa isa’t isa”.

Anyway, to you Karen & Denton, a successful relationship is tested and requires falling in love many times always with the same person. A successful relationship is like a dance of two people, moving gracefully and intimately.  And I have been your “delicious” witness.

The dance of life with a Facebook status of “In A Relationship”, the boyfriend and girlfriend take turns in leading the dance.  My wish for you Karen & Denton is that you never stop dancing ‘till beyond.  Cheers to the both of them!!!

Mwah! Mwah! Tsup! Tsup!

Bellarocca: A Pacemaker for the Heart of the Philippines

If you are to equate the shape of the Philippines to a human body and try to locate where the heart is, you will no doubt identify the island of Marinduque as its heart.  Interestingly enough, the shape of Marinduque is similar to the shape of a human heart.  Google your Philippine geography to see what I mean!

Ironic yet parallel to the experiences of a Filipino, the country’s heart is considered one of the most abused and devastated, not by nature, not by its own citizens but by foreigners.  Marinduque a decade ago was in the world’s headlines because of a massive mining disaster (remember the Canadian-owned Marcopper mining toxic leaks?) that inflicted the health, livelihood and environment of the locals.

I don’t know if clean-up, rehabilitation and restorations has been finalized, but while still recovering from the long term impact of the disaster, located at the apex of the heart is a glimmering hope for this tranquil and laid-back island.  It is like a pacemaker has been installed to an ailing heart to keep the blood from pumping.  At the southernmost part of the island, you can find a small islet called Elephant Island where tourism boost is on-going.

Elephant Island in Buenavista, Marinduque is the very site where one of the most sought after resorts in the country today is located – Bellarocca Island Resort & Spa.

my travel buddies - karen & denton (the crowned prince and princess of armidale)

I enjoyed the relaxing stay in this world-class resort.  Combining excellent service and breathtaking scenery, Bellarocca is the perfect place for some rest and recreation…

Hindi lang saging ang may puso… Pinas din!