Month: April 2010

Unpopular Gibo

Let me publicly announce that I will vote for Gibo.  I want him to be my next President.  I don’t want to justify my vote based on the man’s character, platform and qualifications.  The main reason why I will vote for him is because he is the only presidential candidate who can give specific solutions to specific problems.  He is the only candidate who responds to questions with precise unambiguous answers.  His answers are so factual, clear-cut and existent.  He doesn’t promise the birds and the bees.  He is the candidate who seems to be the most attached to reality about the present condition of the country.

However, Gibo is unpopular and is sure to lose.

Gibo is unpopular because he presents the aching truth about the country.  He acknowledges that going about the ironing of the damaged system of the government will be very difficult.  He doesn’t promise anything that is impossible to achieve in the next 6 years.  His stands and statements are so true that it often hurts.  As the saying goes, “truth hurts!”  Accepting a painful truth is very unpopular.

Gibo is unpopular because he doesn’t trash his opponents the way other candidates do to each other.  Attacking another opponent and waging negative campaigns against another candidate is what the Pinoy media wants.  Regrettably, media people consider these as more news worthy.  Recognizing an uncomplicated public figure is very unpopular.

Gibo is unpopular because ignorance is an epidemic in our country.  It’s a pity that a lot of people refuse to listen to intellectual rationale about the present status of the country.  Ignorant people would rather see and hear candidate’s artista relatives and candidates’ high and mighty unrealistic promises without specifics on how to go about it.  Spotting intelligence aside from being very rare is very unpopular.



Liliw: Immortal Tsinelas & Sinantol Pasta

Second time is as fascinating as the first.  This is what I felt when I got the opportunity to walk the narrow streets of Liliw Laguna for the second time.  The place is a paradise for shoes and tsinelas (slippers) lovers.  Too bad my subsequent visit to Liliw was just a stopover and there was only limited time to go gaga over footwear.  The diversity and assortment of footgear available in Liliw can rival the traditional shoe-making capital Marikina.

With only short time allotted, I was able to cover a number of stores with a thought framework “if the shoe fits, buy it!”  I bought myself two pairs of leather-made immortal tsinelas at only 190 pesos each.  I consider it immortal because it takes like a lifetime before these Liliw-made footgear-s would tear off.

An ideal Filipino province, Liliw is clean, organized, peaceful and tourist-friendly.  Aside from the amazing footwear, there is another bonanza I struck in this place.  It is a Tagalog delicacy that I believe can only be found in the Philippines.  It’s called Sinantol.  It is a dish out from the velvety skinned tropical fruit santol in which the pulp is grated and squeezed off its juice cooked with coconut milk, red chili pepper and bagoong alamang (salty shrimp paste).

Sinantol is commonly eaten with other Pinoy viands and hot steamed rice.  However, since I hardly store rice grains in my house, I instead mixed the Sinantol with cooked spaghetti pasta.  It was awesome!  My taste buds wanted to grow its own taste buds so as to relish the heavenly flavor in my palate.  Thanks to the absence of any rice grain in my house because I was able to put together one amazing gourmet sensation! Yum yum!!

Sarap tikman at tapakan…

Venus Raj Should Reign The Universe

Aptly named Venus is the “pending” beauty title holder (not the planet) who should reign the universe.  In the midst of all the brouhaha about Venus Raj’s stripping of her Bb. Pilipinas-Universe title and in the process of reclaiming it back, the exotic-skinned lady should no doubt represent the country in this year’s Ms. Universe pageant.  It seems that mythology, onomastics, numerology, fairy tale galore and principles of modern marketing enterprise seem to conspire why she should win the most coveted beauty title in the planet, herewith are some glaring reasons:

  • On Onomastics and Mythology:  Appropriately named Venus.  This lady with swan-like neck was named after a major goddess of the Roman mythology that is principally associated with love and beauty.  Her surname Raj is an Indian word meaning dominion, power and reign.  Thus, her name simply defines “Reigning Love & Beauty” which suits the description of a Ms. Universe.
  • On Numerology:  This lady with long tresses was born in July 7, 1988.  If her birth date would be written in dd/mm/yy format it would look like 07/07/88.  Her birthday represents the numbers 7 and 8.  Seven is considered a mystic and sacred number.  It is a mystic number that is why there is 7 deadly sins, 7 wonders of the world, 7 last words, 7 kings of Rome, seventh heaven (that is beyond power and description) and 7-year itch.  Eight is considered the most powerful number.  In Chines feng shui, the number 8 expresses the totality of the universe.  It is the number of balance and of cosmic order according to the Egyptians.  Eight means multiplicity in Japan.  It is the lucky number associated to prosperity
  • On Fairy Tale Galore:  The life and success story of this 5 feet 9 inches tall lady can be paralleled to the lives and experiences encountered by the lead characters of well-known fairy tales.  Venus’s life is a classic Cinderella story.  According to Wikipedia, Venus was born out of wedlock and grew-up at a scanty town  in the province of Camarines Sur.  Her mother, a farmer and dressmaker was the sole person who brought her up as a child.  They lived in a nipa hut with no electricity in the middle of a sprawling rice field.  Strutting on rice paddies’ dikes was her early training for walking on fashion runways.  Thus, she is a living story of a young woman living in unfortunate circumstances which suddenly change to remarkable fortune.  People may wonder who is the evil witch and wicked step-sisters in Venus’ life.  It is so evident that these characters are in the person of Stella Araneta and the Binibining Pilipinas Charities officers respectively!
  • On Modern Marketing Enterprise:  If Venus will be crowned, all forms of media all over the planet would have a screamer headline “Venus (not the planet) Reigns The Universe”.  Media all over the world would feature a beauty queen with humble beginnings ala Cinderella story who fought hard in redeeming her right to represent a country went home with the title of Ms. Universe.  News agencies would definitely have a bash on this newsworthy story and can then follow-up it up with other feature stories on how the stars aligned and conspired with mythology, numerology and onomastics on Venus’ fate and destiny.  That would definitely be an interesting and positive newspaper read.  With such colorful story of Venus, Mr. Donald Trump and his Ms. Universe Organization will have the opportunity to rekindle interest from corporate sponsorships and advertisers in his future pageants.  For sure, they will gather heaps of money out from this.

Pwes, ipadala man ng Pinas o hindi, manalo man o matalo, dinedeklara kong si Venus Raj ang Ms. Universe sa planetang Venus.

Dreaming of Super Power Philippines

After finishing my morning ritual of hand-grinding my Sumatra coffee beans and savouring the aroma that filled my Indonesian-inspired kitchen, I left my mansion in the posh village located in Pasay.  I was driven in my white Sarao limousine by a British-national driver sent to me by the British labour agency.

While inside the car, I checked my e-mail sent to me by my Norwegian secretary.  When I opened my Kyowa-labelled computer, it indicated that I will have a late lunch meeting with the economic power brokers who run the world’s economy.  These guys are from Bangladesh, Somalia and Afghanistan – earth’s most powerful economies after the Philippines.

But my meeting with these men will be before I have personally interviewed the line-up of immigrants from poverty-stricken US and Canada applying as housekeepers and gardeners in my mansion.  Mother Nengkoy wanted me to personally screen these people from these 3rd world countries because her previous laundry-ladies from extremely poor Ireland and Switzerland were such lazy fools.

After my short but influential meetings with the power brokers, I would have to have a tea-break with my friends from Haiti and Mongolia – the planet’s next superpowers (of course after the Philippines).  My secretary told me that my tea-break will be at 7-star Sogo Hotel in the high-end with lush-greenery of  Baseco Compound.  I promised to let my Haitian and Mongolian friends to taste Tsaang Gubat, the most expensive tea in the solar system.

While I am driven to my high-tech newly renovated office located in the commercial district of Sitio Magdalena in Tondo, Manila, I received a phone call from a good and incalculably wealthy friend who is inviting me to have a long weekend vacation in Ethiopia.  She expressed that Ethiopia now has the grandest museum.  I agreed to go to affluent and well-heeled Ethiopia this weekend but I disagree that it has the grandest museum because the Philippines have the largest and most technologically advanced museum.  Philippines’ National Museum now located in Sapang Palay Bulacan owns and houses pieces that were previously seen in Vatican Museum, New York Metropolitan, Hermitage in Russia and Muse Du Lourve in France.  Thanks to Ka Totoy Talastas the museum’s chief curator who encouraged the Philippine government to acquire and purchase all these pieces from those impoverished and penniless countries that previously owns it.

When the car reached Sitio Magdalena and when I was about to alight the limousine in front of my 168-storey building… I woke up from this tremendous dream.

Ayun! Nagising ako.  Oras na para mamalansta! Hahaha!

“The Little Prince”

Two hours is what it takes to completely prepare me to go to my office.  Two hours is what it takes for me to finish my weekly grocery and window shopping weekly.  Two hours is what it takes for me to finish my usual internet surfing.  Two hours is what it takes for me to accomplish my exercise regimen whenever I feel like going to the gym.  There’s a lot of things that can be done in two hours.

It took me two hours to finish reading the book entitled “The Little Prince” a French novel written by Antoine De Saint-Exupery translated in English by Katherine Woods.  In this precious two hours, I was able to grasp a lot of interesting wisdom out from the story told about the Little Prince.

The book may seem to look like it is intended for kids but after digesting every deep meanings presented by the author, for me, it is simply too complicated for younger kids to fully understand its true messages.  The book should not be taken into its superficial account for a reader to fully appreciate it.  It challenges the reader to make his or her own personal understanding of the different characters and what they represent in a reader’s life.  The book is so great because it can actually stimulate a reader’s deeper perspective about life.  It is so impressive because it gives the reader to free-willingly identify and subjectively correlate the events, symbolisms and characters in the story towards that of the reader’s own life encounters.

I definitely feel that this remarkable book will only get better and more interesting as I grow older.  Hence, I hope to read this manuscript again at least five years from now and wonder what correlations would pop-out from my mind when I encounter again those simple yet meaningful events and characters in the story.  I also hope that I could finish the book again in just two precious hours…

Ang sabi sa libro, “wat is esensyal is inbisibol to da ay”.  Ang taray!  

Black Saturday with B&S

After doing my regular weekly grocery, the marathon showing of Brothers & Sisters Season 3 featured in Channel 23 gave me a reason to stay indoor the whole day of Black Saturday.

Spending Black Saturday is supposed to be quiet  and serene as usually observed by my family.  It is a tradition that we always observe.  Thanks to Lola Teray (Nengkoy’s mom) who when was still alive would caution and admonish us not to be noisy and require us to talk at a very low sound starting at 3:00 PM of Good Friday until the whole day of Black Saturday because “patay ang Dyos” (the Lord is dead).  She would only allow us to laugh and speak loudly when Easter comes.

But watching the marathon run of Brothers & Sisters Season 3 made me a delinquent iniquitous “apo” (grandson) of Lola Teray.  The show made me laugh hard and loud because of the antics that Nora Walker and her crazy children would do in the awesome tv series.  I have been a huge fan of the series because the witty and graceful grown-up story-telling is simply alluring. 

The story and the characters are faced with issues that resonates with real people and there is something in it for everyone that you can easily relate to.  It is light-hearted!  What I love most are the enjoyable mishaps of the characters that remind me of my own family… sort of.  Arguments can be high-minded or insanely petty that will surely make a viewer burst into laughter.

Kung buhay si Lola Teray, nabatukan na ko ng bonggang bongga!