Month: September 2009

Which Is More True? (part 2)

Being healthy is wealthy


Being wealthy is healthy


Basta ako, gusto ko mayaman ako (part 2)


Days When TV Ads Were Fun…

tv dialAside from playing in the street, watching TV is one major past time of my dear childhood days in Pasay.  TV sets then were without remote control and cable channels were basically non-existent.  If you wish to switch channels, you would have to have the hassle of standing up from the comforts of the sofa to reach for the TV’s dial.

Being the lazy kid that I am. I hated it when I am ordered to stand-up to reach for the dial to switch channels.  There would be times when I and my siblings would point to each other on who’s turn it is to be the “human-remote-control” who would stand-up to  switch the channel so as to view a different TV program.

Maybe due to our inherent laziness and unconsciously would not want to disrupt the social order in Nengkoy’s house, we came up with an ingenious game during commercial gaps.  When we were as tough as a Teletubby, we would race and compete on who is the fastest in identifying the name or brand of product being advertised on TV.  The fastest person who could shout and identify the commercial earns a point.

Through this, we do not only look forwards to the actual TV show, but we also look forward to the commercials being featured in between, thus, preventing us the task of switching channels.  I also now realize that this game prevented our TV set from wear and tear.

The game is even more exciting especially when a new TV commercial is freshly released and being shown during our game.  No matter how awful the commercial is, everybody is stuck on the TV screen eating our fingernails trying to uncover what is the product’s brand being advertised.  The most fun part is that everybody would shout with psychotic loudness the name of the new commercial as soon as the brand is revealed.

Ayan na! Patalastas na!

Malcolm X: An Eid’l Fitr Special

malcolmxMalcolm X is a black Muslim American guy who hated white American folks.  He regarded the white people as evil.  Prior to his international travels, he advocated that the ‘black race is the superior race’ and that ‘history can prove that white man is a devil’.  He even demanded for a racial segregation, in which he proposed that the African American population be exclusively allowed live in the southern part of the US until they could all return to Africa.

But when he got the opportunity to journey to the ancient holy land of Mecca, he noticed that Muslim pilgrims are actually diverse in physical form.  He learned that people of Islam religion can look white, black, yellow, red or brown.  He experienced that Muslims came from various nations participating in the same holy ritual.  They can be with blonde hair and blue eyes, brown skined with flat nose, tall with curly hair , vertically challeged with chinky eyes, etc.

His experience in Mecca basically changed his general perception about people of the world.  This also changed his feelings towards white Americans he previously abhored.  After his pilgrimage to Mecca he disavowed racism in all forms.

Today is Eidl Fitr, I hope and pray that we (may we be of Islam religion or not) would treat each other with respect.  That it is not the color of the skin or type of race or religion that we belong to but what matters is that we live a life in harmony with everyone.  A peaceful Eid’l Fitr to everyone.

Hapi Eid sa lahat…


Brain Crumbs

While trying to increase the memory capacity of my office computer by deleting computer files and documents that are considered unusable and impertinent, I came across an archive that me and my officemate has composed as part of our supposed game for our company summer outing early this year.

We were supposed to have a loony quiz about Pinoy showbiz trivia.  So instead of entirely trashing the file to oblivion, I decided to publish it on my blog.  These are some of the questions we have created, majority of which are my contributions considered as information crumbs scattered around my goofy brain.

  1. Ano ang pangalan ng lalaking kapatid ni Janice De Belen sa soap operang Flor De Luna?
  2. Saan sa Maynila unang nakatira sina Richard Gomez, Joey Marquez at Cynthia Patag sa comedy show na Palibhasa Lalaki?
  3. Sinong donya ang nagmo-monologue sa night show na Penthouse Live nina Martin Nievera at Pops Fernandez?
  4. Ano ang pangalan ng aktor na kapartner ni Judy Ann Santos sa soap operang Esperanza?
  5. Ano ang pangalan ng ama ni Julie Vega sa soap operang Ana Liza?
  6. Ano ang pangalan ni Anne Curtis sa tv series na Kampanerang Kuba?
  7. Sino ang kalabang mortal ni Amor Powers sa soap operang Pangako Sa ‘Yo?
  8. Anong day group kasali si Lotlot De Leon sa show na That’s Entertainment?
  9. Anong day group kasali si Melissa Villamayor sa show na That’s Entertainment?
  10. Anong day group kasali si Caselyn Francisco sa show na Thant’s Entertainment?
  11. Sino ang lead star sa pelikulang Hwag Buhayin Ang Bangkay ng Seiko Films?
  12. Ano ang unang pelikulang pinagtambalan ni Sharon Cuneta at Gabby Concepcion?
  13. Magbigay ng tatlong pangalan ng Soft Drinks Beauty na ang naging manager ay si Rey Dela Cruz
  14. Anong sabon ang in-endorse ni Alice Dixon na may linyang “I can feel it!”?
  15. Anong pasador (sanitary napkin) commercial ang pinagbidahan ni Jennifer Sevilla?
  16. Anong softdrinks commercial unang lumabas si Gary Valenciano?
  17. Sinong batang hearthrob ang pinagnasahan ng matabang bida sa commercial ng Purefoods na may linyang ‘goodbye spaghetti, goodbye chocolate, goodbye Carlo!”?
  18. Ano ang pangalan ng tatlong magkakapatid sa Voltes V?
  19. Sino ang unang nabuntis na miyembro ng That’s Entertainment?
  20. Ano ang pangalan ng character ni Charito Solis sa TV show na Okey Ka Fairy Ko?
  21. Ano ang pangalan ng character ni Lloyd Samartino sa soap operang Flor De Luna?
  22. Sino ang karibal ni Pia Moran sa dance showdown ng Body Language noong ’80s?
  23. Ano ang apelyido ni Tito Sotto at Joey De Leon sa show na Iskul Bukul?
  24. Ano ang pangalan ng midnight radio show host na nakilala dahil sa “toning water”?
  25. Sino ang co-host ni Pilita Corrales sa show na “Ang Bagong Kampeon”?
  26. Ano ang paboritong pagkain ni Pong Pagong?
  27. Ano ang kulay ng panty ni Annie sa Shaider?
  28. Ano ang pangalan ng lead character sa soap operang Yagit?
  29. Sinong housemate sa Pinoy Big Brother ang nagsabi ng “I didn’t that Mama Bey! Ididn’t that!”
  30. Sinong bruhang school directress sa cartoons na Princess Sarah?
  31. Sino ang pinaka-bulilit sa Going Bulilit?


  1.  Reneboy
  2. Singalong, Manila
  3. Donya Buding
  4. Wowwie De Guzman
  5. Mang Guido
  6. Imang
  7. Madam Claudia Buenavista
  8. Monday
  9. Thursday
  10. Tuesday
  11. Jestoni Alarcon
  12. Dear Heart
  13. Pepsi Paloma, Coca Nicolas, Sarsi Emmanuel
  14. Palmolive
  15. Modess
  16. Fresh Gusto
  17. Patrick Garcia
  18. Richard, Little John, Big Burt
  19. Lovely Rivero
  20. Ina Magenta
  21. Dado
  22. Frieda Fonda
  23. Eskalera
  24. Johnny Midnight
  25. Bert Tawa Marcelo
  26. Kangkong
  27. White
  28. Jocelyn
  29. Maricris
  30. Mrs. Minchin
  31. Dagul


Coco as Ramon: The Villain with a Heart

Tayong Dalawa is one top-rating TV drama series that metastasized in the psyche of Pinoy society.  Even I and the other executives in our office have been bitten by the Tayong Dalawa bug.  We would sometimes oddly discuss on updates about Ingrid, Marlene, Mamita and Lola Gets.

I don’t like the mega complicated story, the plot with cosmic absurdity and the ridiculous line thrown by the characters to each other.  However, the supporting casts’ acting abilities are no doubt a winner.

cocoOne major revelation in this TV show is the actor Coco Martin who played the character of Ramon.  His character is so richly presented.  He is like a true human being whose character presents the virtuous and the evil.  But what is so ironic about the character of Ramon is that even in the midst of his wicked misdemeanors people still adore him.

Coco Martin is one lucky thespian since the range of his character is well presented in the show.  Ramon is a villain with a heart.  It is so paradoxical that viewers still revere Ramon after all the dreadful things he has done in the story.  People cry with him when he is sad and gloomy but gets angry with him when he goes frenzy with his persecutorial vendettas.  Viewers get emotionally disappointed when he does something bad.  Everybody prays that he be good and hopes he could pull-out his soul from infernal cavity.

Or maybe, the mildly famous yet oustanding talent of Coco Martin shines because the greenhorn mainstars in the show (Gerald, Kim and Jake) are so lame in acting.

Bilang bahid ng aking kabaduyan, aking dinedeklarang si Ramon ang lalaking ‘bidang kontra bida’….

Rational Book for an Illogical Soul

stumbling on happinessFor the past few nights before I sleep and whenever I got the opportunity, I would peruse on several pages of this book trying to digest and understand the witty comments and sharp concepts that it presents. My background in Psychology helped a lot in comprehending this book. Now I have a reference to read when I need to be logical on illogical moments. Stumbling on Happiness written by Daniel Gilbert (a Harvard University professor) is not a directional guide or instructional materials on how to be happy but explains the deepest and complicated concepts of happiness.

The author will not make you stumble into sudden happiness but would rather make you rational about life’s experiences. The sample situations and descriptive illustrations presented were simple (at times funny) yet smart and remarkable. It is worth the hours spent plunging into this book. It provided me insights about simple everyday things and situations. It puts logic to all circumstances.

The book is like a portative psychologist that I can refer to anytime at any place. I know happiness is in our hands. But this intelligent manuscript helped me to be more grounded about my oxymoron existence.

Kaaya-aya ang mga eksplanasyon…

My Stupefying Signature for Cory

This morning, Senator Noynoy Aquino finally announced that he is running for President.  While watching the morning news, I remembered the tv broadcast years ago when Cory Aquino announced and accepted the challenge of running for President against the despot ruler Ferdinand Marcos.

Derham Park along Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City (now the site of Cuneta Astrodome) was the place where me and my highschool classmates would spend time together before or after classes.  I can still clearly remember one sunny afternoon in the same park when an old lady in soiled and begrimned blouse and shorts carrying a brown booklet asking me and my classmates to affix our signatures in the spaces provided in the said folio.  I personally asked the old lady what our signatures were for.  She nervously answered that our signature woud be the start of something good for our country’s future.

I was only fifteen years old then.  I still has a shallow understanding on the political and economic affairs of the country but her unfussy and easy-as-pie explanation persuaded me to to sigin in.  Some of my high school classmates refused and merely ignored the lady.  After inscribing my signature, I was told by the nervous lady to keep the matter a secret for it may cause her and her family’s life.  She fled without saying goodbye.

cory-presidentWeeks after this strange event, the news on TV broke announcing that Corazon Aquino was running for President in the snap election called upon by Ferdinand Marcos, the dictator president of the country during that time.  On that same news, the camera was focusing on bundles of booklets that contained more than a million Filipino signatures collected by the Cory Aquino for President Movement (CAPM) which Cory set as one of her conditions before deciding to run for the highest post in the country.  It was the same brown booklet that the old lady has asked me and my classmates to sign.

Oo, kasali ako dun…