Month: December 2007

Happy New Year!

Fireworks May my lofty ambition of world domination come true next year! For the readers of this blog, may you have a more impeccable taste, contented disposition, younger looking skin, smoother & shinier hair, wealth-beyond measure, smaller waistline, normal bowel movements, peace of mind and multiple earth-shattering orgasms in the coming year.

May the angels protect you and sadness forgets you…

Happy New Year and thanks for the friendship… 


Feeling Lucky this Christmas

Neilpic3It is a season of Christmas parties.  So far I have attended 9 Christmas parties already.  It has been a tradition that Christmas revelries would have parlor games.  I can’t believe it! I won a beer drinking contest in one of the parties I attended.  Me, a very moderate alcohol drinker using a straw was able to sip one big glass of San Miguel beer beating all the other contestants.

In a separate gathering, me and my associate Beth won second place in a dance contest strutting to the tune of Madonna’s Music Inferno.  Flashing in an LCD projector the concert video of Madonna’s recent world tour concert, we amazed the spectators for we dance the same steps that Madonna did in the concert video.  It’s like watching the queen of pop do her grooves in the video and us live on the dance floor performing the same thing.

In a Christmas Lunch with my co-officers, I won a cell phone and a gift certificate worth one thousand pesos.

Also, in this season, I would receive plenty of gifts from close friends and associates.  So far I have received a box of cookies, a violet shirt, a yellow shirt, a brown shirt, a white shirt, a box of skin and body regimen formulas, a 2008 calendar, a bottle of perfume, a cassava cake, a fruit cake and (of course) a chocolate cake.

Merry Christmas everyone…

No One Ugly Allowed

Last year in this blog I wrote about the worst dressed male celebrities in the Philippines.  I don’t want to pay tribute to that king of species anymore but rather do it the nicer way.  I decided to choose the most beautiful celebrities in the country this year.  They are:

  • Suzie Entrata, TV and Corporate Events Host.  I have been watching this lady even during her Gameplan tv show days.  She does not have the prettiest face on tv but I like her skin color – smooth olive brown.  She may not possess the sexiest body but she simply exudes genuine fun and vitality mixed with acumen confidence that is hard to find in the boobtube.

  • Michelle Carbonell, Be Bench Model Search 3rd placer.  During the model search I though that there must have been a bad lineup who auditioned for the program since she was selected to be part of the top 16.  But as the search progress this young lady has surprisingly transformed into an articulate and very sexy demoiselle.

  • Mariel Rodriguez, TV Host.  Cute, fashionable, bubbly, surprisingly intelligent, promising, funny and very natural.  What makes Mariel beautiful is her way of laughing at herself due to the booboos she unintentionally commits in front of the TV.  She can fabulously get away with anything.

  • Yael Yuson, Lead Singer of Spongecola.  I have yet to see him perform live and in person.  He may not be towering in terms of height and do not possess a typical pretty boy face but his mere presence bewitches everyone who would look at him.

  • Piolo Pascual, showbiz superstar.  I guess everyone agrees in this matter.  Piolo simply beams testoterone elegance.  He is refined and good-looking.  The conundrum about his real character and personality (though a public figure) even adds up to his being gorgeous.

  • Ace Durano, Secretary of the Department of Tourism.  It is very rare to see a young, clean-cut and well-dressed individual holding a government post.  Ace Durano is one of them.  His TV and newspapaer interviews speaks about the beauty of the Philippines that adds up to him being ravishingly fine looking.

Suzie_12   Michelle_5     Mariel_5Yael_3 Piolo_2Ace2_2