Month: July 2012

David, Goliath and an Angry Bird

I have always wondered how David toppled down Goliath.  There must be something in the story of these two characters which has yet to be unraveled.  The picture below which I delicately altered is one personal theory.

david, goliath and an angry bird

On a more serious note, like the great David, I believe that all of us are exquisite, noble and powerful beyond our wildest fantasies.  I believe that every human makeup has an Angry-Bird-like weapon somewhere deep within ones persona.  It may be a sharp wit, a drop-dead gorgeous body, a rare talent, or a remarkable positive character trait.

And yet, a lot of us devalue ourselves and our capacities with weak alibis and hindering beliefs.  Maybe the reason why we do self-devaluations is because we are either too afraid of failures or too scared of successes.   That is why we end up like Goliath.

So let’s be like David and try unraveling our Angry Bird so as to conquer our life’s Goliath.

Pag ako binato ng Engri Berd, sasaluhin ko at i-aadobo ang ibong yan!


Gymnastics: My Dream Olympic Event

alexei nemov

Now that the London Olympics is on, have you ever wondered what your Olympic event be if you were an athlete?

Only now that it dawned in me that the Olympic event I would be in if I were an athlete is men’s gymnastics.  At a very limited chance that I got to catch a men’s gymnastics game on TV, I am always at awe with the combined strength, form and acrobatics of these athletes.

I guess for me this is one complete sport and besides no one in my country has been sent to compete in gymnastics event in the Olympics (my country with a population’s average height of 5 feet 5 inches is so obsessed with basketball).  Also no male gymnast has been chosen as the Athlete of the Year by ESPY.

Yeah, I have always been a fan of tennis but I will leave that sport to my idol Federer besides everybody can whack a ball with a tennis racket. For me it is easier to swim, dribble a ball, punch an opponent, throw a discus, shoot a target or dash to a 100 meter distance.  But not everybody can twirl with flair on a pommel horse, hang like a monkey on a high bar, fly and twist from a vault, do intricate tumbling passes on the floor, swing and spin on still rings and defy gravity on the parallel bars.

Gymnastics is not considered an extreme sport but through the years of its evolution through discoveries and inventions of various intricate moves I do consider it as one.  Modern acrobatic styles are very risky it can actually result to broken bones or torn muscles.  It takes a lifetime to achieve the form, strength, agility and discipline to perfect this sport.

So to those male gymnasts competing may it be in your local school event or in the high and mighty Olympics I have nothing but high regard for the sport you have chosen.  In case the sport become famous or remains mediocre in popularity I will always be at awe every time I will get the chance to watch a game.

Perpek ten ang skor ko sa sport na ‘to!

Chicken Ala Kiev in Café Adriatico

When I read by chance the popular blog of Chuvaness, I was envious.  She posted that Chicken Ala Kiev is back.  It has been revived and reintroduced in the menu of Café Adriatico.  After reading her post I promised to myself that the meal I will order in Café Adriatico the next time I would get my nourishment from there would be that infamous dish.

While reading the comments section in Chuvaness’ post, I was a bit infuriated by someone who commented that the dish looks amazing and asked what camera Chuvaness used in taking those photos in her entry.  I was annoyed because for me an excellent photo is not based on what equipment being used but because of the excellent eye the photographer or photo-taker possesses.

chicken ala kiev, photo taken by chuvaness

It’s like saying a chef prepares a delicious and excellent dish and the one who consumed it asked what pots and pans the chef uses.  No restaurant diner who enjoyed a superb meal in his right set of thinking will attribute the delicious taste of a dish based on the brand of knives or potholders that the cook uses.

Like photography, cooking is an art.  Kaya nga may Culinary Arts! Tange! (Translation: That is why there exists what you call Culinary Arts. Moron!)

Anyway, I indeed ordered the renowned dish today and devoured it as my early dinner meal.  While cutting through the breaded chicken, I was literally jumping off my seat because the wicked butter literally erupted from the crust when I punched a hole from it.  It was so enjoyable my taste buds were jumping for joy and the only thing left on my plate was a small piece of bone and the squeezed piece of lemon.

my early dinner meal
yummy chicken ala kiev of cafe adriatico

May it be taken in a good or disastrous photo Chicken Ala Kiev in Café Adriatico is definitely a heavenly yet sinful dish!  It is such an evil of a dish I need to confess my sins for two hours inside the gym this coming weekend.  Try it…

Pihado, ga-mantikilya ang pawis ko sa sabado.

Neil Patrick Harris of Planet Earth

neil patrick harris

Can you imagine this planet without Neil Patrick Harris?

Earthlings in their 40s and above know Neil Patrick Harris not as Neil Patrick Harris but as Doogie Howser, MD, the teenage doctor whose life’s lessons are encoded in his computer diary.

Those between their 20s and 30s know him as Barney Stinson, a high functioning metrosexual who never fails to air out his often hypocritical opinions.

But for the budding generation from the newly born to teenagers, they would know Neil Patrick Harris as the most awesome and most amazing host ever of an awards night.  He is so legendary viewers don’t care who wins during the awards night but are more excited listening to him singing and hosting the program.

His works encompasses all generations.  He is one hell of a likable earthling.  I can consider him to be one of the most influential beings of this planet.

Therefore, if this planet is without Neil Patrick Harris, this planet would have sucked so much!

Brilyant dud!

My Lunch Today Is About Dolphy

Today the whole Philippines observe the National Day of Remembrance in honor of Dolphy, The Comedy King of Philippine cinema.

In today’s national observance, my lunch is Munggo Bean Soup (a thick green mung bean bisque with smoked fish flakes topped with pork cracklings); Sinuteng Baby Pusit (young squids sauted in olive oil with chunks of sliced garlic); and, a cup of jasmine rice as ordered from Bistro Remedios in Malate, which happens to be one of Dolphy’s favorite restaurants in the metro.

Press this LINK, a news article in Manila Bulletin to support such claim. If you will try the dishes in Bistro Remedios, you will never wonder why the late Philippines’ King of Comedy often dined there.  It’s yummy! What about you, what’s the tiny yet trivial thing you did today to commemorate the day’s national observance?

Ang sarap parang ako…

Now Federer Needs a Bigger Plane

Now that cart is 3 grand slam trophies heavier…

Many said that Roger Federer is no longer in his prime and is on his downhill path concerning his tennis career. Many doubted whether he would gloriously win another major, let alone return to the top of the rankings.

But last night Roger casted all doubts.  Federer won his 7th Wimbledon men’s singles title. It is his 17th grand slam championship and with this victory The Fed returned to the World Number One.

The Fed’s exciting tennis last night further proved that he remains to be the most daring player of his generation.  His strategic aiming for the lines in powerful yet elegant strokes remains.  He continues to push the boundaries between watchful assault and recklessness.

Now I won’t be surprised if Federer will reach his 20th grand slam championship and will need to get a much bigger plane!

The Fed
my long time sports idol

Kongrachulayshons Rudyer Peyderer!

Bizarre Containers of One’s Possessions

While a bunch of high class souls are still trying to figure out how they were duped by a social climbing biotch (now popularly known as the “500-million-peso-Birkin-Scam”) and the perpetrator is laughing her way to the bank, an observer can easily assume that no person can buy class.  No amount of Hermes, Chanel, LVs and Louboutins can establish a person’s refinement and sophistication.

The highlight and emphasis about the turn of events regarding the scam as written in the Philippine Daily Inquirer revolves around the pricey Birkin bags by Hermes.  While reading the article, I was at awe on how these pieces of exotic (ostrich, calf, crocodile or lizard) leather sewn together can be priced at a multi-million peso level.  When in fact a bag is a bag is a bag!  It is in no way more functional as compared to an ordinary sack, that is, a simple container of one’s own possession.

I won’t be surprised and question the cost of these containers if there are more functional uses out of these bags.   Moreover, I won’t question the price of these bags if the material is actually created not of exotic leathers but instead made of the human foreskin.

Using the prepuce I suppose is more functional!  The foreskin cut from male genitalia during circumcision when preserved, treated and made into a leathery material and created into a purse can be more functional and more practical.  In which, when the owner wish to increase the size of the purse made from human foreskin, she would simply rub it so as to turn it into a bag! Transforming the bag into a humongous luggage can be so simple.  The owner can simply lick it!

The most expensive variety (more expensive than those measly Birkins, I suppose) of purses or bags of these types would be those material made from the hard-to-find biblical foreskins of Philistines.  Read this:

1 Samuel 18:25-27 
Saul replied, “Say to David, ‘The king wants no other price for the bride than a hundred Philistine foreskins, to take revenge on his enemies.'” Saul’s plan was to have David fall by the hands of the Philistines. When the attendants told David these things, he was pleased to become the king’s son-in-law. So before the allotted time elapsed, David and his men went out and killed two hundred Philistines. He brought their foreskins and presented the full number to the king so that he might become the king’s son-in-law. Then Saul gave him his daughter Michal in marriage.

Therefore, there would only be 200 rare varieties of these types of bags or purses that would exist around this planet.  Now, start searching!

Hala! Bastus at blaspemus!