Month: June 2006

My Appelations

Neil is my first name.  Neil is an Irish name which means champion.  This name was given to me by my parents as based on the name of the first man to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong.  Though almost a year has passed he was a big hit around the world during that time.

Romasanta is my middle name.  This name means a saint from Rome or of Rome.  Romasantas in the Philippines came from Nasugbu, Batangas.

Langit is my surname.  This is a Malay term meaning door of heaven but the Tagalog/Filipino meaning is heaven or the House of God.

When my father was still alive, I got the chance to talk to him and Nengkoy on what could have been my name if I was born a girl.  They told me that my name could have been Gloria.  They told me that it coulde have been based on the name of Gloria Diaz who won the Ms. Universe pageant a year before I was born.

It has been a tradition that if you want to know your porn star name, you need to put together the name of your first pet plus the name of the street where you lived during childhood.  When I was around 9 or 10 years old, I had a pure white dog and our family named her Farrah (after Farrah Fawcet, the sexy bombshell in Charlie’s Angels TV show).  I grew up at J. Fernando Street in Pasay City.  Therefore, my pornstar name if ever, will be Farrah Fernando – it sounds like a true-blue boldstar!

I had a teacher in high school who called me Niel (pronounced: Niyel).  She was my teacher in Filipino who gave me 79 as a grade during the first grading period of my 3rd year in high school.  I still remember her (but not her name though) because that grade caused me not be included in the honor roll during my high school graduation.  I don’t know for what reason why she had difficulty pronouncing my name properly.  Maybe it’s because she is a Filipino subject teacher and my name is so English.

At present, there are some friends of mine who would call me HR.  These dear friends are former co-employees in the hotel industry.  They call me HR because I was the head of the human resources department of the hotel we were working at.  Also at present, there are some friends and officemates who would call me Delicious.  The reason is because everytime they would ask if how I am, I would always respond with great pleasure and pride saying, "Eto, delicious pa rin…" (Here okay, still delicious…)

What about Nengkoy? How does she call me during my childhood days?  I guess every mother has their own name-call or exclusive way of calling their child.  I have a friend whose name is Robert who told me that his mother calls him Bambino.  I have another friend whose name is PJ but his mother calls him Pidyong.  Like me, they claim that only their mothers call them that way.  What about Nengkoy? Well… she calls me ‘Baduday‘.

To end this not so sensible writing, let me put some meaning and feeling to it then.  Names are tags that people assigns to another individual that will forever be associated to his/her totality of personality.  Furthermore, names may it be holy-based, stinky-sounding, too common or too rare can actually be a general suggestive way to live a life since you are identified with such appelation every single time people calls you. 

Lucky me my name is Neil meaning champion… with a heavenly surname!


Word of the day is… Pechay

Pechay_1 Pechay is a popular vegetable that grows and thrives in the Philippines.  This leafy vegetable can be sauted or cooked adobo style.  It is a minor ingredient in various Pinoy viands like Nilaga and Cosido.  This fibrous vegetable when eaten, basically maintains its fiber structure – it’s still visible and identifiable – when pushed out of the body during defecation.

With the evolution of the Filipino language, the word pechay has started to make its mark giving a different meaning.  These are:

  1. It is the word used when a person would not want to utter bad and displeasing word.  Example, a lady reacting to an abominable situation may say, "Anak ng Pechay!" instead of "Anak ng Put*", meaning son of a bitc*.  ‘Anak ng Pechay’ is milder and lighter to the ear making the talker a bit graceful.
  2. Pechay can also mean a female sex organ.  In a recent Pinoy movie entitled ‘Manay Po’, a gay character was so depressed when he found out that his bestfriend and love of his life already have a girlfriend.  For him to lure his bestfriend to fall for him he wants to have a lot of money so that a ‘pechay’ can be assembled in his body (means undergoing a sex change).

It still makes me wonder why Filipinos can’t just utter the Tagalog/Filipino word of vagina.  When in fact in the US a monologue has been entitled ‘Vagina Monologue’.  Can you just imagine translating it in Tagalog/Filipino?  It would be entitled ‘Puk*ng Mag-Isang Nagsasalita’ better yet calling it ‘Pagtatalumpati ng Pechay’.  It’s more assuasive to hear.

Happy and healthy pechay to everyone!

Dirty Nun… anyone?

Me as a person is not very religious.  Maybe that is why I do not have a close friend who is a priest, a pastor, a religious preacher or a nun. 

I have always been fascinated with nuns.  When I was young (even until now), I always perceive them to be so beautiful (not on a sexy way though) and so clean.  I always wonder how these ladies can keep themselves so fresh and unsoiled all day long.  I actually have yet to see a dirty nun.  I have seen them walk the street – rally wise or not – and yet they can keep their cool disposition and tidiness even under the heat of a scorching sun and dusty air of the metropolis.

In my whole life, I just had two nun teachers.  One was during grade school days, a missionary nun who would teach the virtues of the Catholic religion during homeroom subject – too bad I forgot her name.  The other was in college who taught me all my Theology subjects, her name is Sister Fermina.  Too bad during those times, I was too afraid to ask these two ladies how can they keep themselves so neat.

I guess a lot of people will answer this question by saying… “Maybe it is because the cleanliness of their spirit and peacefulness of their minds radiates to their physical being”.

Thank God… Superman is back!

Superman3_2 My favorite superhero is back! The new generation will finally experience the greatness, charm and power of my favorite superhero.  I can still remember those childhood days when I was able to watch Superman in the big screen (starring Christopher Reeves).  The movie house was jampacked, I remember I sat on the floor aisle to get a good view of the movie.  I was so amazed and startled on how he came about and how he saved the whole world. 

Superman is my favorite hero because he is not a human being.  He is a creation outside of this world.  He is unlike other superheroes who are human beings who gained power because of mutation or a freaky circumstance of nature.  Another reason why he is my favorite is because he is so cleanly cut and doesn’t wear a mask.  Kids and old alike will definitely feel at ease when they would be face-to-faced with him.  Unlike other superheroes with masks or gross physical abnormality that kids usually get scared of (e.g. X-Men heroes with freaky hairstyles; Aquaman with webbed hands and toes; Batman with his dark robe/costume and horn-like pointed ears).

Superman2 Superman has the charm.  I’m sure with his saliva-dripping looks and wholesome appeal all mothers would want their daughter to marry him!  He definitely is a one-woman-man.

  1. The most amazing scene that will forever be tattooed in my mind was his ability to turn back the time by rotating the earth backward!  He need not require a brilliant mind to create a time machine to do this.  He did this with his physical power and full emotional impetus when he found out that the love of his life Lois Lane died.  For him to revive her from death, he flew the fastest way he can around the world on infinite number of times going against the Earth’s normal revolution.

Now that he’s back, I’m sure the world will be a better place to live in.  And now that I’m an adult, I will definitely queue on line again to watch this movie and live the experienceI had in 1978.  Even if there are no seats available I will be willing to sit on the floor aisle.

doña aguida vs. doña menang…the movie!

When I was still a child, I would spend my late afternoons in the house of my Lola Teray (Nengkoy’s mom).  I can still remember when I would watch with Lola Teray on her black & white TV the soap operas ‘Flor De Luna’ (starring Janice De Belen) and ‘Gulong ng Palad’ (starring Marianne Dela Riva as Luisa).

The villains in these tearjerking and heart wrenching shows are Doña Aguida (for Flor De Luna) and Doña Menang (for Gulong ng Palad).

Doña Aguida is the wicked and merciless step-grandmom of Flor De Luna.  She is the mother of another villain in the show named Jo (but not as bitchy as Aguida, of course).  On the other hand, Doña Menang is the evil and ruthless mother-in-law of Luisa.  She is the mother of Carding, Luisa’s backbone-less husband.

I grew up fearing these two ambitious, hardnosed and pitiless doñas.  Their mere sneer and looks will make you run under your mom’s skirt.  And when they start speaking with curses like "Punyeta Ka!", you would wish the earth will open up and eat you for a while and spit you out when they would walk away.

These two of the greatest villains of Pinoy TV were out to ruin the lives of the main characters.  They actually added flavor, zest and color to the helpless "bidas".

I just wish a movie will be made featuring the cruelty and nastiness of these two doñas outdoing each other.  I wonder who would win… But one thing is for sure, that movie will be a great big hit!

Nate Berkus… I need your help!

Last Saturday, after their morning badminton game my mom with my 2 sisters suddenly appear in front of my apartment unit doing a surprise visit.  These three ladies did nothing but criticize the way my unit looks, how messed up my room was, and how ugly the whole apartment has been!

Nateberkus One big wish that I have is for Nate Berkus to make-over my apartment unit for free!  That would be the coolest!  It’s free to dream right? So might as well go for the big shot!

Nateberkus2 For those who don’t know Nate Berkus, he is the house and interior designer who frequents the Oprah Show everytime Oprah features a house that needs make-over.  His work were the coolest and super superb!!!  I loved what he did with Eva Longoria’s parents home, Jerry O’Connell’s bachelor pad, Kristie Alley’s mansion and the make-over of the ugliest room in America.

I guess I should start writing Oprah on this matter…

harder life now…?

Poor_3 It makes me wonder… TV interviews of typical and average Pinoys on the street when asked if life is harder today than a couple of years ago would state and say that definitiely life is harder now.

This same Pinoy answer to the same question has been going on ever since TV has been created.

However, if you will think harder, a couple of years ago not all or very few Pinoys own a mobile phone.  This item no matter how helpful it is, is not a basic need compared to food and shelter.  And yet, typical Pinoys own it.  Even the peanut vendor at J. Bocobo corner Orosa in Malate owns a cellphone.

Last month I went to a barber shop in one of the malls in Manila for a haircut.  While my hair was being fixed, I overheard the barbers asking each other on who won the past night’s ‘pusoy dos’  (a pinoy poker card game).  Amazingly, everyone answered they lost!  Everyone laughed when they knew that no one won. One barber say, "ibig nyo sabihin walang nanalo? nasan ang pera? aba’y magic!" ("you mean no one won? where’s the money? that’s magic!")

This barbers’ conversation is soooo Pinoy!  No one wants to present self as someone with better stand in life or at least being positive.

It’s like the sickening TV interviews of typical Pinoys when asked if they were living better now than the past year…