Month: October 2010

A Halloween 2010 Message

Before putting on your chosen mask or costume to celebrate Halloween, try to contemplate first if you have been wearing an internal one all the while.  Are you the type whose been wearing a mask or costume of insulation against rejection and sorrow?  Are you pretending to be someone you are not because you worry if people will like you for YOU?

If you are this person, then let me remind you that you need not observe tonight’s celebration since you are already a walking Halloween!  Let me advise you that instead of adding another freaking mask or costume to an already existing one, I suppose the best way for you to celebrate a great Halloween is to take off this internal mask or costume and start being simply just yourself.  Not just this Halloween but every day for the rest of your life.

Be your own melodic song! To have faith in yourself, to convey your own individuality, to pursue your own roaring style, to relax and loosen up, to be sincere and not measure yourself by the views and estimation of others – these are the steps to removing your mask or costume.  For sure, you will have a happier and more fulfilling journey through life.  Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Parang gusto kong mag Gladyeytor kostyum sa sementeryo bukas…


Clarifying Oilyness

Dry skin is a sign of aging.  Thank goodness I got super oily skin.  It’s so oily I’m sometimes worried that Royal Dutch Shell, Chevron or Saudi Aramco wants to install oil rigs to harvest liquid petroleum hydrocarbon from my face.  I sometimes want to enlist myself in the Guinness Book of World Record for having the face with the most sensational and over-productive sebaceous glands!

My tremendously oily skin is attributed from a deep-seated source.  Its Nengkoy’s (my mom) bizarre food cravings when my astonishingly gorgeous cells were rapidly multiplying inside her womb.  She craved for “kakang gata” (pure coconut milk)!   Nengkoy claim, profess and testify that she would love drinking kakang gata straight from a bowl.

Here in the Philippines, pregnant women’s weird food cravings (or “paglilihi” in Filipino) are a big deal.  We have this notion, regardless of whether such belief has scientific basis or not, that what a pregnant woman craves somehow has an effect on the developing child inside the womb.  It’s like the precursor and fundamental backbone of the child’s DNA mutations and chromosomal translocations.

Because of such craving with unexplained correlation to a child’s appearance, I am the offspring with the lightest complexion among Nengkoy’s children as attributed to the color of coconut milk.  However, as we all know coconut oil is extracted from coconut milk.  And in my specific case, the DNA malformation of Nengkoy’s funky pregnancy cravings happened to have localized right on my face.

Due to this, I learned to accept the fact that I never failed to include the oil blotter film, oil-controller-facial-wash and facial toner for oily skin in my grocery list.  And having a dry skin is the least of my worries.

Buti na lang ‘di sa bao, bunot o bukayo.

Sa Bukid Walang Papel

I was walking on green fields and leaping through the flowery groves while the raise of the sun is mellowing…  It was an enormously divine green field of dreams…  I smelled the grassy breeze of air and felt the undisturbed delight of the snow capped mountain ranges above…  I was sweetly smiling for experiencing the charming breath of heaven… But I was aware that I was just lucidly dreaming.

I was awakened by the rumbling of my stomach.  With drooping eyes and remnants of dissipating sweet dream on my mind, I went straight to my toilet.  After some intense abdominal and intestinal twisting, wringing and extraction, like a typical Filipino that I am, I reached for my “tabo” (dipper) to soap and wash my posterior end.

With heavy and still half-opened eyes, I reached for the toilet paper dispenser but there was none in it only the cardboard roll was left.  This is when I realized like the controversial Filipino bathroom tissue TV commercial that in lovely and dreamy green fields there is no tissue paper.  That’s when I fully woke up!

Sa bukid walang papel. Uyyy! Ikiskis mo sa pilapil! Uyyy!

Free Hubert Webb

After fifteen long years in prison, Hubert Webb is neither innocent nor guilty but should be set free!  This is my personal opinion and assessment after watching last Sunday night the TV documentary “Cheche Lazaro Present:  Dalawang Mukha ng Hustisya”.

I am saying this not because the Philippine court should have accepted Webb’s greatest and absolute defense of being in US during the time of the crime as verified by FBI and certified no less by Madeleine Korbel Albright (first woman US Secretary of State).

I am saying this because some dimwit and defective government agency misplaced and unable to find the semen specimen found in the cadaver of Carmela (one of the victims in the Vizconde massacre) so as to compare it with the semen of Hubert Webb via DNA testing.  The missing semen specimen is a definite and clear-cut evidence that could no longer be presented in court not by fault by Webb but by fault of a Philippine government agency, thus, he in effect is deprived of due process.  Therefore he should be discharged, dismissed and relieved from the confines of prison.

Ang problema hindi ako ang Suprim Kort ng Pinas.  Keys dismis!

Sights of Club Paradise, Palawan


joesel, karen, I and jesse


Four gorgeous and irresistible souls recently enjoyed an equally captivating island.  It was simply perfect!  That’s what happened when I, Karen, Jesse and Joesel spent a great September weekend in Club Paradise, Dimakya Island, north of Palawan.

Because of the beauty of the island combined with our eye-catching looks, I succumbed.  I succumbed to the irresistible deed of collecting all our photos of delight.    However, I failed the hounding struggle of keeping the pictures private.  Our photos in Club Paradise were just too attractive it would be an evil transgression not to broadcast, share and make it public.


Autograph from an Extra-Ordinary Earthling

I don’t know.  But there is something about this thespian that seem elusive and mysterious.  He just gets acting projects and act out on it.  He’s not “showbiz” and there is nothing fancy about him at all yet he usually receives the loudest cheer, roar and approbation whenever he makes a public appearance.

He does not possess the Fernando Poe Jr. archetype nor carry the stalwart stance of Rogelio Dela Rosa.  He does not have the clever wit of Dolphy nor possess the magical phenomenon of Piolo Pascual.  He is mellow and subdued.  He is effortlessly simple.  He is actually average, too average to the point of being extra-ordinary.  Maybe he is just a typical earthling with enigmatic bearing in the bewitching and exalting world of show business which makes him stand out.

That is why when I learned that he is to dine in one of the restaurants that I worked for, I abused my power by ordering the restaurant manager to get me this actor’s autograph.  As cynical and jaded as I am, I even threaten the restaurant manager that he will be subjected to medieval forms of torture if he failed to get me one!  I got the autograph which I intend to preserve because I believe it would be precious after a couple of decades.

Walang kokontra! Ako’y isang tanga-hanga.

Komersyal Muna

This is a Coca Cola ad in the mid-80s when I was still a part of the young population.  It was such a colossal hit then.  The whole Philippines was talking about a pretty singer (with enormously big set of ears) named Lilet being chosen to represent the country in filming this commercial for local release.  She was actually sent to Liverpool, England to shoot this Coca-Cola advertisement. If memory serves me right, there were actually versions of this ad sang in different languages all filmed in one common venue.

The catchy song was about unity, strength and hope among the young dynamic earthlings.  That year, I would have nominated Coca Cola Company for a Nobel Prize for Peace because of this advert.

Lilet, I and the rest of the youth who grew up in the ‘80s are no longer the future but the actual front runners of this planet.  We being todays adults may have not done the best in preserving world peace and in conserving mother earth, at least Madonna, U2 and MTV Channel (plus Regal, Viva and Seiko Films movies produced locally) were some of the unique  conceptions of our time.  Moreover, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that apocalyptic annihilation will not take place during our incumbency and dominion.   

Significant changes had happened (good, delightful, wicked and screwy) and I hope that today’s luckluster, bland and boring youth will be inspired by the lasting message of this amazing song.

I am the future of the world
I am the hope of my nation
I am tomorrow’s people
I am the new inspiration

And we’ve got a song to sing to you
We’ve got a message to bring to you

Please let there be, for you and for me, a tomorrow (tomorrow)
If we all can agree there’ll be sweet harmony tomorrow (tomorrow)
And we all will be there, Coca-Cola to share
Feeling so real and so true
Promise us tomorrow
And we’ll build a better world for you

Ngayon, matataba na tayo dahil sa kowk na yan.