Month: February 2013


I don’t know what’s the English translation for the Tagalog word panlakad.  Maybe there is no single English word for it.  With my limited English know-how, the best translation I can give is that panlakad are social clothes and apparels worn for an occasion, an event or by simply being out of the house and in a public place.

sporting my nengkoy shirt. di ko pa napang simba yan!
sporting my nengkoy shirt. di ko pa napang simba yan!

Back in the days when table salts are not yet iodized, inhabitants in the Philippines would make sure that their newly sewn or purchased panlakad must first be worn to attend a Holy Sunday Mass.  Although this rare custom and tradition has long been gone, I can still remember people’s line of questioning to folks they saw sporting new clothes.  They would ask, “Pinang simba mo na ba ‘yan?” (“Have you worn those in a Mass?”)  It’s as if wearing new clothes that has not initially been worn in a Sunday Mass celebration is such an abomination and is a wicked habit of the devil.

The socio-anthropologist in me dictates that this not-so-ancient unorthodox yet dissipated belief may be a progeny of Filipino’s robust Catholic faith that owning and wearing new clothing is a gift from heaven, thus, it would be most appropriate to first wear it inside the house of God.  Or this belief has been generated from Filipino’s long running tradition that they should wear new clothes during Christmas Day and it is a must to go hear a Holy Mass during this Holy day.

I don’t know if I should be thankful or resentful that this tradition is no longer observed.  Thankful because with the volume of clothes I own, I cannot imagine how many times in a year would I be required to attend the Holy Mass.  Resentful because this tradition could have at least given me another reason to attend and hear the Holy Mass.

 ‘Yang suot mo ngayon, Pinang Simba Mo Na Ba Yan?


A Love That’s Not Broken Just Bent

Today is Valentine’s Day.  It is but appropriate to write something about love, fidelity, infatuation or even lust. Instead, I’m opting to post a song that is not about sweet crazy love neither bitter broken love.  It is a song that is in between.   The composition is so good it can be a song for the hopeful (who wish to revive their feelings and learn to love again) or the hopeless (who wish to move on and learn love again).

For sure, considerable numbers of people today are trying their best to  rekindle their affection towards the person they once was fascinated with or are trying their best to find a way to get out of a ruptured relationship.  As what the song says… it is a love that’s not broken just “bent”.

A happier Valentine’s Day to those who are at this situation…

Gud lak na lang…

They Found Their King Richard III While Our Warrior Lapu-Lapu Is (Still Missing) Our Dinner

The skeleton of a man who lived, reigned and died more than 500 years ago was found and just this week (after comprehensive research and study) has been confirmed to be the remains of Richard III, King of England and one of the last Plantagenet.

Finding the remains of King Richard III buried underneath a parking lot is extra-ordinarily mind-blowing yet true.  His colorful life story and his remains are actually older than the recorded history of my country (Philippines).

I have read quite a number of things about Richard III in the past.  He has been badly represented by history being crooked power-hungry hunched-back notorious killer.  However, due to the unearthing of his remains historians of Great Britain has started to re-evaluate for a more accurate depiction on the life and personality of Richard III.


As for my country, the first recorded warrior-hero is Lapu-Lapu.  He is believed to have lived a couple of decades after Richard III was killed.  But unfortunately, biographical accounts and chronicles about Lapu-Lapu remain blurred, dazed and vague.

Like Richard III, I hope someone would surprise us and be able to unearth Lapu-Lapu’s remains.  This seemingly impossible feat will certainly solidify the foundation and cultural substance of my countrymen.  My country’s past and history before the Spanish colonization seem fallacious and illusory we inadvertently named a reddish grouper fish Lapu-Lapu.

lapulapu in sweet & sour sauce
lapu lapu in sweet & sour sauce

I guess no Filipino today will try to search for the remains of the great warrior because we already often see it deep-fried with sweet and sour sauce on our dining table.

Malay n’yo anak pala sa labas ni Haring Ritsard III si Lafu-Lafu…

Terrific Argo, Cheesy Actor, Brilliant Director

ben-affleck-argoWhen I learned that Ben Affleck the cheesy actor who once dated the cheesy singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and starred in two of the cheesiest movies of all time Gigli and Jersey Girl won the prestigious plum for Best Director award in almost all prestigious award giving bodies in America, I was shocked, stunned and stupefied.  I thought there must truly be something wrong in America nowadays!  I thought that America’s inhabitants must have gone foolishly cheesy.

My impertinent brain percolated that Ben Affleck being a film director is in no way count in the hierarchy of importance and skill from the pool of film geniuses who were also nominated this year.  Steven Spielberg, Ang Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Kathryn Bigelow definitely are of much greater creatures in the universe of film making.

argoBut when I saw the directorial job of Affleck in the movie Argo, I was more than shocked, stunned and stupefied.  There was nothing cheesy in it!

The action, the tension and the pacing were brilliantly built-up my fingernails hurt because of the nail-biting climax.  It was so wildly riveting and grippingly entertaining my butt aches because it held me at the edge of my seat.  The movie was absolutely brilliant!    Now I can say that Affleck remains to be a cheesy actor yet has turned out to be an exceptional director.

Mahusay pala ‘tong si Direk Aplek. 

Out My Window This Morning Was The Bow Of God

A lot of folks – me included – get so excited seeing a rainbow in the sky.  I know that rainbow is just but a wonderful result of a climate condition and has nothing to do with luck.  But rainbows don’t appear often that is why seeing it invokes joyful hope and optimistic promise.

This is what I exactly felt when I woke up this morning, rose from my bed, looked out my window and saw this brilliant display of colors in the sky.

the bow of God
the bow of God
if you'd look closer it's actually a double rainbow
if you’d look closer it’s actually a double rainbow

I would like to believe that seeing it is a sign from the cosmic universe that something wonderful – may it be divine providence or good fortune – is ahead.  For me, seeing a rainbow has always been a delightful, ethereal and inspiring experience.

Swerte, akin ka! 

Incorrigible Donald Trump Jr.

“Hopeless Idiot” that is what I unconsciously uttered when I read in the news about the cruel tweet posted by the son of the estate mogul Donald Trump.


So for Mr. Trump Jr. the 277-million-dollar ship that can’t properly navigate is more important (that’s why it got lost and eventually stuck on the reef) than the Tubbataha.  He doesn’t want the ship dismantled.  It is so sad to know that this son of a magnate who would soon be one of the forerunners and major stirrer of a conglomerate has gone numb and insensible about nature.

I totally agree with FranceFluxing when she tweeted this.


Yeah, the Trump Organization run by Donald Trump and his family can develop hotels, resorts, golf courses and residential towers in various parts of the globe.  But one thing is for sure their organization cannot construct a natural wonder like the wondrous Tubbataha Reef.

If Donald Trump Jr. and his supporters will try to challenge or get critical about this post then my middle finger is ready to rise…