Month: June 2011

Narnia is in Pasay

Though considered as the major gateway of the Philippines to the world, Pasay is one of the oldest cities in Metro Manila that has yet to turn around its bad image and reputation.  Mind-boggling traffic… squallid slums and squatters… horrible roads… ambulant vendors with unsanitary eateries… dirty politics… and of course garbage… Name it, my beloved Pasay has it.  This terribly polluted city has yet to change its impression to the public.

But boyoboyoboy, Pasay is where the magical world of Narnia is!  It is specifically located at Newport City Complex right across NAIA Terminal 3.

When you reach this highly urbanized city complex, it feels like walking into the magical wardrobe from a grim surroundings and then whoosh, you stepped into a portal to end up at a totally different spectrum!  It suddenly becomes a fairyland dimension of luxury, of high-end fashion and of lavishly-furnished space.

Me and Karen (my usual tour buddy) just had a delightful experience of a totally different Pasay.  We stayed overnight at the impeccable suite room of Maxims Tower; had sumptuous breakfast buffet at Impressions; had splendid Cantonese dimsum buffet for lunch at Passion; dipped into their elegantly styled infinity pool; drooled over the dazzling array of high-fashioned boutiques; and, won a couple of bucks at the grandiose casino.

with karen and baby : )
the lost siblings of peter, susan, edmund and lucy

We were treated like royalties by the butlers, I thought me and Karen were the missing-but-now-found crowned royal siblings of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy Pevensie in The Chronicles of Narnia.

At dahil dyan, may pag-asa pa ang Eym Hay Pasay…


Blown Away by The Lion King

me & nengkoy inside the sands theatre

I will no longer wonder why The Lion King (Musical) won seven Tony Awards in 1998 including Best Musical and Best Direction of a Musical.  I, Nengkoy and a few of my relatives were able to catch and watch it in Sands Theatre inside the stunning Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

It was actually the event that gave me the reason to journey back and revisit Singapore.  True enough the spectacular theatrical experience never disappointed us.  For a moment a sense of guilt came over me that the other members of my family weren’t there to enjoy the amazing and awe inspiring performance.  How I really wish that I can bring everyone there to see the glorious colors, breathtaking effects and enchanting music.

Aside from the spellbinding music and unbelievable visual stimuli of the set design and costumes, what I particularly like about The Lion King is the simple story line.  It is lighthearted and never preachy.  It does not attempt to move you to tears nor be subjected to an emotional roller coaster ride.  But ironically, the show nearly moved me to tears and gave me a delightful emotional roller coaster ride.  I was happy!  It is nothing but pure fun, genuine giggle and overwhelming enjoyment that would be best felt and experienced with the members of your family.

When the ensemble waved goodbye and the curtain went down right after the show, the uncontrolled words I uttered were… “I’m blown away!”

Peyborit ko yung dyirapi!!!

Greet Me

To all the highly astute readers of this blog, I am here to shamelessly demand for the single and most precious thing you can ever give me other than you first-born child, your PIN code to your ATM savings account card, or your virginity.

Nengkoy – The Blog recently celebrated its 5th year anniversary! It only means that I have been sharing and writing a little piece of my soul for five long years already and I don’t intend to stop this madness yet.  So to all breathing people who reads this blog: Greet me!

Tenk Yu! Ang kumontra… chaka!

The Boy From Pasay Met The Boy From Oz

I along with Nengkoy and a few members of our family are excited to see the spectacular Lion King – The Musical in Singapore this coming weekend.  But before I write, praise or critique this tuneful show, let me reminisce the experience I had watching an enjoyable musical which, I fortunately saw when I was in Sydney a couple of months ago.

me inside capitol theatre in sydney

Australia’s iconic stage musical The Boy From Oz had a limited run at the Capitol Theatre in Sydney.  I and my friends were auspicious enough to have caught it.  The two-week run featured the amazing Todd McKenney who reprised his role as the legendary Peter Allen.  It was like watching Lea Salonga reprising her original role of Kim in Miss Saigon.

I did not expect too much from this musical but the spectacular show and the main character’s perfect high-kicks with poise and precision captured the bright spirit in me.  I was actually silently singing along while the show was running because almost all popular mainstream Peter Allen compositions were featured – Don’t Cry Out Loud; I Honestly Love You; Everything Old Is New Again; and, I’d Rather Leave While I’m In Love.

But personally the song I enjoyed most was not sung by McKenney but instead sung by the young Peter Allen played by Blake O’Leary entitled When I Get My Name In Lights.  While hearing the young thespian brilliantly sang and impressively struts his feet on the stage, it made me realize that I would definitely enjoy watching the rest of show as it progress.

The three Aussie friends I was with – Jesse, Jericho and Joesel – turned amazed and felt the ultimate Australian pride when the song I Still Call Australia Home was performed.  I could actually feel rare goose bumps were swelling out from their goose bumps.  While the same song was being sung by the ensemble and the high-spirited audiences were singing along, I on the other hand went so vulnerable for I wanted to rush to the nearest embassy to process the immediate conversion of my citizenship from gorgeous Pinoy to audacious Australian.  Good thing I did not have the time since I wanted to see how the story would end.

In a nutshell, the show was great, fantastic and very enjoyable.  I, the boy from Pasay had a pleasant experience seeing and meeting the Boy From Oz.

Aym impresd!!!

Sink Your Teeth on Apol Mabini’s Decalogue

Today is Independence Day in the Philippines.  It’s the day we Pinoys commemorate the day when total autonomy, liberty and freedom of our country against foreign rule was declared.  It is also one of those days of the year when Pinoys would discuss on who should be the country’s National Hero.  Some recognize that it is Rizal, some agrees that it is Bonifacio, some opines that it is Aguinaldo while others rant that it is the father of Kris Aquino.

But today let me personally mark my respect to one of the understudied men responsible in providing me freedom.  He is Apolinario Mabini, the guy whose name was adopted by a popular singing Pinoy trio two or three decades ago.

A lot of people including myself have high regard to people with soaring intelligence.  Apolinario Mabini is one of those few Pinoy personalities.  I like this dude because he lived a humble life and his existence were not laced with issues and controversies of motives of self interest (like that of Bonifacio, Aguinaldo, Aquino and even Rizal).

Today being Pinas’ Independence Day let me allow everyone who stumbled upon this write-up to sink his or her teeth onto Manong Apol’s genius writing entitled The True Decalogue.

First. Thou shalt love God and thy honor above all things: God as the fountain of all truth, of all justice and of all activity; and thy honor, the only power which will oblige thee to be faithful, just and industrious.

Second. Thou shalt worship God in the form which thy conscience may deem most righteous and worthy: for in thy conscience, which condemns thy evil deeds and praises thy good ones, speaks thy God.

Third. Thou shalt cultivate the special gifts which God has granted thee, working and studying according to thy ability never leaving the path of righteousness and justice, in order to attain thy own perfection, by means whereof thou shalt contribute to the progress of humanity; thus; thou shalt fulfill the mission to which God has appointed thee in this life and by so doing, thou shalt be honored, and being honored, thou shalt glorify thy God.

Fourth. Thou shalt love thy country after God and thy honor and more then thyself: for she is the only Paradise which God has given thee in this life, the only patrimony of thy race, the only inheritance of thy ancestors and the only hoe of thy posterity; because of her, thou hast life, love and interests, happiness, honor and God.

Fifth. Thou shalt strive for the happiness of thy country before thy own, making of her the kingdom of reason, of justice and of labor: for if she be happy, thou, together with thy family, shalt likewise be happy.

Sixth. Thou shalt strive for the independence of thy country: for only thou const have any real interest in her advancement and exaltation, because her independence constitutes thy own liberty; her advancement, thy perfection; and her exaltation, thy own glory and immortality.

Seventh. Thou shalt not recognize in thy country the authority of any person who has not been elected by thee and thy countrymen; for authority emanates from God, and as God speaks in the conscience of every man, the person designated and proclaimed by the conscience of a whole people is the only one who can use true authority.

Eighth. Thou shalt strive for a Republic and never for a monarchy in thy country: for the latter exalts one or several families and founds a dynasty; the former makes a people noble and worthy through reason, great through liberty, and prosperous and brilliant through labor.

Ninth. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself: for God has imposed upon him, as well as upon thee, the obligation to help thee and not to do unto thee what he would not have thee do unto him; but if thy neighbor, failing in this sacred duty, attempt against thy life, thy liberty and thy interests, then thou shalt destroy and annihilate him for the supreme law of self-preservation prevails.

Tenth. Thou shalt consider thy countryman more than thy neighbor; thou shalt see him thy friend, thy brother or at least thy comrade, with whom thou art bound by one fate, by the same joys and sorrows and by common aspirations and interests.

Therefore, as long as national frontiers subsist, raised and maintained by the selfishness of race and of family, with thy countryman alone shalt thou unite in a perfect solidarity of purpose and interest, in order to have force, not only to resist the common enemy but also to attain all the aims of human life.

This masterpiece is so significant and is substantially applicable up to this date.  It seems that this composition is breathing and has a life of its own.  I hope that this is discussed to all young students of this present “free and independent” generation.

No wonder, American General Arthur McArthur (not Douglas) is so impressed with this dude, that he acknowledged him as a true Malay genius with views that are far more comprehensive than any other living Pinoy of his time.  I’m pretty sure if Mabini is living today, he would have been one damn great blogger!

Ipapalow ko din ang Tweets nya kung nagkataon!