Lighting Candles

Not regularly going to church to attend the Holy Mass is something that I am not definitely proud of.  But aside from dipping my index and middle finger in a bowl of Holy Water upon entry and exit, the other thing I love doing when inside a Catholic Church is lighting up candles.

candles i lit in baclaran church in the middle of the night

candles i lit in baclaran church in the middle of the night

That is why every time I have the sweet opportunity to light candles inside a church, I always light five of it.  One for me, one for Nengkoy and Joe, one for my beautiful family, another for my friends and colleagues while the last one is for the one whom I have patiently been waiting for.

For me, lighting up candles is like toting up an interactive medium towards one’s prayer.  One does not simply say a prayer instead such request, petition, gratitude, supplication or wish are conveyed to the heavens with a cool and funky symbolism.


The Grand Symphony of Beauty of The Grand Budapest Hotel

the grand budapest hotel

the grand budapest hotel

Can a film be at the same time funny, exciting, intelligent, poetic, violent, colorful and absurd? The answer can be found in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel.  It is because all these elements are present in this brilliant movie.

Ralph Fiennes character of Gustave H, the hotel’s superstar Concierge is such a joy to watch. He imbibes sophistication in his acting in which humor, action and drama were all mixed up in such a perfect balance.  Aside from the great Fiennes, the film also boasts of master cameo performances by that of Adrien Brody, Willem Defoe, Bill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, Edward Norton, Owen Wilson, Jude Law, Tilda Swinton and a lot more.  Presence of these superstars would definitely elicit giggles from the viewers by their mere simple recognition in the movie.

the visuals were simply brilliant

the visuals were simply brilliant!

Because of the gorgeous colors, the engrossing story, the stunning visuals and the array of actors with bits of roles in the story, the movie feels like I was walking through one fantastic and extraordinary music video.  I was like transported to the eloquent 1930s Europe of a different universe without the jet lag.

Aside from all these elements, what I particularly would like to rave about the movie are the well-crafted sparkling dialogues.  Spoken especially by the engaging Gustave H.  The set of words spoken by Gustave are like pieces of art works hanging in a museum.  He can be very eloquently composed and can also be uproariously agitated.  And because of his difficulty from balancing his temperament he ends up being sophisticatedly hilarious!

To prove my point here is the dialogue, a letter in fact, written by Gustave H to his colleagues of the hotel when he was at the confines of a prison:

My dear and trusted colleagues,

I miss you deeply as I write from the confines of my regrettable and preposterous incarceration.  Until I walk amongst you again as a free man, the Grand Budapest remains in your hands, as does its impeccable reputation.  Keep it spotless, and glorify it.  Take extra-special care of every little bitty bit of it as if I were watching over you like a hawk with a horse-whip in its talons, because I am.  Should I discover a lapse of any variety during my absence, I promise swift and merciless justice will descend upon you.  A great and noble house has been placed under your protection.  Tell Zero if you see any funny business.

Your devoted Monsieur Gustave

The dialogues were so incredibly sharp, rich, witty and completely brilliant.  In fact, because of the clever use of words in the dialogues, this is one of the few movies which would be worthy to be seen with subtitles.

No doubt, the Grand Budapest Hotel is one grand symphony of beauty.  I truly enjoyed it!

May oskar ‘to. Pihado ko.

Applause for Nick the Gardener

bill reilich also know as nick the gardener

bill reilich also know as nick the gardener

I know how much it takes to achieve a hot gorgeous body.  It doesn’t only take few exercises and a good set of genes.  It takes a lot of physical workouts, a pretty good knowledge about concepts of human musculature and isometrics, good knowhow about nutrition and of course loads and loads of time, sacrifices and attitude.  And once you achieved your goal you must not stop.  It again takes loads of what I just enumerated to maintain it.

That is why I praise and applause all those human beings who were able to achieve their physical goal and successfully maintains it.

Just like Nick the Gardener.  Here’s an enjoyable clip when powerful Ellen pushed for Nick to be included in a Hollywood movie.

I have not seen the movie Magic Mike.  But after that, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if he got at least a small part in the movie.  And because of this, it looks like there will be a pretty good chance that I will be watching the sequel.

Nick the Gardener must have worked so hard to achieve that.  Good for him!

klap! klap! klap!

Best Basketball Cheering Squad

gilas pilipinas fans

sis-boom-ba! (photo from Gilas Pilipinas Facebook page)

Long hours of grueling drill and practice is not needed to be acclaimed as one.  Rehearsals would virtually be impossible if it would involve the whole population of a nation.  What’s simply needed is the devoted and enthusiastic ‘heart’ of everyone.

I am talking about the Philippines being awarded as the Most Valuable Fan – Best Country category in the recently concluded FIBA Basketball World Cup held in Spain.

I guess this is the first time in more than a lifetime that organizers of FIBA Basketball World Cup saw for themselves, how Filipino fans cheered in full thrill and hysterics.  I am supposing that these organizers do not watch the annual Ms. Universe pageant where Filipino viewers would elicit similar fits of frenzy and hysteria.

Considering that at the start of the game, it has been predicted that the Philippines will most likely not gonna win any game, I was not surprised that still cheering was like a party for every Philippine game.  This is simply because Filipinos are mad about basketball.

FIBA officers must have been told that the cheering shindig does not only happen inside the venue.  The immeasurable passion of the Filipinos are present at every household in the Philippines making the country deserving such an award.  The recognition actually seem so hollow and futile that other countries must be laughing at us because of such a silly consolation.  Yet I and my fellow noisy bunch of Filipinos feels so proud and honored.  This is simply because we are so in love with the sport.

O ayan! Stan ap en teyk a baw…

Whipped By A One-Eyed Monster

One of the luxuries which I would really like to do is travel.  It simply brings a different level of joy and happiness.  The experience is definitely an intangible that no one can rob or steal away from you.   That is why when I saw this video via, it felt like my body was being smashed and my spirit was being whipped by a one-eyed monster called ‘envy’.

How I wish I have the loads of opportunity and the luxury of time to do all those stuff that this guy has done and experienced. I’m pretty sure his soul is so full to the brim.

And since travelling entails plump amount of dough, as a retaliation to this one-eyed monster, I simply settled with the thought that ‘if the grass is greener at the other side of the fence, you can bet their water bill is higher’

Balang araw… balang araw…

Rattled by Bench, Pacified by Meghan

It is again the season when sizzling hot sexy bodies of the human species – photoshopped or genuine – would bombard almost all forms of media.  No thanks to the upcoming denim and underwear mega-produced fashion show entitled The Naked Truth of a local clothing brand Bench (set on Sep 19 at the SM Arena).

Those pretty damn photos released on all visual forms of media make me feel like a wrecked low-class yappy loser.  It’s like those photos are voicing out a soundless question “What happened to you?”  They are so gorgeous it actually hurts to look at them!  Here’s a couple of (still subtle) photos which I grabbed from the B/Blog on website.

even the 'go-see' event was a huge one

even the ‘go-see’ event was a huge one



so gorgeous, it hurts to look at them

so gorgeous, it hurts to look at them! Hahaha!

But all these feelings simply fades away every time I hear the pop and somewhat throwback rock & roll track ‘All About That Bass’ by Meghan Trainor.  I feel so boosted everytime I would sing along with Meghan the portion of the lyrics that says, “Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top”.

This song I guess will never be played on a fashion run way.  That is why let this song be my paralyzing message to all those eye-catching Bench models with such stunning corpus. Here’s a fun fun version with Jimmy Fallon and friends…

Pampalubag loob.

Purchased A Piece of Philippine Pop Rock Music History

I don’t remember when was the last time I purchased a magazine or a CD for myself.  This is because these items are slowly waning and fading away from the realms of present humanity.  These are soon to be extinct.

This is due to the ever growing popularity of the reliable internet where everything that everybody seem to need is available.  Today’s magazines are already easily available online in the form of blogs, e-zines or webzines.   While songs can easily be purchased and downloaded via iTunes, Amazon MP3 or Google Music.

But last Sunday, I know that I just got to have these soon-to-be-inexistent stuffs.  However, with such a purchase, I have yet to establish if I purchased a magazine with free CD or if I purchased a CD with free magazine.  Whichever freakin’ way you may want to put it, one thing is for sure, I have with me a cool piece of Philippine pop rock history.

a soon-to-be-precious-collectible

a soon-to-be-precious-collectible

I’m pretty sure this magazine with enclosed complimentary CD or a CD contained inside a free of charge magazine will – in a couple of decades – be considered a valuable collectible.  This is because these incorporated items enfolds the reemergence of one of the greatest Filipino bands of this country, the Eraserheads.

CD containing "Sabado" and "1995", the two news songs of eraserheads

CD containing “Sabado” and “1995”, the two new songs of eraserheads

a very interesting read

a very interesting read

As a proof that I am breathing fanatic, here’s a six year old post I wrote in the past.  Press this link: ERASERHEADS