Donya Ina

donya ina, photo grabbed from the facebook page

donya ina, photo grabbed from the facebook page

Donya Ina is the newest anti-social media monster – at least here in the Philippines – whom ironically everybody loves.  According to her Facebook fan page which was conceived only 11 days ago, she has already generated 277,209 likes (including me).

Everybody loves Donya Ina because her opinions and advises about the ills of putting ridiculous posts on social media is in a form of satirical lampoon that leads to the highest form of laughter.  Her intelligent insults and offensive yet clever attacks about stupid acts people do on social media is something to be pondered about.

The way a potter would center the clay on his wheel, Donya Ina is sharp and straightforward yet funny about the painful truth. She would not hesitate in making you realize that you made a complete and utter ass of yourself.

Think about it, how much do you really gain from going on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?  I’m pretty sure it’s not much.  But Donya Ina doesn’t say that we should stop using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram since these has become vital parts of our day to “connect” with other people.  However, she is the virtual life form who intellectualizes in a hilarious mode about how pathetic we look by trying to make ourselves cooler than we really are on the internet.

And what is so good about Donya Ina is that even though she is cantankerously grumpy she just wants to impart her astuteness and her maternal love to all her “anak” (children) in the internet world, because at the end of her every clever and analytical oration she would ask you to explain what you just did yet need not want an answer.  And would rather end up your conversation by saying… Labyu (love you).

Labyu tu Donya Ina…

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