Month: June 2012

I Can Still Be A D&G Supermodel

Right inside the comforts of my bedroom I was able to watch some of the fashion shows of the 2013 summer and spring men’s collection of notable fashion icons recently held in Milan, Italy.  Thanks to FatalefashionII for posting the videos on YouTube.

I was able to catch the reemerging Jil Sander whose collection was hip, young yet seem square in structure.  Donatela Versace was floral, bling-bling-based and seems Pacquiao inspired.  Ermenegildo Zegna’s collection was clean, slick and sharp.  Burberry was interestingly donned with metallic tones and highlights.  Salvatore Ferragamo was excitingly fun and colorful it reminded me of the shades of M&Ms and Skittles.  Calvin Klein’s collection was monotone, flat and minimalist in nature.

All their respective 2013 collections were very cohesive which I suppose would be a disadvantage.  It’s too cohesive that the pieces seem to look repetitive.  You wouldn’t want to own the whole collection.  Having only a single pair of shoes, a shirt, a coat and pants seem enough.  Wearing on two or three ensembles is like foolishly acquiring two identical shirts or pants at the same time.

But the most compelling among the men’s line for next year was that of the collection of Dolce & Gabbana.  It was fun, hip, relaxed and looks ‘presko’ (cool to the body).  It was unpretentious yet seems adventurous.  It was an easy collection yet well thought of.  You would want to own a wide range of their designs.  It is because the cohesiveness is not based the similarity of colors or structures of the design but instead influenced by the people of a specific a place and culture (i.e. Sicily).

Unfortunately, majority of the comments in FatalefashionII’s D&G runway video were negative.  They say that it was a total disaster and disappointment.  But I beg to disagree. One commendable factor about the clothes presented is that one need not possess the beefcake model-like built and bodily structure to wear those designs.  It is actually evidenced when the models commissioned by the designers who strutted on the runway were non-models and instead ordinary citizens of Sicily.

According to some fashion news, D&G tapped Sicilian men whose age range is from 13 to 43 years old to model their 2013 Summer & Spring Collection.  Hey!  I am still within that age range!

Because of D&G’s fierce move of appointing common citizens of a certain place and culture to strut the runway to model their collection for a specific fashion season, this actually gave me glimmer of hope that one day I would be able to strut the runway modeling for a top notch fashion icon.

On a personal note, I actually have been wearing D&G everyday around three or four years ago.  This is not because I was able to amass massive number of D&G clothes but because my fragrance during that time was D&G.

Pasosyal naman mashado ang powst na ‘to!


Nengkoy Blog: 6th Year Anniversary

According to my dubious computation based on the mathematical formula of space-time distortion combined with quantum mechanics, the total number of posts in this blog since the time it started is actually equivalent to a very short period of time as compared to an average yet more popular blog.

Putting it in simple words, the number of posts in this blog is too few.  Reason? The only time I post a piece of writing is when my leisure time has a leisure time.

Still and all, I am proud that this blog managed to reach considerable years of existence.  Today, June 20, 2012 Nengkoy (blog) is six years old!

me & nengkoy with 6 reindeers…
each reindeer represents a year of this blog

Let me thank all those who looks forward in reading a post in this blog; those who clicked the “like” button at the end of each post; those who took time in writing a “comment” at the comments section; and, those who cared to follow this blog.  You just don’t know how delighted I am every time “interactive” occurrences happen in this piece of blog.

Thanks and happy reading!

Anim na taong kalokohan, ka-engotan at kaartehan… Salamat! : )


Authentic Caviteño Dishes

According to an article in Bites on Today, Andrew Zimmern predicts that come 2014 Filipino food is the next big thing in America.  While we wait for this prediction to finally be realized let me inform all those who will have the chance to come across this blog that an authentic and heavenly set of Filipino cuisine does exist in Cavite City.

Last Wednesday I had the awesome opportunity to dine and try out a number of delightfully genuine Caviteño dishes served in Asiong’s Carinderia.  Located at 719 P Paterno Street, Caridad, Cavite City, Asiong’s serves Filipino dishes that I have never seen nor tasted before.

I never claimed to be the last arbiter of Filipino food but the following notable Caviteño dishes can exclusively (I suppose) be found in Asiong’s:

  • Pancit Pusit (vermicelli noodles cooked in squid ink and squid meat topped with crunchy chopped fresh kamias fruit),
  • Asiong’s version of Kilawin (shredded fish meats with julienne cut green papaya and shredded cabbage soaked in strong vinegar sauce),
  • Asiong’s version of Inihaw na Bangus Binusog (grilled stuffed boneless milkfish whose surprising stuffing includes salted eggs, chopped tomatoes, leeks and onions)
  • Bagoong Na Itlog Ng Isda (fish roe in palm or olive oil which I suppose is Cavite’s answer to caviar cultivated in the Caspian Sea, which is best eaten when mixed into a bunch of hot cooked rice)
  • Adobong Pula (a Filipino-style pork stew in reddish brown sauce – which I failed to ask what was placed to turn the sauce reddish)
  • Tamarind Halaya (sioupy tamarind jam with milk, best eaten as a topping for vanilla ice cream),
  • Leche Flan (a rich all egg yolk crème caramel, I think with fresh pandan extracts – a tropical plant’s leaves widely used in Southeast Asia as flavoring)

All these divine dishes were washed down into my tummy by drinking a refreshing Asiong’s version of lemonade (a mixed juice containing fresh lemon and Filipino tropical fruit called kamias with organic extracts of moringa and lemon grass).

After dining and while my tastes buds were still clapping and shouting “Bravo!” I had the rare opportunity to talk to the owner Sonny Lua.  I asked him how he was able to concoct and formulate simple native ingredients into grand flavors of dishes.  He simply told me that the recipes actually came from his mom and grandmother.  He said that when he was still a child his “tambayan” (a usual place to hang and loiter around their house) was his grandmother’s kitchen.  He was never thought how to cook but by merely observing and trying to recall how he witnessed his mom and grandmother’s way of cooking he was able to reconstruct all these beautiful Filipino dishes.  He also professed that his grandmother was a great cook and frequently prepare these dishes for she was often invited to cook in various banquet functions (weddings, birthdays, fiesta celebrations, etc.) around Cavite City in the olden days.

Ang dila ko ay gustong tubuan ng kamay dahil gusto nitong pumalakpak sa sarap!

Joe’s Boxing Moves – A Father’s Day Special

While the whole world is still trying to figure out how to swallow the bitter reality that Manny Pacquiao lose a fight yesterday to Timothy Bradley, have you ever seen your dad, brother or best friend how they looked like while watching the controversial fight?

Every time there is a key boxing event, I am always reminded of my late father.  In my childhood days during these major events no one in the household could watch anything on TV.  Switching the channel would be like chasing bad luck and adversity. Thus you would have to settle with other forms of entertainment.  But for me my dad is my source of entertainment during these TV boxing episodes.

He is not the commonly overt cheerer type.  He is neither a clapper nor a shouter.  When he watches a fight, he would slightly sway his body from left to right front and back as if he would parry, dodge or deflect an opponent’s punch.  These movements are so faint and subtle you wouldn’t notice it unless you would stare, watch and observe.

That is why every time my father would watch a boxing match I would cunningly observe him.  When his posture and movements would go too obvious, I would laugh out loud.  He would then gently ask me why I am laughing and I would just say nothing and pretend as if I am also watching the match aired on TV.  When he would shift his center of attention back to the fight on TV I would again watch him and laugh out loud once more when his swaying movements would yet again gone too apparent.

Bradley, Pacquiao, Maywheather, Donaire and other pound for pound kings may popularly break through the history of boxing and will eventually retire but Tatay Joe’s eccentric yet barely obvious moves will always remain as the most entertaining to watch during a boxing match.  I of course will forever cherish those treasured moments.

So the next time your dad, husband or brother would watch a boxing match on TV try watching them instead and be entertained!

Ayan, ang siguradong panalo.

Snow White, Heigh Ho & The Classic Kulugo

I have just seen the movie “Snow White and the Huntsman”.  And I must say this is one enjoyable film.  What I like most about the movie is that viewers need not have to bring a lot of brain cells with them inside the theater to comprehend the storyline.  Though the approach of course is modern, it was somewhat still faithful to the iconic fairytale.

I appreciated the director and writer’s improvisation about the character they made out of Snow White.  This is especially true at the latter part of the movie when Snow White – the classic wimpy damsel in distress – stood up and fought for her civil liberties and be the rightful queen of her kingdom.

To add to this appreciation, the movie is so pleasant it featured four magically engaging beauties (Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth and Sam Claflin).

However, here are my silly, absurd and bugged out observations…

First, I was in utter disbelief that Kristen Stewart casted as Snow White could actually beat the stunning beauty of Charlize Theron in any beauty contest in real life.  For the movie to be more believable, the casting director should have not chosen Theron to play the role of Queen Ravenna for it would be too difficult to find an actress who would play the role of Snow White.  When the creature inside the “mirror, mirror on the wall” told Charlize that Kristen is “the fairest of them all”, I wanted to shout inside the theater and tell that silly creature, “C’mon! That is such a lie!”

Second, I was a bit disappointed when the classic anthems in the classic Snow White movie were not performed.  I would have appreciated it more if the seven dwarfs sang “Heigh Ho” and Snow White belted “Someday My Prince Will Come” when they were at the Sanctuary, The Land of the Fairies. The adults inside the theater who grew up in the era of the classic Disney version for sure are actually waiting for these numbers.

Third, I know that that the costumes, the production design and the make-ups of all characters were very impressive.  The visual effects were actually beyond my comprehension.  I can say it’s the fairest of them all.  However, I failed to see the humongous “kulugo” (wart) on the nose of the wicked Queen Ravenna when she was turning into an old ugly witch.  In the classic cartoon version, the wicked witch’s facial wart is so prominent you would be too stupid to miss it!

May pagnanasa pala si Isno Wayt kay Mayti Thor!