Month: June 2014

2014 FIFA World Cup Best Jersey Goes To…

While everyone has gone so gaga on cheering for their favorite team at the ongoing FIFA World Cup, let me extend the biggest applause to the team with the most worthy jersey design.  I know that design wise, athletic uniform companies has not much can do.  But when they come up with awesome designs, it would of course worthy to be praised about.

viva argentina!
viva argentina! (ezequiel lavezzi & lionel messi)

Argentina is my favorite team to win in the World Cup this year.  Though team Argentina sports the most classic design (the iconic blue and white stripes), for me the best uniform this year goes to Team Ghana.

Best In Costume!
Best In Costume!

ghana jersey

I chose Team Ghana’s uniform because of the stylish neckline inset.  It is so remarkable!  The use of Kente cloth design which is indigenous native patterns of their country is so smart. This subtle tribute as done by Puma gives you a deep-seated feeling of pride and passion for the country that you represent.  Aside from paying homage to the rich culture of Ghana, another unique feature of this print design is that it beautifully frames the wearer’ face.

Team Ghana may unlikely to clinch the coveted trophy but still their jersey is undeniably true fashion worthy.

Manalo, matalo, best in kostyum kayo mga ‘tol!   


A Museum On My Mobile Phone

the first piece of art that appeared on my device
the first piece of art that appeared on my device

“It feels like having a new mobile phone every day!”

This is what I generally feel every time I am surprised by the daily changes that happens to my phone’s wallpaper. Thanks to the mobile app Muzei (a Russian word meaning museum).  Every day my phone home screen is automatically refreshed with works of art.

I really love the app’s classy concept.  It’s so simple yet so unique.  It’s the coolest way if you happen to be dealing with mobile-phone-homescreen-fatigue.

I am so happy and amazed by this clever app, I even bragged and announced this app to my co-workers during one of my lectures.   This well done app can also optionally educate you.  If you wish to know about the description of the featured art piece you simply click on the title.  Then you will be directed to a wiki entry on the internet for the information.

2014-06-08-19-24-34 (1280x720)


he was a popular russian opera singer...
he was a popular russian opera singer…

I have always believed that pieces of great works of art are the food for the people’s soul.  Thus, this awesome app simply does that for me.  Besides, you don’t want your “ulam” (viand) to be the same “ulam” every day. Right?

This is easily the best wallpaper you can put on your device!

Hayli rekomended!

An Okay Eight Years

This blog has not put healthy food on the tables of poor families neither has it placed a roof on the top of their heads.  Others actually find these writings a big BS. But I am proud to convey that this blog today has been running for eight years already.

It initially ran for three years under Friendster (an extinct tacky social media site) and then transferred to five years ago.

I know that the pieces of writing that I have done for the last eight years are just but okay.  Those are not remarkable neither awesome posts.  But being okay is still remarkably and awesomely fine.  Besides, not all people had the chance to chronicle their life’s snippets, encounters and experiences the way I just did for the past 8 years.

walong pampa-swerte (8 lucky charms)
walong pampa-swerte (8 lucky charms)

I really don’t know if this blog is aligned with my soul’s purpose and how this blog will be to me in the future.  It has never been that clear.  Although I wish it would, I am not expecting such vividness will come that soon.

But what is so imperative about this blog is that it has been a truthful expression of myself.  It may not have maxed out my being a human being, but nevertheless, this blog has displayed a segment of who I am, what I am and why I am.

To those who found time reading my posts in the last 8 years, let me convey a massive thanks. Though there will still be a lot of spiky attitude, let me promise that in the future, there would be more gratitude.

O sha. Tama na drama. Salamat sa pag basa.

Goto on Father’s Day

yum yum!
yum yum!

Some would sneak out of the bedroom to have a bar of chocolate or a decent pint of ice cream.  Others would have a bag of cookies or even prepare themselves a hearty sandwich.  These are some of the common food chows people eat if they would have a midnight snack.

I never have cravings for a midnight snack, and if I would have one, I would go for a super bowl of “goto”.  I don’t know the English word for goto.  But it’s a hot rice porridge with meat innards (usually ox tripe and intestines) topped with chopped leeks, toasted garlic and a squeeze of the ever versatile calamansi fruit.

Psychology reveals that patterns for adult food choices is based on childhood influences, socio-economic life course and obviously the physiological state of hunger.  I believe on all these three factors.  But my choosing goto as a midnight snack is based on the first.  My childhood influence.  This is basically because of my father.

happy father's day tatay!
a true dad knows how to and not ashamed to do the laundry… happy father’s day tatay!

During my days living in Pasay, my father religiously fetched Nengkoy from work when she would render overtime reaching until the wee hours of night.  Before my parents would head home, they would drop by a goto store to purchase this superb rice soup.

And when they would arrive home, both would wake up all of us (their children, including the maid) so as to enjoy the tasty goto.  Heavy-eyed, lethargic and drowsy, I would slurp a mouthful which would definitely wake me up.  This has become a very long habit of my family in Pasay until my father has gone sick and Nengkoy retired from work.

Now that I am an adult, has lived independently from my family and my father has gone to heaven, today’s Father’s Day I guess would be so nice to have a midnight snack.  Definitely, that would be some big bowl of hot delicious goto.

Happy Father’s Day to everyone…

Ano nga ba inglish sa gowtu?

Leave Your Lover By Sam Smith: A Multi-Faceted Music Video

leave your lover by sam smith
leave your lover by sam smith

The latest single of Sam Smith is entitled ‘Leave Your Lover’.  I so loved the song, because it is something selfish and evil-ish in a way.  Imagine, asking someone to leave a lover for your own gain?  That is so messed up!  Yet, the lyrics though can be perceived egoistic and self-seeking, also exhibits deep sorrow, pleading and yearning.

Aside from the poignant lyrics of the song and the moving rendition of Sam Smith, I am also blown away by the lonely ballad’s music video.

Leave Your Lover music video amazingly navigates the dynamics of friendship that leads to longing for intimate relationship.    But what is so stunning about the video is that the story can be recognized in variety of angles.  It has such a wide spectrum!  Even the last few seconds of the video even adds up to the already complex twist of the three leading characters!

There’s harmony yet jealousy, allegiance yet competition, care yet disregard, joy yet disappointment, and many other irony of life’s circumstances. In terms of socio-sexual context, it can be perceived either as straight, gay, bi-sexual and even polysexual affection.

The compelling video seem to imply that it would be up to the viewer which layer from among the standpoints and feelings of the characters he or she would like to grasp the story from.  It would be for the viewer to decide on how the story would continue and or conclude.  The storyline presented is so complex, it engages you in some deep astute contemplation.  And that is all conveyed brilliantly in 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

Don’t just watch.  Listen!

Masabi nga yan wan op dis deys. Mwahaha!

Adele + Boy George = Sam Smith

my new favorite male singer artist
my new favorite male singer artist

One of my best references to know and be updated about emerging hit songs is my dear nephew Luis.  When I wanna be updated, I would simply ask him what’s his latest music downloads.  He of course would be all but willing to play these songs in his phone.  I then would got to select which ones would I like and ask him to send it to my phone via the ever reliable bluetooth.

Several weeks ago, Luis introduced me to the music of Sam Smith.  After that moment, I was totally hooked on the beautiful music of this British singer.  When Luis first played Sam Smith’s song on his phone, I asked him if the guy was a black artist.  It is because he sounded like a soulful black singer!

When I first saw his video on Youtube, I believed that Sam Smith – with his enormous talent and rising popularity – is an Adele in the body of Boy George.  That Sam Smith would most likely be the offspring in case Adele and Boy George would have a baby.

Kidding aside, since then I got so curious with the body of his works.  I was so impressed by his unique voice, his exceptional vocal range and the stirring lyrics of his songs.  I now got a separate playlist of Sam Smith’s music in my phone.  Songs taken from his debut and sophomore albums.

Here is Sam Smith, my favorite male singer this year!

Ibang bumirit! Simpleng Husay!

Nengkoy’s Movies, Sarah’s Wigs, My Day-Off

nengkoy: a great tagalog movie buddy
nengkoy: a great tagalog movie buddy

Are you the type of Philippine inhabitant who has difficulty looking for a friend whom you can drag to a cinema to watch a Filipino movie?

I am.

Fortunately, I have Nengkoy.  This is because every time I crave to watch a Filipino flick I could easily drag my mother to the nearest movie house.  Aside from her senior citizen discount, what is good thing about Nengkoy is that she doesn’t want to watch any Hollywood movie!

Thus, if I am channeling the “persona of every domestic-helper-on-a-day-off”, she could be a great movie buddy and companion.

In actual fact, I along with a couple of the members of my zany family was with Nengkoy at SM Mall of Asia.  We watched the cheesy movie of Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin entitled Maybe This Time.

maybe this time movie poster (taken from google images)
maybe this time movie poster (taken from google images)

I would not want to be critical and diagnostic on how bad the movie was.  What is good about this types of movies is that you need not bring a lot of brain cells to analyze, digest and comprehend it.  Besides, I had too much thinking and analyzing already.  So in general, I enjoyed it.  I liked it because it gave me a couple of laughs.

Coco Martin was surprisingly comical, diverse and atypical!  But the big revelation was Sarah Geronimo.  The sweet girl can act.   Too bad she no longer sport those ill-fitting wigs she wore in her movies with John Lloyd Cruz.  I miss those atrocious wigs!  The movie could have been more hilarious if she did!

Na relaks naman ako impernes…