Month: October 2011

Happy Halloween 7 Billion Earthlings!

For me the scariest thought in this year’s Halloween is not about the ghosts and spirits that thrive this time of the year.  It is the news that the earth today has 7 billion human beings on it.  That’s how much people messing up Mother Earth.

So for those kids who would knock on my door tonight, I won’t give away any candies for your Trick or Treat tradition.  I would rather give away condoms which you can pass on to your elders later when you get home.

Happy Halloween to all the 7,000,000,000 earthlings!



Human-Energy-Generated Power Plant

People invent because the human mind is always at work.  Brilliant human beings can turn salty sea water to potable drinking water, they invented the mobile phone, the TV, the internet and of course the computer.

While doing my 30-minute thread mill in Slimmers World, I realized that so much human energy is exerted yet wasted when people exercise at the gym.  I have been a gym freak for the past eight years (though my delicious body doesn’t seem to show it!).  I suppose the accumulated energy I have poured into using the thread mill and various gym equipments if converted into electrical volts are enough to run one humongous electric power plant.

I also realized that only if a not-yet-invented gadget that can convert human energy to electric energy be attached to all those gym equipment, this poor country need not allocate a big amount of money in buying oil, coal and gas to supplement the energy needs of its populace.  The converter-gadget should then be attached to the transmission lines towards one or two power generators that will distribute electricity to operate domestic appliances, office equipment and even industrial machineries.

This crazy thought may actually not be farfetched.  Just take the case of various luxury wristwatches available in the market that need not be run by batteries but powered by kinetic energy, i.e. a wristwatch would run perfectly when worn due to constant body movements but would stop when taken off.  My idea I suppose is just of a grander scale.

If this converter-gadget will then be invented, just imagine if this will be attached to the mattresses of all beds of this country’s resorts, hotels and motels.  That would create the biggest power plant in the universe!

Ito ang dulot ng blakong utak at naiinip na matapos ang paglakad sa letcheng tredmil na yan!

The Robot Movie For All Dads

It is not a feel-good-movie but a feel-GREAT-movie!  This is how I perceive Real Steel the robot boxing movie extravaganza starring Hugh Jackman.  I highly recommend this movie to be seen and enjoyed by all fathers for it will make them feel like a young kid again playing with their most favorite toy.

For all those young single adults, you can actually tag along your old man to catch this movie since it can actually represent the ultimate realization of your old man’s dream who at one time in their life was a young kid with rich imagination fancying about robots and action figures.

What I like most about this movie is that it is a toned-down type of Transformers movie.  It’s not a dark robot movie but instead light, fun and visceral.  In Transformers there are scenes where I can hardly discern the robots apart when they fight, unlike in this movie in which the robots even during the action-packed fights can easily be discernable.

Moreover, what I like most about the robots is that they are mere robots controlled by human pilots.  They don’t talk, not percipient and do not have free flowing emotions.  They are essentially like giant toys in which kids can grow deep attachments with.   All in all Real Steel is a real deal of pure enjoyable rugged story with endearing characters along with action-packed bouts of brawling robots. Watchitwatchitwachit!

If my father is only alive, I would definitely treat him to watch this fun and heartfelt movie.  This could have been a great birthday present for Tatay Joe (my father) whose birthday is today.

Grabe ang walang humpay na bakbakan ng mga bakal.

Gaddafi Wardrobe

excuse me boy abunda

Two years ago on my way home to Manila from a holiday in Morocco I personally had the chance to be in Libya.  Too bad it was just for a couple of hours when my plane needs to stop in Tripoli for some passengers to disembark and a new batch of passengers to replace them and go on board heading towards Qatar.

I regret in failing the chance to see Tripoli during that time since that may be my biggest chance on stumbling upon the now dead Libya’s Strong Man, Muammar Gaddafi.  No, I am not a fan nor a supporter of this unstable and eccentric leader.  No way would I support a leader who’s willing to kill his own citizens just to cling on to power. I am actually happy that Libya now is in the verge of a new and beautiful beginning.

Nevertheless, I would sorely miss Gaddafi definitely not because of his regime or oppressive purification laws but because of his flamboyant and vibrantly-colored sense of fashion.  Here are some of the migraine-inducing grandiose razzle-dazzle fashions and ostentatious ornamentations strutted to us by Muammar…

kabog si tito germs
walang panama si mike velarde
nagmistulang boring si obama

Now if I had the chance to own a country, I would only wear either Canali or Armani.

Para syang si Amor Powers na nasa runway!

NAIA should aim to be The Most Honest & Most Caring Airport

With the advent of NAIA being named as the worst airport in the world and with the long over-due plans of improving it, the government neither the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) should not aim for the-now-hideous NAIA to become the best airport in the world.  With the constant improvements in their respective airports done by richer countries, NAIA will never become the best airport in the world.  But instead, MIAA should aim for NAIA to be the most honest and most caring airport in the world.  This goal I guess is more feasible.

Present people working in NAIA seem to have imbibed the distorted culture of corruption, thievery and extortion.  Sorry if I maybe too harsh but that is the image they project.  And that is how I and a lot of travelers perceive them to be.  Not all workers in NAIA, if I may say, are like these but those crooked individuals seem to have effectively impinged everyone.

Because if all people working in NAIA will simply be caring and be honest, everything else will follow like: (i) the sky rocketing 8.5 billion pesos annual collection from terminal fees will be used on where it is supposed to be used, i.e. facilities upgrade and improvement; (3) it will encourage reputable restaurants and boutiques to operate business in the airport; and (iii) a feeling of a more welcomed and more secured 10.5 million passengers that passed through NAIA every year.

I may want NAIA to be grand, luxurious and elegant but for now all I need NAIA to be is simply be caring and be honest.

Sin verguenza mahabaging langit! Umayos ka.

The Super Powers of Anne Curtis

anne curtis

Without doubt, fear and hesitation let me declare that the most powerful human being in the Philippines in this present time is none other than Anne Curtis.  Why?  If Curtis with her enigmatic charm, gorgeous face and drop dead body will just live with her most popular spoken lines on television “I may be a slut, but I’m the best slut in town”, she can easily swoon all the chauvinist public officials (both in politics and in the armed forces) as well as the dirty richest men in the country.  She can effortlessly mesmerize these men to fall unto her prey to instruct them on whatever she may want them to do.

You can never get rid of her in this country.  Curtis nowadays is everywhere.  She’s on the façade of your favorite malls, she’s on the cover of your glossy magazines, she’s on the huge billboards of the major thoroughfares, she’s in the stories of your newspapers, she’s singing on your radio, she’s hosting on TV, and she’s even at the back of your commuter bus.

Ironically, Curtis has yet to be named and ranked #1 as the sexiest Filipina by the most popular male magazine of the land.  Maybe because Curtis has gone beyond just being sexy, Curtis is a goddess.

Nowadays, whatever thing, event or person that Curtis is associated with seems to spell out nothing but success.  Just like the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week which actually became fashionable because Curtis was there.  Riding the metro has also been a hip thing to do after the news broke when Curtis took the train ride twice: to catch the Kylie Minogue concert on time and to report to her TV studio recently.

She was also in the headlines when her photo on a magazine cover smoking a cigarette created a huge buzz among the medical practitioners, in which the issue she shared with was with no less than the prime actress and superstar Nora Aunor.

Unlike Aunor, Curtis can hardly sing.  She actually laughs at herself when she does.  When Curtis sings, people surprisingly stop to listen for it will result to a vivacious laughing moment.  But when she recorded and sold an album it turned multi-platinum.  The last time I heard, people will again catch this lady via her mall shows and mini-concerts all around the metro.

And most recently, to everybody’s surprise, her movie entitled No Other Woman just broke the record for being the highest grossing film in the Philippine movie industry history.  One thing though.  I don’t seem to have the chutzpah to watch this movie and would rather settle to be one of the few souls who failed to see it in a movie theater.  This is because I disagree with the story-line.  Curtis played the role of a mistress while her co-star Christine Reyes played the role of the legal wife who expectedly went on a meltdown, turned sad and miserable but later on fought for the man that she loves.  I disagree with the story line of Christine Reyes going depressed and miserable because for me if a woman learned that her husband’s mistress is Anne Curtis then she must instead celebrate and be in good spirits.  This only confirms that her husband got some impeccable taste.

Anyway, maybe the reason why Curtis is so powerful is because she can project various personas effectively.  She can be highly fashionable, she can be extremely sexy, she can be flirtatious and liberated, she can be subtle and delicate, she can be fun and bubbly and she can be silly yet strong-willed.

Paki-bagayan ang di pagsang-ayon base sa iyong kagandahan.

Madonna in Manila! Wehh???

OMG!!! Madonna the Queen of Pop is on a negotiating table with somebody here in the Philippines!!!  As messaged to me by my good friend Jesse, according to a leaked but unconfirmed itinerary document about the Madgesty’s upcoming world tour next year, Madonna if all things settled will perform here in Manila on May 8, 2012. (press this link to read more about the leak)

To connect an insane dot on this issue, a couple of months back when I along with my co-workers decided to have lunch in SM Mall of Asia we passed by the SM Arena that is presently being built adjacent to SM-MOA.  Dominic (the Operations Manager in the company I’m working for) told me that the arena being built is due to finish early next year and there is a rumor that Madonna is to usher in its grand launch by being the first person to perform in the high-tech structure.  I actually dismissed what Dominic said informing him that I (being a Madonna fan) have yet to hear or read about Madonna planning to have another world tour.

To further connect another freaking dot on this issue, a couple of weeks back my college classmate Karen Batangan posted on my Facebook wall that Madonna is due to hold a concert here in Manila.  When I tried to verify this information, this came from socialite Tim Yap’s tweet.  However, I dismissed this information after knowing that it came from Tim Yap since Tim Yap is not the type of person to be taken seriously.

And to still further connect another bizarre dot in this ever rising rumor or fact is that in recent days, I was able to catch a TV interview of Marvin Agustin who plans and dreams to bring a Madonna-concert here in the Philippines via his Futurement, Inc., the concert-organizing company who produced the recently successful Bruno Mars concert here in Manila.

In case Madonna’s concert will not push through here in the Philippines, this will actually give me a good reason to travel back to Australia to catch one of Madonna’s big nights Down Under.  (Calling on Joesel, paki book mo na ako sa bahay mo on April 2012. LOL!).  This is of course aside from having to catch up again with my dear Aussie friends…

Jusko, jusko, jusko! Eksayting!