Month: October 2006

Fried Coke

Coke Though I rarely drink it, Coke is considered to be the staple drink around the world.  Though being the most popular, Coca-Cola has been criticized for its possible negative effects on health.  It has even spawned a lot of urban myhts like, coke can dissolve a tooth overnight or coke can kill sperms and women who would not want to get pregnant can wash their private part with coke before or after sex.

What is so amazing about this drink now is that in the middle of this year in USA there has been a new food item that has been introduced called "Fried Coke" others call it "Deep Fried Coca-Cola".

Ingredients? A batter (flour milk and egg) mixed with a lot of Coca-Cola syrup, a drizzle of strawberry syrup and a portion of fresh strawberries.  The batter mix will be formed into ping-pong sized balls and are then deep-fried, ending up with munchkin-like donut which are then served in a cup, topped with Coca-Cola syrup and a choice of either a whipped cream with cherry on top or cinnamon sugar.

I wonder what food chain or restaurant in the Philippines would be the first to serve this notoriously sweet stuff…?  The race is on!


Teri Asim & Her Flavorful Text Messages

Terry_2 A lot of Pinoy celebrities confess that they would receive regular text messages from the Pinoy Diamond Star Maricel Soriano.  They would explain that these messages would serve as small but meaningful reminders and would sometimes help them cope with life’s trials.

I can say that I feel the same because I also receive text messages on a regular basis.  It’s not from Maricel Soriano but from a good friend Terry “Asim” Asombrado.  I’ve known Terry for more than 8 years now.  I guess I have always been right on calling her “Terry Asim”.  Not because she smells sour but because she has sent me dashes of flavors on life’s wisdoms through her text messages.

Here’s a dozen of what she sent…

  1. Life holds no promises to what will come our way.  It makes no guarantees over what we get.  It just gives us time to make choices and take chances.
  2. It is wiser not to expect but hope; for in expecting, we meet disappointments.  Whereas in hoping, we invite surprises… and miracles.
  3. Cry for a while but not for a long time… You take goodbyes but keep moving on… Ganyan lang ang buhay sometime huhuhu… but have a countless reasons to hahaha…
  4. Let’s begin the day with a short prayer: “Lord walk with me today.  I have no idea what lies ahead.  Be my guide and strength in all that I do.  For Your Glory.  Amen.”
  5. In life there are three things that can never be retrieved… Spoken words, time passed and neglected opportunities.  So don’t miss them.  Enjoy life!
  6. Quiz given to 200 applicants for a single job… Situation: You are driving along a stormy night.  You passed by a bus stop where you see three people waiting. (1) an elderly woman who’s about to die (2) an old friends who once saved your life (3) the perfect mate you’ve been dreaming about.  Who would your choose knowing there could only be one passenger in your car?  The answer of the one who was hired was: “I would give my car key to my friends and let him take the elderly woman to the hospital.  Then, I would stay behind and wait for the bus with the person of my dreams”.
  7. Six pieces of advice from Iman Ghazali: (1) Closest to us is not family, but death (2) Furtherest from us is not the moon or stars, but time passed (3) Biggest is not the mountain or sun, but your lust/desire (4) Heaviest weight is not the elephant or iron, but responsibility (5) Lightest is neither wind nor feathers, but not praying or delaying it (6) Sharpest is neither knife nr sword, but your tongue.  Think about these words of wisdom…
  8. Most of the things we desire are expensive.  But the truth is the things that really satisfy us are free… laughter, family, true friends and most of all “God’s Love!”
  9. Lately, I learned that friendship is the best relationship.  We may g separate ways, live different lives, believe in different aspects.  Bus as long as we believe we’re friends, we will forever be…
  10. To love is a duty.  To be loved is a gift. To love someone who loves you is an achievement.  To be loved by someone who you love is… Life!
  11. A heart breaking story… The ex-girlfriend confronts the ex-boyfriend.  Ex-girlfriend: “How dare you play our song in your wedding ceremony… How dare you pick my favorite color as your motif… How dare you choose our anniversary date as your wedding date… How dare you look at me before you kiss your wife…” The ex-girlfriend breaks down and cried.  Ex-boyfriend: “Because that’s the last and only way I could pretend that you are my wife”.
  12. "A blessed day" deserves a joyful smile and thanksgiving to the Creator who makes wonderful things happen to wonderful people like you…

Look who’s talking! Watch what your saying Sharon!

Sharon Sharon bothered?  In the news, the Pinoy megastar Sharon Cuneta was being interviewed and is reacting that she has been so bothered by the ongoing news on Metro Manila mayors being suspended left and right.

In the interview Sharon says, "If mayors were found to be corrupt let’s put them in jail not just suspend them.  But make sure of the proofs please."  Look who’s talking!!! Sharon… the loving daughter of the late and former mayor of Pasay City, Pablo Cuneta.

I have written quite a lot already about how bad Pasay is.  I am a living witness on the condition of Pasay since I have been born, raised, presently living and will be laid to rest in this city.  (Yeah, I bought a columbarium space in St. Therese Church near the mega-controversial NAIA Terminal 3 – but will write about it some other time).

I grew up having Pablo Cuneta as my mayor.  Like what it is now, Pasay has been like the way it is… corrupted!  Sharon’s father is no different from these suspended and soon to be suspended mayors.  Everybody knows how corrupted her father was.  It’s just that no one wants to speak-up and dig-out her father’s issues out of respect for the late mayor and for her since everybody’s been so busy being starstrucked with her.

One piece of advice for the megastar on this issue… she should shut the hell up!

Sleazy Mazinger Z

Mazingerz_1 Whatever happened to Mazinger Z?  Mazinger Z is an anime robot that is a contemporary of Voltes V and Daimos.  All these animated android TV programs were shown in the ‘70s.   If my memory serves me right, in the mid-90s the other two that I mentioned were re-released on Philippine TV but not Mazinger Z!

Maybe it’s because Mazinger Z is not as strong as that of the other two.  All I can remember that Mazinger Z can do was to use the laser beams emanating from its eyes plus the rocket punch attack.  It is unlike Voltes V with various ammunitions and Daimos having the superb martial arts skills that can no doubt eradicate the forces of evil into smithereens.

Sayaka I can still recall that because of the limited power of Mazinger Z (he can’t even fly in the initial episodes), he had a number of robot allies.  One of which was Aphrodite A.  This robot had female features and is being run and operated by a girl named Sayaka.  The only ammunition of Aphrodite A is her breast that can be launched as missiles.

A couple of hilarious episodes need Mazinger Z to fly to exterminate a mechanical beast on midair.  For him to go up the air, Aphrodite A needs to release her missile breast and Mazinger Z needs to run after these breasts (I mean missiles) and hold on to it until he’s brought up the air.

Isn’t that silly? Or maybe sleazy!  No matter what, I miss Mazinger Z.

A Book That Contains Nuggets of Wisdom…

Lalaine Legaspi, an officemate and co-manager from the present company I am working with is responsible for introducing a very enlightening book that is worth reading over and over again.  Maybe, she realized that I am such a dickhead of a worker and needs a lot to enlighten.  She persuaded me of reading a book and even let me scrounge and bring home her copy.  But after perusing each page, I just realized that I must own one for me to pick and read whenever I feel like doing.

Book ‘Only The Real Matters’ by Francis J. Kong is a precious laudable reading material that kept me sound and busy last weekend.  This is actually the 4th time that I have completely read the book.  The writing is simple, the stories presented are cleverly uncomplicated and the values expounded are totally not preachy.

A collection of Mr. Kong’s notable essays and vignettes, ‘Only The Real Matters’ presents insightful glimpses of various successes and triumphs of people in the world of business without overlooking the values of Christian living.  It also imparts notable work ethics that every person must possess to be successful at work and life as a whole.

I may not yet be successful but this book makes my elusive common sense… common.

A piece of Madonna’s Heart

I was a bit excited to see on how the adopted kid of Madonna would look like.  There has been news a couple of days ago that she is to adopt a one-year old child from Malawi, an impoverished country in Africa.

When I tried to surf the internet regarding this information, I found out that Madonna adopting a child was nothing but a rumor.  However, I read in other news that Madonna after her very successful world tour this year was in the said country to start her project called ‘Raising Malawi’.  Madonna pledged £1.6 million (that’s 150 million pesos) for this project that will provide food, safe water, shelter and education to the orphaned children on Malawi.


So the rumor nonetheless is still true, it’s just that Madonna is not only adopting one child.  She’s actually adopting the whole children population of one country. 

Ang taray ng lola mo!

Glorified Tsinelas

Tsinelas For more than a year now, everywhere you look, chic Pinoys are wearing the funky looking rubber thong sandals.  This fad has definitely hit the fashion world.  Hollywood celebrities are wearing Havaianas making it so cool to own one.  Other fashion designers would spunk up these sandals by putting beads, buttons and even rhinestones on the thong portion.  But before this silly craze, every rich and poor Flipino has some point in their life have owned and worn a pair of these sandals.

During my childhood days, cool people call it slippers.  Now, trendy dudes and dudettes call it flip-flops.  For me it remains to be called ‘tsinelas‘.  What is so ironic about this craze is if you are to wear tsinelas a couple of years back in malls, in church or go to school people will think that you are broke and can’t afford to buy shoes or sneakers.

Unlike me, I’m sure fashionable conyotics won’t use their expensive glorified tsinelas to whack occasional ipis that crosses their path.