Month: July 2006

The Mesmerizing… Leah Salonga

Lesmiserables A couple of years ago, through my old VHS player, I was able to watch the 10th year anniversary concert of Les Miserables.  It featured the dream cast of selected performers who starred in the musical play.  While watching it, I did not expect that Lea Salonga performed the songs of Eponine.  Watching Lea Salonga in that concert gave me humungous goose bumps.  Her performance sent chills throughout my spine!

Even though I knew that that time she already starred in Miss Saigon and won awards on it, plus a couple of Disney recordings, it made me truly realize that she has been the biggest world-class Filipino artist.

Leasalonga2 There are claims by people who can see and read a person’s past-life that Lea Salonga in her former life was a woman with a pure perfect voice.  It was so enchantingly beautiful that any person who hears it will be hypnotized or set in a trance.  Due to this rare talent she was persecuted because people (in that dark age) thought she was a witch.

In the late 80’s when Lea Salonga was being interviewed by the ‘reyna ng intriga’ Inday Badiday in Eye-to-Eye (there was no Miss Saigon yet – not even the auditions happening here in Manila).  If my memory serves me right, Lea was promoting a movie entitled Pik-Pak-Boom a movie starring her with Lilet and Herbert Bautista.  In the same segment, a fortune teller was present.  In that show, it is not rare for Tita Luds (Inday Badiday) to guest a fortune teller since she’s seems fascinated with the futurity of Pinoy celebrities (yeah! the rumormonger loves a starmonger).  Still In that segment, Tita Luds asked the starmonger what will become of Lea Salonga in the future.  The fortune teller replied that Lea will become a well known personality internationally.  The cunningman added that he is seeing a ‘Miss’ in Lea’s name like that of a beauty queen (Miss World, Miss International, Miss Universe).  Tita Luds commented that she will not be surprised if Lea will become an international beauty queen since the young lady is beautiful and certainly witty.  Lea with a full smile, on the other hand, replies that she doesn’t have any desire of joining a beauty contest!

Lea_salonga A couple of months later, Lea Salonga after a tedious world-wide selection process was chosen to perform the lead role of Miss Saigon in London.

Amazing right?!  I bet Lea Salonga do not remember this interview neither her past-life.


Yippee! People fancy me as their ENEMY!

Yippee Aside from opting for the most excellent and superlative persons as friends (like the ones I have here in Friendster), I have been very careful in choosing my enemy.

It has been considered that an enemy is one of the instruments of an individual’s destiny.  The mere presence of an enemy can actually manipulate, oppress or influence a person’s emotion.  Enemies can control places that you want to go to; they can restrain noteworthy time that you want to spend; or, they can confine how you would like things to be done.

Winner To deem a person as your opponent, a rival or an adversary is to confess that that soul is your equal.  That is why always pick on the winners.  Combating on losers is not only foolish it is also an unappealing refection of one’s self.

Ding ang bato!

Kamikazee Kamikazee, a new pop-rock band in the Philippines recently had a hit which until now is enjoying airplay.  The song is the 4th cut in their ‘Maharot’ CD album.  This musical composition is about an average joe falling in love with a very popular Pinoy superhero Darna.  The song is entitled ‘Narda’, the adolescent country lass when she is not in her Darna personification.  Narda is like Clark Kent in Superman.

This single caught on like wild fire.  Everybody is singing it.  Kids when this piece of music is being played enjoyed belting along.  There was even one episode in ‘Going Bulilit’ (a popular kiddy show in the Philippines) when the young tikes were singing the song in ala music video mode.

The song could have been great it’s just that there seem to be a mistake!  Such mistake is actually disturbing… it contains direct incestuous emphasis.

Ang swerte nga naman ni Ding, lagi ka nyang kapiling

Kung ako sa kanya niligawan na kita

Darna These dim-witted lyrics can’t be! Ding is actually the younger brother of Narda/Darna who usually keeps Darna’s "bato" (the enchanted stone that transforms Narda to Darna when swallowed).

It makes me wonder how come radical first-rate moralists in the Philippines did not in any way react on this heedless song composition.  Maybe they overlooked it or maybe they realized Kamikazee is such a crummy band to whack or maybe they enjoyed the song’s tempo and did not mind Ding shagging his sister.

Can you imagine in case Ding and Narda developed this perverted relationship?  I wonder what Ding would handover Narda next time she calls "Ding ang bato!"

Federer… 2006 king of the grass court

Federer It was only last night that I was able to watch the 2006 Wimbeldon game finals between Sweden’s Roger Federer and Spain’s Rafael “Vamos” Nadal.  It was a big flare!  I am all alone in my unit watching a rerun and yet I was clapping and shouting like crazy in every game point.  The two tennis warriors gave it all. 

Federer2_2 Nadal was in his usual self, being fierce, pulsating and vibrant in every move.  Roger Federer my 3rd most favorite tennis player of all time was just unbeatable (my all time favorite is Ivan Lendl while my second most favorite is Pete “the curly and hairy” Sampras).  Federer was also in his usual self, non-reactive, quiet and calm but stunningly deadly in every shot!  Every time Federer shouts “Come On!!!” I would clap like hell since reactions like this from the 2006 king of the grass court is so rare.

Of course my bet Federer won! Yehey!

The word for the day is… Gemba

I recently read in an article that google is officially now a verb.  This new verb has been included in the 11th edition of Meriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary.  It is defined as: ‘to use the Google search engine to obtain information on the World Wide Web’. 

I wonder when the word ‘gemba’ will make it in any collegiate dictionary.  ‘Gemba’ like google is a verb (or can be a noun) that is starting to make its mark in the Pinoy psyche.  This colloquial-coined word when conjugated would sound as: gumemba, gumegemba and gegemba.

It is defined as a secret activity (usually leisurely in nature) that you need or wants to do but don’t want other mortals to know.  It’s like when a friend ask what are you going to do in the coming weekend and still want to be cool about it, you can respond by saying ‘”May gemba” or “Gegemba”.   It will be up to the listener to form his notion or conclusion may it be something dorky, sleazy or anything regular. 

The exquisiteness of the word ‘gemba’ is that it will automatically quit the listener to ask further for he may create the despicable impression that he is so persistent to know what the undisclosed pursuit actually is.  It actually measures the level of brain contamination, maliciousness or how slutty the mind of the listener is. 

This is also the term that you can smartly use if you have been asked by a soul about a friend’s present goings-on.  You can retort by saying, “Ayon sya, gumegemba!”  Meaning you don’t know.  Moreover, with its side-splitting snarky sound when used, you can be downright funny!

It has its limitations though.  You cannot use the word gemba when responding to your elders or to your significant other (like a spouse or a partner).  This will only spell out trouble since it signifies that you are actually keeping a goofy secret.  Neither can this word be used to your children for they may loose the respect that you have been building up since the day they were born.

Such a short word for a long yet powerful definition!  Halika na! Gumemba na tayo!

Doñas of my time

There has been a shortage of doñas now in the society.  Doñas in the Philippines are very different from the doñas out of it.  Doñas abroad can be just another married woman.  Here in the Philippines they are characterized with colorful traits, persona and qualities.  I have written two notable doñas already in this blog (they are Doñas Aguida and Doña Menang).  However, they are not the only doñas that I grew up knowing.  Except from possessing loads and loads of money, there are no hard rules on the distinct criteria in terms of personal qualities before you could be considered and called a doña.  Maybe from the diva doñas I grew up knowing, you could create these criteria, they are…

  • DOÑA VICTORINA – The Española wannabe with tons of money!  Doña Victorina, one of the most famous and comical characters created by Rizal.  She is well known for her extravagance and whims plus her ambition to Europeanize herself.  An Indio who rejects and denies her true identity in every form, may it be in her looks (from Asian straight brunette to blonde curls matched with European dresses in hot and humid Pinoy weather) or in her language ( a true-blue trying hard Spanish talker with deep Pinoy accent).  She marries a Spanish wimp to have a Spanish sounding name and to put a "de" in her name, thus calling her Doña Victorina de Espadana
  • DOÑA BUDING – Before stand-up comedy became a big hit, there was already Doña Buding.  She is the personification of decadence and arrogance on Pinoy TV.  She is ‘mata-pobre’, snooty and vain but utterly lovable.  Doña Buding is a nouveau riche that me and my sisters patiently wait for to speak-up on Penthouse Live hosted by Pops Fernandez and Martin Nievera.  When it’s her turn to do her monologue, it seems that the world would stop for a while since everybody is listening to the social-climber talking about her out-of-this-world riches, expensive diversions plus the illustrious beings that she has been with while wearing those big shiny rocks of jewelry.  She is a big blast of a laugh!
  • DOÑA DELILAH – The heavy-weighted, overbearing and disapproving mom-in-law of the poor and prudish man, John Puruntong.  Who can forget the famous punch line of this Pinoy archetype mother-in-law, "Kaya ikaw John, magsumikap ka!"  With the exemption to John, Doña Delilah is somebody who’s loving, affectionate and financially caring for her family.  She is the boss of the high-pitched sounding maid named Matutina whose main job is to sweep money in the house of her master.
  • DOÑA AGUIDA and DOÑA MENANG (you can read my previous blog about them)
  • DOÑA PAZ – Not a rich post menopausal baroness from Barangay Pinyahan but an atrocious passenger ship.  She was on her way to Manila when she collided into a cargo vessel carrying barrels of oil.  The news featured a blazing annihilation of the two ships in the middle of the sea from which it was virtually impossible to escape.  It was coined the worst maritime disaster ever.  The mournful yet far-famed Titanic’s casualities are only more that 1,500 but Doña Paz’s inferno claimed more than 4,000 mortals.  Many of the innocent victims were families on their way home for Christmas holiday.


F is a letter that is not formerly incorforated in the Filifino alfabet.  F is a deceftive letter for it fuzzled and ferflexed a lot of Finoys on enunciating it froferly.  With the unimfresive decline of Finoys sfeaking the English language and still fancying and asfiring to resonate like a ferson who can sfeak it, a lot of exfressive Finoys would refeatedly utter the F way reflacing the unfortunate letter P.

Sfeaking in this fashion requires the listener to fossess a nafkin to mof-uf his face due to the sfits sfayring and sfewing from the stufid sfeakers mouth.

One frofound frofosition for those feofle with this froblem… flease fronounce your P froferly esfecially whem sfeaking in fublic.  You can fractice by reading a frose or a foem at the airfort!