Month: October 2012

My Delusions for LRT 1 Extension

In the news last week, it was announced that 4 final bidders for the Php 60-billion Light Rail Transit (LRT 1) Cavite extension project are among the biggest business groups in Asia.  While I was reading the news it was funny for I was wondering what the extended LRT 1 line would be like in the future being based and predicated upon by who among the bidders would be chosen.

One of the final bidders is the tandem of Metro Pacific investments and Ayala Group, owners of Smart and Globe telecommunications respectively.  Would this mean that in case this rare tandem wins the bid there would be free wi-fi inside the train? And since these business empires own ABC 5 tv station and chic malls respectively, would there be days when showbiz personalities be assigned as kaheros and kaheras (cashiers) while the riding public can shop for trendy garments and dine elegantly inside the train?

What about the other builder, that is, SMC Infra Resources, the owner of San Miguel?  Would this mean there would be free bottle of San Mig Light beer or a complimentary grilled Purefoods hotdog on stick for the riding public if they buy stored-value tickets?

Another bidder is the tandem between Malaysia’s MTDC and South Korea’s Samsung.  Would this mean, there will be a promo in which the biggest LRT spender/rider will have the chance to win a free trip to Malaysia and Korea?  And what about not allowing IPhone users to ride the LRT 1 extension since it will be constructed by Samsung?  Would a Samsung cellphone’s Contactless Payment feature through its NFC (near field communication) chip be utilized in paying for your train ride? Imagine, having your Samsung phone simply touching an NFC payment reader and you are allowed access and entry inside the train?

Lastly, there’s the DMCI Holdings, one of the most reliable residential construction company of this country.  Would there be a promo for the train-riding public of having a chance to win elegant fully-furnished houses in one of the lush residences of Metro Manila whom they developed?

I know that these are too farfetched.  And I know that I am nuts.

By the way, my first train ride was the old LRT 1 line that stretched from Baclaran to Monumento during the early 80’s.  Nengkoy (my mother) tagged me along one weekend to ride this electric-operated train, the first in Metro Manila.  During its first few months of operation the Marcos regime decided that the fare would be free and complimentary for the citizens of the metro to get the feel on how safe it was.  During those naïve and inexperienced era, the Manila citizenry had the notion and misconception that you could get electrocuted when you ride the new train since it is run by electricity.

Still by the way, when Nengkoy and I reached Monumento we entered Jackman store in Caloocan to buy a piece of payong (umbrella) then went back again to Baclaran still via the LRT.  That was one of my most exciting train rides.



A Message From Paula Cole

I own two CD albums of Paula Cole.  Until now the resonating range of her voice and magical lyrics in these CDs is a common sound inside my house.  From time to time, I would search for Paula Cole music on Youtube and without missing a single line of the songs, I would sing along.

Dawson’s Creek hit soundtrack I Don’t’ Wanna Wait, three-time Grammy nominated song entitled Where Have All The Cowboys Gone, the upbeat I Believe In Love and the sexy Feelin’ Love are some of her hits.  But my two most favorite Paula Cole songs would be the chilling Nietzsche’s Eyes (which I have written about more than a year ago, press this link – Wailing Woman In My Room) and of course the excruciating I’m So Ordinary.

Today, I received a personal message from Paula Cole through my e-mail account.  It is a thank you note from Paula after I have pledged in helping her produce her next indie-album entitled Raven via

Dear Neil,

 Thank you very much for your pledge! So appreciated.

 Your contribution makes Raven possible and makes our team a success. Please continue to share the link, the word, the enthusiasm so that friends will know too.

 Warm wishes, 


I pledged because I miss the Paula Cole music and I would definitely be looking forward to listening to her next album.  Peace out!

Aktwali, prends na kami ni Mareng Pawla…

I’m Now A Samsung Fan

I am bitten by a bug called Samsung.  Last week I posted on my Facebook that I want a Samsung Galaxy Note II for my upcoming birthday.  Actually, I have yet to own a Samsung gadget but nevertheless the first and only Samsung unit I purchased is actually not a gadget but a huge refrigerator as a gift for Nengkoy.  Today, after having chanced upon an adorable Thai short-film entitled “Love at First Flight“, I can officially say that I am a Samsung fan.

Love at First Flight is a 30-minute Samsung commercial-ad-cum-romantic-comedy movie.  The story, the Thai actors and the plot are sooo cute. The movie is such a bastion of pure charm.  It would be pretty hard not to purchase yourself a Samsung gadget after watching this…

No wonder Samsung is the best selling electronic gadget of our time.  And it looks like Samsung’s virtual ship has sailed and is watching how Apple gets smaller and smaller who’s standing on the shore punching its fists up in the air…

Ang kyut noh…

Ironing Board Cover: A New Pinoy-LV Merchandise

Louis Vuitton is known to be an irrationally expensive leather bag.  The most expensive LV bag so far is actually equivalent to a fully furnished 1-bedroom condo unit here in the Philippines.  LV actually has diversified in terms of its products.  They no longer just vend eclectic leather goods.  They also sell timepieces, accessories, apparels, shoes, fine jewelry and even luxurious condoms.

lv condom (is this haute couture?)

After looking into the website of genuine and authentic LV, their fashion house actually has yet to feature one product that is however already circulating here in the streets of Metro Manila.  It’s the LV Ironing Board Cover!

a new pinoy-lv merchandise (available only in the streets of metro manila)

I purchased myself a piece and replaced the old and grubby cover of my 10-year old ironing board.  It snugly fits the wooden plank and gives a perfectly smooth and even ironing surface because of the triple-layer construction.  What’s more, unlike the usual LV merchandise, it’s cheap.  The toothless street vendor is selling it at 100 pesos (US$ 2.35), but using my impeccable charm in haggling I got it at eighty pesos (US$1.88).

Read this aloud the way a jolly Home TV Shopping voice-over does it: “Put fashion into your ironing!  LV Ironing Board Cover, it brightens up the ironing! It brightens up your home!”

It’s platsa taym…

Penshoppe Had A Jackpot With Zac

zac efron

There have been a considerable number of A-List Hollywood celebrities who has been commissioned to endorse and be an image model of a Filipino branded clothing line.  This marketing approach in away establishes Filipino-made apparel in the global fashion trend.

Nicole Scherzinger of Pussy Cat Dolls, Bruno Mars, Joe Jonas and Chris Hemsworth has done it for Bench.  Ed Westwick, Ian Somerhalder and Leight Meester has been commissioned by Penshoppe.  Beautiful and talented international superstars Alicia Silverstone and Natalie Portman were featured by Kamiseta.

But among the most flourishing and effectual among this approach was the one recently carried out by Penshoppe.  Zac Efron.  His Penshoppe endorsement which resulted to his visiting the country created such big fuzz.  His visit caught the attention of all media mediums both local and international.

Penshoppe had a jackpot for choosing with Zac!  I wonder what Bench – Penshoppe’s stiffest competitor is gonna do.  Will Bench bring back Steven Seagal to the Philippines who happen to have endorsed Tanduay Rum in the past?  Hahaha! It’s your move Ben Chan.

I guess the reason behind this is because Zac has been so sincere and genuine in expressing his long-time desire to come over to the Philippines to experience the place, the people and the culture.  Thanks to his dad who had colorful stories and experiences about the country in the past (when Zac was still growing up and was still a non-showbiz personality).

Zac was so effective in kindling the interest about the Philippines he even discussed his short yet notable stay and experience here during his guestings at Ellen and  Jimmy Kimmel Shows.  He was so encouraging, I myself wanted to go the Philippines even though I am already living here.

Panalo ang Penshap sa’yo Zac!

Feeling Kafkaesque

Feeling kafkaesque.  This is exactly how I felt because the severe and cruel Cyber Crime Law of the Philippines takes effect today.  Without the implementing rules and regulations of this newly implemented law, it evokes nightmarish feelings of disorientation and helplessness.  A lot of mixed-up thoughts would sneak into my mind on what shall be a specific idea that can be posted, shared or “liked” on my social network account that will not make me a cyber criminal.  I feel so disoriented with this law that it even came to a point of thinking that “liking” a photo of a freshly cooked medium well steak posted by a friend on Facebook would be so offensive to the vegetarians these vegetarians can file a case against me.

Feeling kafkaesque.  This is exactly how I felt after watching the multi-awarded movie entitled Give Up Tomorrow which has a limited run in few movie houses in the metro.  It is a docu-film about Paco Larranaga who was convicted of a crime which the movie claims he clearly did not commit yet struggles for the elusive justice and vindication.  His life and his family have been overpowered by the bizarre and cruel Philippine bureaucracies.  I felt so baffled and perplexed about the incomprehensibly complex and illogical circumstances he was faced with regarding the embarrassing Philippine justice system. His struggles as well as the events that transpired and still transpiring sent me chills, I was squirming on my seat while watching.  I have nothing but remorse for this man and his family.

Grabe, ang sakit sa anit! Ikaw? Nakakapkaisk ka ba?

My Country In 2 Minutes And 42 Seconds

This post is not intended for my fellow Filipinos.  This is for those living a life outside the Philippines.  My country’s target this year is to hit the 4.5 million foreign tourists this year.

Have you been part of these fortunate inhabitants of this planet this year?  If not, watch this and decide if you wish to be part of that 4.5 million souls living outside of my fun country.  Watch this so that you can simply decide why you being a foreign tourist must come to the Philippines…

Also, if you’ve not been here this year, you still have roughly 90 days to be here and enjoy the smell, the tastes and the sights and sounds of my country.  See you here…