Month: November 2014

Life is Like Clash of Clans

Life is like Clash of Clans

…sometimes you win, sometimes you lose

…you donate to your mate before a war ensues


 Life is like Clash of Clans

…some will join you, others will leave you

…goodluck on the offense, stay strong with the defense


 Life is like Clash of Clans

…it takes time to get wealthy but a split second to be needy

…your strategies are your choices with the hope for rejoices


 Life is like Clash of Clans

…you take a pause and feel like crap

…you play the game, you level up


Obyus ba na adik na ‘ko?



meg & herc

My favorite leading lady in Disney cartoon movie is not a princess.  Let me clarify that this category is totally different from my favorite full-fledged Disney cartoon movie villain which is Ursula The Sea Witch.

Female Disney characters most especially the popular princesses would usually be characterized at the start of their respective stories as weak, fragile, innocent, helpless and gullible.  A typical picture of damsels in distress or youthful naivety.  These Disney ladies as the story unfolds would only develop strength and conviction after having met severe trials and tribulations.  And usually their advancement for personal potency and realization for self-conviction would usually entail the help of a prince or a knight in shining armor.

These platitudes are totally not true for the vivacious Megara.  Nicknamed, Meg.  Unlike other female Disney characters, Meg already possess a tough, brazen and resilient character at the start of the 1997 Disney cartoon movie Hercules (which by the way is my favorite Disney cartoon movie).

Meg is not the naïve sweetie type girl possessing an innocent high pitched voice.  She instead is a woman with an appealing sexiness coupled with an alluring husky voice of seduction.  Meg actually started in the film being part of the group of adversaries and foes of Hercules.  She’s one of the minions of villainous Hades and was kicking a lot of Olympian butts until she later softened up and fell in love with the virile and charming Wonder Boy.

Though not well emphasized in the film, Meg’s past is not all cakes and sunshine.  Prior to meeting cool dude Hercules, Meg sold her soul to Hades to save an unfaithful boyfriend.  This of course characterizes her being a woman with admirable guts and intense personal passion.  And being an experienced woman, this sets Meg apart from the other virtuous and virginal female leads of Disney.

Because of this unique persona, Meg for me is the best Disney female character ever.  I totally adore her depth and maturity.  She for me seem to be the closest to reality.  No fancy neither fantasy!  She may not be a Disney princess but she indeed acts and possess the traits of what a mature smart-aleck woman should be.

‘Aktwali, mas birgin at inosente pa si Herkules sa kanya!

A Holiday Symphony by the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra

It’s like a bunch of angels went down from the heavens and played us some awesome music!

This is the general feeling I felt after having watched and listened to the concert of no less than the Philippine pride, the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO).  Held at the outdoor amphitheater area of the Bonifacio High Street Central in Bonifacio Gobal City (BGC) the concert was entitled “A Holiday Symphony”.  It was organized by the LJC Group, the BGC and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

This PPO event was free to the public that is why I did not let this rare chance pass by.  What is so good about the concert was their chosen repertoire.  It was pop and popular to the ear and not the usually highfalutin sleep-inducing classical tunes.

high culture in high street...
high culture in high street…
cellos and the cellists
cellos and the cellists… (photos by patrick uy)

Though the program started with a classical piece – to the beat of William Tell Overture – it was nevertheless fun and exhilarating to the ear.  It is because the tune was reminiscent of the background music of a Looney Tunes cartoon chase scene.  I initially thought Wile E. Coyote and the Roadrunner would suddenly appear on stage!

One of the highlights of the show was when a good friend Edwin Santos sang two songs in the concert.  He started with Pasko Na Cinta Ko (a Tagalog Christmas love song) and capped it with an explosive operatic performance by singing the Mexican song Granada.  I was super proud and was cheering like mad for Edwin!

explosive performance by edwin santos...
explosive performance by edwin santos…

PPO played Donna Summer songs, tunes from Star Wars plus a lot of Christmas songs crafting a very Christmas-ee feeling in the crisp November air.  When the orchestra played the gorgeous tunes from the movie Titanic, I initially held on to my seat for I thought a humongous ocean wave would suddenly appear bringing Rose and Jack on the stage!  But nothing beats the couple of Beatles songs they played.  People in the audience were actually singing along with them!

It is not the first time I heard PPO played yet still the emotions they drew from me was something unexplainable.  The nearest words that I can think of is it’s a mix of magic, glee and pride.

Sarap sa tenga. Pramis!

Cigare by Yoku Moku

Sweets have the strange power to make people smile.  This principle is totally accurate especially when you are eating a piece of Cigare butter cookie by Yoku Moku.  This Japan-made cookie is the most delicious butter cookie I have ever tasted.  It is so rich in butter yet so subtle it melts in your mouth.  It’s better than excellent!  This cookie is a bombdiggity!

delicious smokeless cigars!
delicious smokeless cigars!

I would consider Yoku Moku Cigare to be a luxury kind of a cookie.  To seal its freshness, each rolled cookie is individually wrapped and packed in a beautiful metal tin box.  It is made from all-natural ingredients that is why its shelf life is shorter as compared to an ordinary cookie or confectionary.  It is actually one of the most overpriced cookies I have purchased.

The hardest part after eating this cookie is the struggle and resistance of refusing to take another one.  The strong craving to eat another will ensue after the first stick.  You would realize that it‘s definitely very difficult to eat just one Cigare.  You will either get so sad or much worse go so insane if you would not buckle down to eat and enjoy another round.

Ito ang stik-ow ng mga sosyal. Sarap sobra!

Health, Happiness & Power

A Facebook friend posted this on her timeline.  She indicated that the first three words you will see among those random letters inside the black box will be yours next year.  I was ecstatic and excited because the first three words I found were Health, Happiness and Power.

Now you start looking… (I will highly appreciate if you type in your first 3 words in the comments below)

health, happiness & power

It is indeed amazing!  This exercise is so awesome it creates an upbeat hope to the coming New Year.  Too bad though, it has been four hours already and still I have yet to locate the three ultimate words that I wish to find.  The words, “Extremely Delicious Body”.

But seriously, I’m definitely looking forward to a healthy, happy and powerful year ahead!

Hala! Kahit salitang “MASARAP” di ko makita!

I Survived the EK Extreme Challenge

Call it foolish or ironic, but it was actually my first time to the premier theme park in my own country, the Philippines.  I have been to a lot of modern theme parks abroad but never did I had the chance to be in Enchanted Kingdom.

where fun begins!
where fun begins!

I always thought that Enchanted Kingdom was nothing but kiddy stuff.  I thought it was not like the dynamic Universal Studios that would also cater to adults.  But what I did and experienced last Sunday was far from a kiddy adventure.  It was an adrenaline-charged exploit.

As soon as I and my friends (Ludette, Beth, Red and JB) entered the square, we challenged ourselves to venture into the most extreme highlights of the park.  We skipped the other rides which we consider weak and anemic.  We settled to take the 4 most treacherous rides!  We started with the least tormenting (among the four) and capped the day with the most terrifying.

The Anchors Away (Pendulum Ride); Disk-O-Magic (Spinning Pendulum Ride); EKstreme (Tower Drop); Space Shuttle (Roller Coaster)

reaction: a mix of fear and fun


level up with disk-o-magic ride
level up with disk-o-magic ride with red and dette


extreme drop!!!
extreme drop with jb, beth and dette!!!
adrenaline rush infested ride!
adrenaline rush infested ride!

These fun rides may not be at par in terms of the extreme kick in adrenaline as compared to the newest and most intense state-of-the-art thrill rides found abroad.  But what add up to the uniqueness of these rides are the added edgy hazards and dangers of riding it.

EK extreme thrill rides are like waging your life to chance.  It is because EK is a 19 year old theme park that looks rundown and under maintained.  Taking those old thrilling rides is basically like a death defying stunt.

I suppose inhabitants of first world countries and modern thrill-ride enthusiasts would not even dare take those rickety rides due to safety issues and out-dated mechanical concerns.  This maybe the reason why I only saw a couple of foreign tourists inside the square (one Korean and two Caucasian dudes who were tagged along by their Filipina girlfriends).

Don’t get me wrong though, because I totally enjoyed my first Enchanted Kingdom adventure!  It was one rare feat!!!

Yoohoo! Masayang kanerbyos!

Morning In Binondo by Sym Mendoza

After having been at awe by the magnificence of the paintings featured in The Dimasalang Artists Collection Exhibit at the National Museum of the Philippines, it would obscenely be unfair if I would only have one post about it.  Here’s my initial post about this event: Fixated with Café Scene

first time to see a lettuce-green-colored gallery. i love it!
first time to see a lettuce-green-colored gallery. i love it!
catch it while its there...
catch it while its there…

dimasalang group

It has exactly been a week already, yet I could not expunge in my thought the need to write about a 1970 oil painting done by Sofronio “Sym” Mendoza entitled Morning in Binondo.  I don’t know why but this painting seem to have quietly caught my attention during the night of the exhibit’s formal launch.


I would like to believe that it is the alluring streaks of color as well as the glowing pigments that has attracted me most about this 44 year-old painting.  Also, I guess it is the easy-going yet serene approach in the depiction of a specific space in Manila that has caught my interest.  This vibrant yet soothing tableau truly exemplifies an excellent portrayal of Philippine life and scene.


The Dimasalang Artists Collection Exhibition will run until July 27, 2015 at the Museum of Fine Arts of the National Museum of the Philippines.

Super nays!