Wow Morisette!

The Filipino translation for the word “beast” is halimaw.  And halimaw is how I would describe the strength, depth and power of the singing voice of Morisette Amon during her participation in the recent Asian Song Festival held somewhere in South Korea.

This kind of a Filipina beast simply slayed it!  This was such a phenomenal performance.  Her pure talent is out of this world! And she looks absolutely gorgeous in that video!

What is so surprising with this number is that I was less impressed by her whistling capability.  Maybe it’s because a number of good singers can do the whistle.  I was more impressed and surprised by the unique squeaking sound that her voice makes.  That is so rare and exclusively Morisette.  That squeak would most probably be the most beautiful squeaking sound that I’ve ever heard.

World klas ang lola mo!

Morisette a Phillie and Dami an Aussie

The ladies that I am rooting for in their respective singing battles…  Dami Im of X Factor Austalia and Morisette Amon of The Voice Philippines.  Both are gems.  Their passions are incredible.  And are definitely show stoppers…

These girls are on fire!!!  Their performances every week are stunning!!!

Dami army is in full force!

The future is set for Morisette!

‘Pag ‘tong mga ‘to natalo pa naman…