Month: September 2010

Dimakya Island, Palawan

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of Dimakya Island located at the northern tip of Palawan.  This gorgeous patch of paradise is so beautiful it annoys me. 

 The sky is too blue, the sunset is too amber.  The breeze is too fresh and the animals (fruit bats, turtles and various birds) were too free to live their own free lives. The sea water is too clear and too aquamarine.  The schools of fish are too gracious they don’t mind a monster like me would snorkel atop and around them. The corals underwater are too colorful.  The foliage is too lush, in fact the green is so green and the flowers were too flowery. 

 The island is too perfect, it disturbs me.  I thought I was dead and gone to heaven.

Kinukurot ko sarili ko para mapatunayang di pa ko tsugi.


Alpha Kenny Body

To prove that I am such a horrible monster and my demeanor is despicable read this fast and aloud! Actually, this will get your mind off things… Now read it.  Aloud!

Alpha Kenny Body, Alpha Kenny Body, Alpha Kenny Body

Alpha Kenny Body, Alpha Kenny Body, Alpha Kenny Body

Alpha Kenny Body, Alpha Kenny Body, Alpha Kenny Body

Yung mas mabilis pa! Eowww!

The Tragic Sales of Nail Cutters and Key Chains

nail cutter-cum-key chain-cum-bottle opener coutesy of edwin santos

While cutting my fingernails I suddenly realized that sales of key chain and nail cutters are most probably on its peak here in the Philippines and may be at its lowest ever in Hong Kong history.  This is maybe because there are few Pinoys who would dare visit and go to Hong Kong now since the wounds from the recent Manila August 23 hostage tragedy has yet to fully heal.

Very few Pinoys would have the courage to tour Hong Kong now, thus, there are few Pinoy tourists who would buy the two of the cheapest yet most popular souvenir trinkets available in the streets of Hong Kong.  These are either the key chain or the nail cutter or the two-in-one nail-cutter-key-chain kind.  I have been a usual recipient of these pasalubong-s (presents) from friends who had short visit to Hong Kong an astonishing reason why I don’t need to buy it here in the Philippines.

O sha na.  Mahaba na ang kuko ko.

Remembering BangBang

BangBang and I were born in the same year and grew up in the bucolic city of Pasay.  BangBang is a second-cousin whom I consider to be a super playmate.  The most vivid memory I have with her is cooking “yema” (a Pinoy custard cream) in their kitchen (with the assistance of Ate Oye) whom we enjoyed eating one happy afternoon.   

She may not be my closest cousin but I don’t remember any particular incident of having a disagreement with BangBang.  Possessing the right amiable attitude I was actually never surprised to know that she became a fine young woman, a loving wife and an awesome caring mother.

I was sad to know that one of my super playmates passed away and taken the journey we all must take.  But one thing is for sure a mortal being here in this earth will always remember BangBang.  That’s me.  Though I’m sad I will not cry for she left because I know she didn’t left but instead arrived.  She arrived in eternal love now wearing shiny wings and gleaming halos…

from the Facebook Wallpost of Ate Oye

A big rownd op aplos para sa ‘yo pinsan…

Just Like Cake

mango tres leches of cafe adriatico

Can anyone be unhappy while eating cake?  Like instinct, we have all craved for cake in our happiest moments.  People actually serve cake when they’re happy. Why is it so? Because life is a cycle of pain and bad memories or perhaps like the bitter-sweetness of life, we try to make our joys even sweeter.

Like instinct also, we feel joy and the sweetness of life when precious people are around us.  Just like being served with cake.  So be still and open your eyes.  Look around you so you may realize that you are not actually sad and lonely.  Just like being surrounded with cake.  You’re surrounded by people who make you happy.  These perhaps are the same people that help you in realizing that life is a piece of cake.  You may not know, but maybe, you’re the most precious cake for somebody.

Here’s a slice of thought from a genius but defunct Pinoy band…

“There’s a fruitcake in everybody

There’s a fruitcake in everyone

There are b-sides to every story

If you decide to have some fun

Just take a bite, it’s alright

Taste the taste that sent all mothers giggling in sheer delight

Take a bite, it’s alright

A little lovin’ and some fruit to bake

Life is a piece of cake”

Tinapay? Puto? Mamon? Ano ba Tagalog ng keyk?

In Between Slam Book and Facebook

After the advent and fame of Slam Book, a notebook bearing questions to be filled out by the keeper’s selected friends that is later to be passed around for other invited contributors to write down their respective intimate answers.  And before the genesis of Slam Book’s virtually formatted type – i.e. social networking sites like Friendster, Multiply and Facebook – a conspicuous hype came into being in the pop culture of young Filipinos in the late ‘80s until early ‘90s.  A lot of people think that after Slam Book has depleted its popularity among the youth it was right away replaced by the web-based social networking sites.  Let me insert, inject and connect what transpired in between these two Herculean cultural revolutions.

What happened in between was the young populace’s visit to a photo studio.  During those years, if my memory serves me right, the most popular photo studio for the youth in Pasay and its nearby cities was “Dimension or Dimensione”.  Young people would schedule an afternoon wearing their most bewitching casual attire, sit on a high chair with a background or lighting of his or her choice and flash their sweetest smile in front of a camera.

The picture is not a group photo but a personal/individual close-up that is ordered to be printed on a wallet size photo-paper in abundant number of reproductions. When the photo in immense copies are already picked-up from the studio, he or she will then write a sweet dedication at the back which will be later given away and distributed to his or her friends and classmates.

Recipients then will collect all these photos and bundle it as part of their cherished possessions.  During those times they will not insert it inside a photo album since they enjoy reading the dedications written at the back from time to time.  They would not leave the thick collected close-ups in their respective houses but to be bizarrely brought along with them wherever they go.  The thickness of their photo collection would signify the degree of their social friendliness and congeniality.

Here are 2 of the amazing samples of my collection which up until now is in my possession…

marie & jhong, my wacky close friends now living in california and new york respectively

Para tayong mga ewan noon! Hahaha!