Month: December 2009

Today is the Last Day of the Year

Today is the last day of the year.  Hours from now everyone is required to be happy.  Mind you, nothing is as vein-popping stressful as being required to be happy.  That is why the rate of domestic violence, suicide and depression escalates during the holidays.  If you think that those dumbass people who were burned or blasted by fire crackers were accidental, think again, for they may be suffering from depression.  Thus, lighting a fire cracker is actually their way of unconsciously yet ineffective way of finishing off their bleak atoricious feeling during the holidays.

Today is the last day of the year.  I promised myself to clean and clear all the clutter in my house.  One of the scraps is a leftover Christmas wrapping paper.  Wrapping paper destroys forests.  Just imagine the vast quantities of paper required to wrap all Christmas gifts around the world.  It could be as vast as the forests in the Philippines – that is if there are still forest left in this country.  I decided to keep the leftover wrapping paper and use it next year.

Today is the last day of the year.  At exactly twelve midnight I will have the opportunity to practice my annual primal scream therapy.  This is the only time that I can scream my lungs out without disturbing the neighbors.  Screaming is good!  My screech and howl during this time of the year can truly scare away all the crappy bad spirits lurking around my demented nonsensical world.

Today is the last day of the year.  I wont be surprised if Nengkoy and Aunt Iya will be wearing their annual polka dotted “dusters” for goodluck when they welcome the exciting new year…

Hapi Nyu Yir ebri wan!!!


Hungry for The Hunger Games

Brilliant is an adjective I seldom use.  And this is the adjective that would be most appropriate for the non-stop action novel written by Suzanne Collins entitled The Hunger Games.  The book is a thrilling adventure that ensures the reader to be captivated the whole way through.  The story contains the perfect amount of riveting suspense, page-turner action and exciting adventure.

The book sucked me in and it is impossible to put down.  No doubt this is the best book I read this year.  If you decide to read the book, the only thing left to say is: Welcome to The Hunger Games!!!

Tarush at bonggacious!!! Promis…

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve in Nengkoy’s house has been a yearly side-splitting event.  I bet we are the noisiest and most uproarious family in the whole of Pasay every Christmas Eve.  Annually, it is the time when all of my monster nieces and nephews converge to play hilarious parlor games as organized by my youngest sibling (Joie) and my eldest nephew (Denden).

If last year everybody is wearing hilarious colorful hats, this year, its color-coded shirts with their names printed on.  All my nieces are wearing red.  All my nephews are wearing blue.  While me, Nengkoy (who later changed into a shirt bearing “Mommy Bruha” – my gift to her) and my siblings are in yellow.  Of course with our surname printed at the back of the shirt.  We were like a big contingent who would represent the country in the “most riotous family of the world”.  Which I believe we would easily win!

I wont enumerate the funny moments of 2009 Christmas Eve celebration in Nengkoy’s residence.  But one funny yet sweet moment was when during one of the games, Nengkoy competed against Bea, the youngest niece in the family.

Ang saya! Ala una y medya ng hapon na ako nagising ng Dec 25. Yiheee!!!

Vietnamese Lafang

After having been to Vietnam, I was no longer surprised when I watched and learned that there is no Vietnamese representative/contestant in the first Asian edition of The Biggest Looser, a TV reality show featured in AXN channel.

Vietnam is vegetable-infested.  Almost all the meals we consumed during our stay in Vietnam contained huge amounts of vegetables.  It could be an ingredient in the main dish, the salad, the sidings or merely humungous beddings to stylize a dish presentation.  It was even served during breakfast!  It feels like eating a forest!  After mass consumption of Vietnamese dishes these greens would vine out of my nostrils.

During our 3-day stay in Vietnam, never did I saw a single soul with fat obese body.  The tour guide commissioned to bring us to the outskirts of Saigon (particularly in Cu Chi Viet Cong Camp and Cao Dai Temple in Tay Ninh) explained that this is because their food is mainly composed of products from the botanical kingdom.  He even informed us that there has yet to have a McDonalds chain in their country.

I adore Vietnam and I have nothing against those herbaceous plants, but I personally prefer eating slaughtered animals.  My taste buds prefer those zoological vein blocking fats and cholesterol.  One advantage though (as observed by Karengkeng) of eating these veggies during our Vietnam adventure was that our poop for those days were less stinky.

Bahay kubo… at sa paligid ligid ay puno ng bacon.

Instant Multi-Millionaire

Now I know how it feels to be a multi-millionaire even if it is was only for three short days.  This is what happened to me and my friend (Karen) when we spent the long weekend last week in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Prior to going out of Tan Son Nhat International Airport and while hauling our suitcases, we searched for a money changer to exchange our pocket moneys to Dong currency.  Upon receiving all the paper bills released to us by the counter attendant we did realized that we suddenly became multi-millionaires.

I was elated and my lips reached from ear to ear when smiling while counting all the milllions in my hand.  Me and Karen were actually declaring out loud that we were instant millionaires in Vietnam.  With feelings of sudden paranoia and elaborate confusion, we couldn’t believe all the zeros indicated on the paper bills in our hands.  We could not wait to reach our hotel for we wanted to take photos of the multitude of cash that we have.

Prior to hitching a cab to bring us to our hotel, we decided to take a nicotine break.  While wasting away our lungs, we were approached by an airport taxi driver offering us his service to drive us to our hotel.  My malignantly bloating happiness suddenly halted when the driver told us that the 20-minute taxi ride is worth 100,000 Vietnam Dong.

By the way, 1 Pinoy Peso is equivalent to 400 Vietnamese Dong.

Hwag ng e-epal.  Basta milyonaryo ako nung huling wik-end.