Month: March 2010

Earth Hour Conyo

On March 27, I’m gonna make sali and support the Earth Hour.  It’s my third beses na to participate.  I’m gonna patay my ilaw and make tigil my aircon and TV.  During the one ora from 8:30 P.M. to 9:30 P.M., I’m just gonna tayo at my veranda and check on the dark paligid of the metropolis.  Since it’s gonna be so init, I will just paypay na lang to prevent my delicious body from any pawis and enjoy the dark view as if like parang merong something out there.

I’m so asar to those who will not join.  They’re so like nakakainis!  I wanna make kulam them already.  Why ba they won’t sali on the first place?  It’s like parang short moment lang naman!  Then when it’s on the balita already, they’ll gonna be so ingget and make sisi other people for not telling them about the event.  They’re so labo talaga.

Earth Hour is so galing because 120 countries of the planet I believe are gonna make sali.  It’s parang having unity among nations talaga!  An hour of making hintay will make tipid na nga a lot of kuryente for the future generation to use and make laban the fight against climate change.

Ambot sa emo, yu know…


Shut Up

Sometimes, it’s best not to say anything if you’re not going

to improve upon the silence…


Condom Ads and the Pinoy Bishops

The conservative Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is calling on the immediate banning of condom ads in the country.  CBCP said that “condom advertisements should be banned from television, radio, movies, newspapers, magazines and public places, as they desensitize the youth’s delicate conscience and weaken their moral fibers as future parents”.

I am a Catholic but I am also free.  I am free to express that I totally disagree with these pronouncements. 

Some sectors say that this call is tantamount to censorship that go against the freedom of speech.  I don’t care about censorship but what is sad about this dictum is that the core of our country’s religious institution do not have enough confidence, trust and faith towards the tenacity of today’s youth.  Therefore, if CBCP sees that today’s youth to be morally weak, frail and delibitated then they should allow these condom ads and its usage for it in some way save the youth from indisposition and pre-mature life’s complications – like early and unexpected parenthood.

For me, these puffed up bishops should go out of their high-and-mighty cathedrals, basilicas and churches so as to be aware on what truly is going on in the  country (if not the world).  Besides, Catholic bishops need not worry about these condom commercials because Pinoys are poor and actually do not have enough money to buy one.

Anyway, before these condom ads would disappear in the face of Pinoy media, let me add in this post a cool yet subtle condom commercial posted on YouTube three years ago…

Kelan kaya magkakaron ng condom na “coconut sprinkled” ang flavor?

Have You Ever Noticed…

When cutting your fingernails, which fingernail grows the fastest?

When cleaning your nose, which hole has more nose hairs?

When scrubbing your armpits, which side is darker?

When raking your ear-hole, which has more wax?

When farting, which is more noxious, the silent and subdued type or the loud and roaring one?

 Hwag madiri… Kahit si Pope at Vilma Santos umuutot…

Fried Patupat

Neil Hubert, a friend’s friend is on his way to Pangasinan for a short vacation.  With a thick face that I usually possess, I requested my friend to tell Neil Hubert to bring me “Patupat” when he goes back to Manila.

 I grew up eating patupat because my father is a native of Mapandan, Pangasinan.  This Manila-rare-find delicacy, which has yet to be as popular as that of Piaya of Iloilo and Otap of Cebu, is made from sticky rice and wrapped by an intricate weaving of coconut leaves.  I know that the authentic patupat is cooked in boiling and sticky sugarcane juice placed in talyasi (big iron cooking pot) and not just from boiling water with brown sugar.  I know this because I personally witnessed cigarette-puffing Aunt Nena cooking this native delicacy in her backyard during one of my childhood summer vacations in Mapandan.

 I remember during my childhood when my relatives from Pangasinan would bring tons of this brown sticky treat in our house in Pasay.  It’s so plenty that we could not finish it in one seating.  Nengkoy would usually put the rest inside the ref.  However, when it is chilled the quality and endowment of the patupat is not as good. 

 But out of Nengkoy’s culinary ingenuity, she would fry those chilled left-over patupat and would actually improve it in all its full gourmet glory!  Like an apocalyptic conception the cold, days-old and left-over patupat when fried is delightfully crispy on the outside yet heavenly soft and chewy on the inside.    

 Anak ng patupat! Tulo laway na ko!