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Wowed Again By Ella Henderson

ella henderson
ella henderson

More than a year ago, I wrote about Ella Henderson.  After seeing and hearing her unique and magnificent rendition of Cher’s Believe in X Factor UK, I was immediately mesmerized.  I continued and followed watching that show until the night Ella got eliminated. I ceased to watch it and never knew who won that year’s contest.

Just tonight while surfing the net, I got to see and be updated with the Ella Henderson goings on.  I am glad that her new single Ghost is doing good and its official music video on YouTube already have more than 8 million views.

But what made me write again about Ella Henderson is this amazing video.  I still can’t fathom how this great talent did not even made it to the contest’s finals!  Her singing of the acoustic version of Ghost seem to turn the 2012 X Factor UK TV show a big joke.  Watch!

Astig ka ‘te. Husay!


Gorgeous Judges

Nowadays, every country seem to have their own franchise or version of The X Factor, Idol, The Voice or ‘name-a-country’ Got Talent.  With the continuous popularity of these reality singing contests season after season along with the continuous diaspora of the Filipino race in every corner of the globe, it is no longer a big surprise if one or two or three of the show’s contestants are Filipinos or of Filipino descent.  And because of the innate singing talent, Filipinos around the world has been wowing the planet.

And every time a Filipino joins these contests, the whole country tend to celebrate and be more than proud every time the Judges would either love, praise and exalt the talent they just heard.  I actually at times gets so whacked every time I read the dog-tired “Proud To Be Pinoy” comment on Facebook or Youtube.

Anyway, because of these happenings, I along with a lot of Filipinos got to see personalities and celebrities around the world judging these reality based singing contests.  Thanks to Youtube and Facebook.

Let me clarify, this write-up is not about my fellow Filipinos with killer pipes.  This is about the judges of these fabulous contests.  So far, via Youtube, I have seen and watched celebrity judges from Bulgaria, Italy, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Australia, USA, Israel, China, Canada, Spain, Poland, Norway, Taiwan, Ireland, Thailand, Austria and New Zealand.  It is because these are some of the countries where at least one Filipino has joined.

ronan, danii, redfoo and nathalie (photo taken from
ronan, danii, redfoo and nathalie (photo taken from

Anyway, going back to the judges!

For me, the most gorgeous set of judges ever is from Australia.  They are the Season 5 and presently running Season 6 of X Factor Aussie version.  They are the clean cut Ronan Keating, the brunette Danii Minogue, the afro Redfoo and the blonde Nathalie Bassingthwaighte.

I have seen them throughout the whole season of season 5 and all I can say is that these four are simply oozing with gorgeousness both inside and out.  If I am to join a singing contest, I would be joining the contest where all these four will be judging.

They are the only set of judges in a reality singing contest who gave a contestant more than a standing ovation.  The four super impressed me when all of them stood on top of the judges’ desk to jump and applause over a contestant’s unbelievable performance!

Their comments may it be a denigration or accolades towards a performance looks and feels so sincere.  They judge the performance not the person.  What’s so good about their criticisms is that they express it not in a very cocky, arrogant or harsh manner.  Even though a performance may turn bad, these judges always have something positive to say.  Thus, rejected contestant walks out of the stage unhurt and actually goes home happy and inspired.

They’re the living example of charisma, great sense of humor, confidence and intelligence mixed into a gorgeous looking group.  They got amazing bags of sex appeal and looks so comfortable with each other.  They look like they are truly having fun.  No drama, no palaver, no non-sense.  I don’t know if it’s the differing hair but for me, they just blend perfectly.

Hurrah tu dis hurado!

Nora, Bona and the Masa

Though all things seem to have settled down and it has been considered a wrinkle in time, Nora Aunor the greatest actress on the face of Philippine cinema must nevertheless be thankful that she was not bestowed the recognition of National Artist.


She should be thankful for not being conferred by a President who doesn’t seem to know anything about sining (art).  I have yet to read or learn in the news that the present Philippine president supports Philippine art.

She should be thankful for being nominated by her fellow potent Philippine artists but only to be scratched by a non-worthy President because this made a lot of people especially today’s generation to be interested and curious about how magnificent her body of work has been.

She should be thankful because her not being declared a National Artist pushed me to watch one of her greatest works entitled Bona.

the prolific nora in bona
the prolific nora in bona

Bona, directed by the equally genius Lino Brocka, remains significant and substantial in today’s time.  The story and characters still remains to exist in today’s Filipino realm.  It is unlike other films made in the past that when viewed now would already look silly and stupid.  It remains germaine and relevant up to this day.

Some would say that Bona (the movie) would have been a better film  if it explained why Bona (the character) had so much obsession and bizarre infatuation towards Gardo (a bit player and struggling movie actor).  For me, this impenetrable and baffling element made Bona a great work of art. It is like conveying that feelings of passion, adoration and reverence need not be explained for it is simply unexplainable.

Bona, the movie is so relevant!  Simply look on how we, the masa (ordinary middling populace) adore and revere today’s movie stars.  Can you imagine today’s glamorous movie stars being so filthy rich when in fact they did not even finished high school or college?

Furthermore, like Bona, we are so unexplainably awestruck by the charm of these movie actors and actresses, majority of us even had the bizarre obsession of voting for them during election to occupy crucial seats in government offices.  Only to be duped and hoodwinked later on by these very celebrities (slash now-government-executives), similar to that of Gardo towards Bona in the movie.

Surprisingly, even though the movie is already 15 years old, it still depicts the poverty and destitution that an ordinary masa endures to experience and suffer from.  It felt like this unglamorous movie was just done yesterday!  It is so unfortunate that the country’s presidents in the past and the present (the one who refused to name Nora a National Artist) seem not have done enough to alleviate these adversities.

Now that the President has gone over with the condemnation by the Philippine art community because of his dim-witted decision of not declaring Nora a National Artist, he should find time to watch Bona the movie.  He would definitely get enlightened and learn a lot about Nora, Bona and the masa.

Pans kasi ni kristeta…

The Heirs: What Crown Are You Trying To Wear?

lee min ho
lee min ho

The Heirs strikes the balance of sunny stories about love, career, family and friendship.  This super hit TV series late last year in Korea has invaded Manila.  And it has kept me wide awake very late at night for the past week.  I watched the irresistible Tagalized (dubbed in Tagalog language) version episodes via

I guess the main reason why I am so hooked with The Heirs is because of its impressive story line.  What I most especially liked in the whole series is that the story was anchored towards a short phrase written on the essay journal by the main character played by Lee Min Ho during the early episode of the series.  He wrote, “One who wants to wear the crown, bears the crown”.

This simple phrase encompasses all life issues encountered and resolved upon by all characters in the story.  And it was remarkably enlightened later on at the latter end of the story that life is a choice through a simple question as raised by the main character’s teacher by asking, “What type of crown are you trying to wear?  Was it wealth, fame or love?

The TV series has not yet concluded in the regular programming here in the Philippines and the last few Tagalized episodes are not yet available in  But because of its infectious and compelling story, I could no longer wait.  I searched the net for the last few episodes and found a couple of video-sharing websites that has the original Korean version with English subtitles.

As soon as I finished all the episodes which made me further realized that all is good in the world, I headed down to the nearest Korean store and bought myself this…

i got the green one! yummy!
i got the green one! yummy!

Tamang tama ang lasa…