Month: December 2013

Nengkoy, The Kengkengs & The Boy With Dirty Knees

While our family waits to celebrate the Christmas Eve of 2013, me and my monster “pamangkins” (nieces and nephews) along with Nengkoy, of course, did a little photoshoot.

We tried remaking the photo of a happy, naïve and innocent picture shot at the exact spot MORE THAN TWENTY years ago.  My “kerengkeng” nieces and a nephew in this photo were the first batch of grandchildren of Nengkoy.

Then & Now: thatch, kim, erika, kate and denden with nengkoy
Then & Now: thatch, kim, erika, kate and denden with nengkoy

Complete with white ribbons, red shirt, white blouses, and green shorts the exact pose was recreated.  What made me laugh hard about doing this photo is when my nephew Denden was dirtying his knees for the shoot since it’s so apparent in the original photo that his knees were super “dungis” (soiled).

These photo made me realize that when we were innocent children, we seldom think of the future.  This innocence lets us free to enjoy ourselves.  It also made me think that growing up is actually not a bad thing at all.  Because it allows us to make a difference in the world, to find out who we are and to live the life we imagined as children…

Grabeng tuhod ‘yan! Ang dungis!!!


Merry Christmas 2014

photo taken during our Christmas dinner at Makati Shangri-La...
photo taken during our Christmas dinner at Makati Shangri-La…

Nengkoy and I would like to greet everyone a very Merry Christmas!!!


Don’t Come Around By Jessica Sanchez

After the semi-successful launch of the first single of American Idol Season 11 runner-up, people kept wondering what shall be the follow-up single on her first album launched in April/May of this year.

If the management of Jessica Sanchez would be able to read this post, I hope that the next single to be released in her Me, You & the Music album would be the reggae-like tune mixed with a whisk of dance-pop and R&B beats entitled Don’t Come Around.

If this track would be produced with very good music video, I believe this would be a potential big hit.  The beat is infectious, the type that would basically grow in you. This would be aside from the song’s tough and unapologetic message which would add some color to the somewhat bland and pa-twitams (nauseatingly cute) image of Jessica Sanchez.

Let me share this little golden nugget of a music.

Na-aw! Na-aw! Na-aw! 

Queen of Modern Headdress

I am happy that the music video of Dami Im has just been released today.  After watching the whole super nice video, the only thing that dawned on me is that Dami Im could possibly be the next fashion icon of this planet.

Dami has never been afraid to try new things to wear.  What is so impressive about her and her team of stylists (if ever she has one) are the various ornaments, hats, embellishments and head pieces she has worn and showed off.  Those stuffs were simply fresh, unique, chic and fashionable.

HRH Queen Elizabeth is too old while Lady Gaga looks too tired and worn out.  The freshly released video of Dami Im’s Alive simply seals her as the new Queen of Modern Headdress.  Those headdresses can truly trigger a different kind of fashion buzz…

Maka-suot nga ng ganyan sa sa opis sa Lunes…

Steve Jobs & My Now Fave Shoes

I believe Steve Jobs when he said:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them backwards.  So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.

A ridiculous illustration of this is about a pair of shoes I purchased myself more than 10 years ago.  It’s a slip-on high-cut black leather shoes with velcro straps.

More than a decade ago, I purchased it but never have worn it because it looks hideous, too loud and too edgy in those years’ of Filipino fashion standards.  It would be horrible to wear during those times especially if you are to match it up with a pleated dress pants or baggy jeans and trousers.

If I may recall, the only reason why I bought it is to help a friend who is selling various types of imported shoes.  She would sell her merchandize by presenting a booklet/catalog of shoes where buyers can select from.  Ones you selected, you can place your order to her and she would deliver it to you personally.  This was of course before the hype of on-line shopping.

You may wonder why I didn’t just gave or donate the shoes away to somebody else.  Actually, I was too embarrassed to give it to anyone.  Aside from embarrassment, I’m afraid that the recipient would throw it back to me since he himself would not anyway be able to wear it.

my favorite shoes this nippy season...
my favorite shoes this nippy season…
question: is this considered a "selfie"?
question: is this considered a “selfie”?

But lo and behold!!!  When I tried channeling the inner fashionista in me and did dare wore it a couple of weeks ago, the very same pair are now my favorite shoes this nippy season.  The very same shoes have been earning a lot of praises from friends, relatives and co-workers.  There even had been a couple of strangers who come to me who could not resist of asking where I purchased my pair.

Yeah, though my phone is an Android phone.  In fairness, I do believe Steve Jobs about connecting those life’s personal dots backwards…

Pasosyal din pag may time…

Catching Fire (The Movie): The Long Wait Is Not Over Yet

catchingfireposterWhile I fell on queue to buy tickets for the movie Catching Fire, I grasped and recognized that finally the long wait is over for the release to the sequel movie of Hunger Games.  It was a long agonizing wait!  The feeling of patiently waiting for its commercial release here in the Philippines was basically the same when I was awaiting for the release of the book a couple of years ago.

The film is definitely entertainingly engrossing and absorbing!  I even wanted to press my left hand’s three middle fingers against my lips then raise it while inside the movie house when defiant revolutionary people of various Districts were raising theirs to show their opposition to President Snow and The Capitol.

peeta & katniss on their way to the quarter quell
peeta & katniss on their way to the quarter quell

I refuse to make a review of this movie since there have been tons of reviews and write-ups about Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark and this entertaining film.  Let me just say which part of the movie that I like most.

The best part of the movie for me was actually the end part of it.  It ends abruptly which will leave you wanting for more.  After being so engrossed watching on how the turn of events happened, the end part would make you realize and be reminded that the movie is a sequel awaiting a sequel.  The ending will simply haunt you.

If you think that the long wait is over, you definitely are mistaken.

Pakibilisan ang pag syuting…