Month: November 2012

Multo Inspired Collection

photo from

Major Fail.  That is what I can say about the recent Lesley Mobo fashion show (being part of the recent Philippine Fashion Week).  The video’s first frame dated the show October 29, 2013.  This made me confused.  Was the snobbish-looking event held last October 29, 2012 was just a rehearsal?

The first frame also indicates that the designs would be for the 2013 Spring and Summer collection.  I was expecting for a more upbeat background music to be used in the show since spring and summer seasons usually brings a more festive and cheery mood.  Instead, music used was a chilly dirge-like sound.  The music used made me expect that anytime in between gaiting models, a dead soul would appear and would scream at the top of its lungs to scare off the wits of the audience.

This was the first fashion show that I have seen that the catwalk was not in the hub and midpoint of the venue.  The models were made to walk on a stage and along the borders of the venue.  It felt like the event’s highlight was the classy candle-lit dinner while the actual fashion show was just a prying disturbance.

The event was held last October 29, two nights before the Halloween.  The designs in the collection were indeed multo-inspired (ghost inspired).  The show’s title should have been “Kaluluwa Ni Morticia: Babaing Itim, Babaing Puti”.  Those designs were nothing but Halloween-y.  Not in a fun Halloween sense but in a more creepy terrifying angle.  Those designs had nothing to do with either the colorful spring or the joyful summer.  Those audiences who graced the show for sure now know what it feels like dining inside the house of the Addams Family.

It was too over-thought to the point of being pretentious.  It’s no longer stylish or classy.

Hindi kasi ako inbayted.


What I Will Bring At Les Miserables Movie-Musical

When watching a well anticipated movie, people would usually bring either a bag of popcorn or chips with a super-sized tumbler of soda.  Some would make sure to bring a hankie especially when they expect to cry over a tragic story. While others would bring or don themselves with costumes of their favorite cartoon character or action hero of the movie they are to watch.

But when the Cameron Mackintosh movie-musical Les Miserables will be shown here in the Philippines, I won’t bring a bag of popcorn, a can of soda, a handkerchief neither would I wear a 19th century inspired French hat or dress up to look like Jean Valjean.  Instead, I would bring a duct tape.

I would bring a duct tape to fasten it on my mouth to keep me from singing on the top of my lungs the lines of the popular songs of this global musical sensation.

Too bad the movie can only be shown in the Philippines after the Christmas Season.  No thanks to the Metro Manila Filmfest.

Super eksayted! Kent weyt por dis mubi!

Gifts Received On My Birthday

I had a blast when I celebrated my birthday.  As a gift for myself, I slept the whole morning, purchased a couple of books to read for the next few nights and had a relaxing massage.  Later in the day I had dinner buffet with my family at Yanagi Japanese Restaurant at Midas Hotel.

yanagi at the mezz of midas hotel

While having our dinner, I received the best gifts for my birthday.  One came from my younger sister and zany nephews, i.e. a Sponge Bob printed boxer briefs in which the box where it is contained seems more expensive than the actual gift.  Another is the sumptuous blowout dinner buffet paid for by my elder sister in which I was surprised because the waiters of the Japanese restaurant gave me a candle-lit cake and sang me a birthday song in the tune of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful.

my birthday cake

Lastly of course was the gift given by Nengkoy.  A personalized printed shirt that bears the usual question I would often utter to my nieces and nephews whenever they would show me something that they have done – “Is That Your Best?”  Let me post some other time why I got to terms with this line of questioning.

nengkoy’s gift
nengkoy and me

By the way let me thank all the beautiful souls who greeted me on my birthday.  Let me post in this blog the jokey note I have written on my Facebook page as my expression of gratitude…

Let me express my heartfelt gratitude to all those who greeted me a Happy Birthday today.  Each greeting really meant a lot to me and absolutely made my day.  How thoughtful, how Goldilocks!

Because of your greetings, I feel like Purefoods Fiesta Ham, the Star of the Noche Buena Feast!  Because you remembered I’m like KFC, finger lickin’ good!  Para kayong Vick’s Vapo Rub, may haplos ng pagmamahal.

Now that my birthday is ending, my personal mood is like Lactum, 100% Panatag.  Tomorrow for sure would be like Meralco… May Liwanag Ang Buhay… xoxo


Honor Bound by Raffaelle Sollecito

For the past 4 nights before I go to sleep, “Honor Bound: My Journey To Hell And Back With Amanda Knox” written by Raffaelle Sollecito is the book I have been reading.

It is a shocking yet fascinating book about the extremely controversial story of Amanda Knox and Raffaelle Sollecito (the book’s writer) that made worldwide headlines a couple of years ago.

It depicts an anatomy of wrongful accusation about a mysterious death of a young English lady as well as the tough conviction of a remarkable young innocent man who stood by what is the truth no matter what adversary he would be faced with.  It is also about a grave mockery of a corrupted justice system illustrated in a very uninhibited yet genuine manner.

Appreciation towards ones freedom, standing by what is truth as well as life’s little rewards (like availability of fresh glass of water) are the ultimate learnings you would get out from reading this book.  Read it and hope that Sollecito’s frightening rollercoaster ride of life with will never happen to you.

Inspayring! Di ko kakayanin kung ako ang nasa lugar ni Soletchito!

Receiving Flyers is a Measure of Looking Rich

recent flyer i was handed with

Distributing flyers inside a mall or out on the street is such a daunting task.  But are you the type who easily gets pissed off when a stranger tries to hand you a piece of flyer when all you wanted to do is to proceed to the nearest coffee shop to grab your espresso?  Or are you the “deadma type” (feigning unawareness type) who would just proceed with your hasty pace so as to carry on with your weekend shopping of your essentials?

I’m neither both.  In fact I am pleased when a stranger hand me a flyer.  This is especially true when the leaflets or brochures being handed over are about offerings for platinum credit cards, exclusive gym memberships, condominium units, 3-bedroom houses or even luxurious cars.

I fancy being handed with these brochures and flyers because it looks like I am perceived to be a capable soul of buying and paying for these expensive products.  In short, I look rich!

That is why I hate it when I am with Ate Gaying (my elder sister) inside a mall because every time we come across a distributing Flyer Dude or Dudette she is the one being handed over with these well printed brochures.  She would simply utter and tell me, “Ay, ako ang binigyan.  Mukha ka kasing mahirap” (Translation: “Oops, I’m the one given.  It’s because you look poor”).  This would simply be the moment I would execute my villainous stare with angry gritting teeth towards the flyer-giver.

So, every time you are handed with a promotional flyer, accept, smile and be glad about it.  It’s because you simply look rich.

Kahit sa pagtanggap ng flayer, pinapasosyal ko sarili ko. Hahaha!

Neil Tattoo

It is believed that a tattoo marked on a person’s skin is the owner’s artistic expression about himself/herself.  It further distinguishes a person’s appearance, trait and character other than his or her unique DNA and matchless thumbprints.

If ever having a tattoo on your skin is going to be one key requirement to live a normal a life on this planet (similar to having a “name”) have you ever wondered what design/s are you gonna have printed on your epidermis?

I do.  It would be this….

neil in tamil

This is how my name is written in the ancient language of Tamil.  I intend to have it marked on my left shoulder blade.  And since I for sure cannot tolerate the excruciating pain of tattoo needles nipping my clear, supple and young-looking skin, I will just have it soon printed on a shirt.

Istey kul, bukul…

Bitter Apple

This is old news, but according to Colin Birss, a British high-court judge, Samsung devices “do not have the same understated and extreme simplicity which is possessed by the Apple design”.  He said that Samsung is “not as cool”.  This court decision refused Apple to be granted an order for an injunction against importing Samsung devices into the United Kingdom and the whole European Union nations.

I guess for all its worth I do agree with Judge Birss that Samsung is not cool enough.  Samsung for me is not cool because it is actually blazing hot!  As in H.O.T.!!!

This is especially true with Samsung Galaxy Note II.  It is an extraordinary phone with hot personality. It is a charming device in a slightly larger-than-life kind of way.  Because of this, I made Samsung Galaxy Note II as an early birthday gift to my equally hot self.

my new phone

Now that I am discovering the awesome features of my new phone, I can conclude that Samsung’s claim for innovation has been solidified.  Some even believe that Samsung Galaxy Note II is Apple’s IPhone 10 in the future.

For more recent news, in compliance to the same court order Apple initially published a snarky and sarcastic apology to Samsung as if saying, “Samsung is dim-witted and we are the coolest”.  This resulted for Apple to be reprimanded by the same British court and was told to fix their apology.  On October 25, 2012, Apple published a revised yet still dry apology to Samsung.  For me, this juvenile impulse and unsophisticated actuations of Apple is neither cool nor hot.  I call it “bitter”.