Month: September 2013


Respect pinned on noticeboard

The word for today is RESPECT.  And I would like to dedicate this word to the big bad wolves of today’s Philippine society, namely:

  • The mother of all scams, Janet Napoles
  • Best buddies in thievery Senators Jinggoy Estrada and Bong Revilla
  • Shameful Nur Misuari and the dim-witted MNLF gang
  • Crooked star-crossed lovers Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile and Atty. Gigi Reyes

You may have not heard the word respect, so let Elmo and Henry Cavill teach you a little something about it…

Mayaman nga kayo, wala naman kayong respeto… haler…


Enlisted To The Dami Army

got this from dami's facebook page
got this from dami’s
facebook page

It’s official.  I am an enlisted personnel of the army, The Dami Army that is.  I have done this by pressing the Like icon button of her Facebook page and posting this article into this blog.

I followed the progress and features of this year’s X Factor Australia initially by being so mesmerized by the Jai Waetford audition, this year’s first audition feature.  But during that same first day of audition-features I was equally impressed by the most awkward looking lady singing Hero by Mariah Carey as her audition piece.

But I totally became a fan when she performed during the bootcamp portion of the competition.  There was a major mishap yet she rose to the occasion and performed a very beautiful number.

She actually was dropped from the competition because of this.  Yet fate I guess is truly on her side to become one popular artist because she was the one who got a surprise call when one of the finalists backed out from the show.  From then on, I continued looking after how Dami Im has performed in the contest.

Dami Im is the personification of “awkward” being “the new awesome”.  Her inelegance and gawkiness is so fresh and captivating.  What is so damn great about Dami is when she starts singing her un-polish-ness just disappears right before your eyes and transformation into a remarkable singing talent just comes into sight.  You would not believe that the awesome voice is actually coming out from such an awkward, down-to-earth and naive-looking lady.

As of this writing, she just passed through the week 4 of the finals singing Roar by Katy Perry…  Here is Dami Im singing a disco hit of the late ’70s, her live performance during the week 3 of the finals…

I guess her magnificent talent is coming from the pureness and sweetness of her heart.  If she gets eliminated in the program, I think it is because she is too good for X Factor.

Shayn, shayn, shayn Dami!

Morisette a Phillie and Dami an Aussie

The ladies that I am rooting for in their respective singing battles…  Dami Im of X Factor Austalia and Morisette Amon of The Voice Philippines.  Both are gems.  Their passions are incredible.  And are definitely show stoppers…

These girls are on fire!!!  Their performances every week are stunning!!!

Dami army is in full force!

The future is set for Morisette!

‘Pag ‘tong mga ‘to natalo pa naman…

Why Nigh Tagaytay?

It’s an easeful short voyage out of jungle Manila.  I don’t have to purchase plane tickets.  And most of all I love the snuggly weather.

overlooking the taal lake
overlooking the taal lake
i love their buffet
i love their lunch buffet

I and a few members of my family did a short getaway to cool breezy Tagaytay.  We were supposed to stay overnight but after a sumptuous buffet lunch at Bags of Beans Café & Restaurant that filled us to our respective alimentary rims… everybody agreed that the money to be spent in a luxurious hotel would be more appropriate to buy miscellany of foodstuffs that can be brought back to Manila.

That is the beauty of charming Tagaytay.  Being so near Manila, you can actually return anytime that you may want or back out from it if your nutty erratic and eclectic judgment wished so.

After lunch we stepped into the coffee shop portion of Bag Of Beans and purchase us bag loads of freshly baked (and still hot) loaves of raisin bread, a box of their special and very popular blueberry cheesecake and packs of buttered biscochos.

negkoy and the raisin breads
nengkoy and her loots!!!

Of course our family’s usual trip to Tagaytay will not be complete without going to Mahogany Market to purchase the most famous and freshest local beef of the province.  The purchases done by Nengkoy is sooo plenty it felt like she bought one whole cow in that meat market!

is it just me??? but there seem some eerie atmosphere inside this church…

Before proceeding with more purchases, my elder sister demanded that we pass by Tierra De Maria Heaven of Meditation and Enrichment.  Though very small for a church, it homes the majestic 50-foot image of Mother Mary.  Surprisingly the small room with low ceiling is filled with devotees and the walls with statues and statuettes of various saints as well as testimonies of Mother Mary’s holy intercessions.  Before I start melting and devotees start exorcism upon me, I demanded that we leave the holy place.

We then head to Rowena’s, one of those famous pasalubong-stop-over-stores in Tagaytay.  I can hardly determine the single English translation for the Filipino word “pasalubong”.  It is because this Filipino norm and convention of buying take home presents and giveaways is so Filipino.

pasalubong overload!!! inside rowena's store...
pasalubong overload!!! inside rowena’s store…

Will definitely be back to scenic Tagaytay…

Nabusog… Tinamad… Umuwi…

Ta Prohm: The Jungle Temple

One common observation about the multitude of tourists I saw when touring Siem Reap in Cambodia is that 98% of all of them regardless of their race are very young.  They are the able-bodied, in shape and high spirited types of mortals.   Well I guess possessing these attributes would be an advantage to any tourist who would explore the wondrous sights in Siem Reap.

This is especially true when I and my sister went to the magical temple called Ta Prohm.  After being dropped by our hired driver at the eastern gate who told us that he will be waiting at the western side of the complex, I knew that exploring The Jungle Temple would require a considerable amount of strength.

Upon entering the gate and a 15-minute walk of a dirt road penetrating though the Cambodian jungle, we witnessed our first glimpse of a breathtaking out of this world sight.  Just when we thought we’d seen the best along came Ta Phrom and it blew us away!

a lot of the temple is covered with bright green moss making it look even more beautiful
a lot of the temple is covered with bright green moss
making it look even more beautiful
nature taking over...
nature taking over…

Seeing those massive trees, I knew that this spot has got to be my favorite temple among all the temples I saw in Khmer Empire’s Capital City of Angkor.

i think i want this tree in my office... :)
i think i want this tree in my office… 🙂
picture perfect sight...
picture perfect sight…
my sister taking a short break... (di halatang gutom. hihihi)
my sister taking a short break…

It seemed like the gigantic unrelenting jungle trees married themselves to the stone buildings by hugging and caressing them which results to bizarre breathtaking form.

look at the lower right corner and see how massive those roots are...
look at the lower right corner and see
how massive those roots are…
contrasting green moss and my red ensemble...
contrasting green moss and my red ensemble…

It gives you the feeling that after being left to nature for hundreds of years, the jungle decided to take over the temple and make its presence felt by outgrowing the numerous parts of the temple complex with very huge stems, branches and roots gripping and embracing the walls.

clap, clap, clap!!!
clap, clap, clap!!!

Words definitely do not do justice for Ta Phrom.

Mapapamura ka sa ganda!!!