Month: July 2016

Moved by the Moves of J.T. and Robert

Being emotionally moved and warmheartedly touched is a handsome feeling.  It is one way for people to realize how beautiful it is to live.

There has been uncountable number of times that I have been moved by a song, stirred by a movie, melted by a speech, enthused by a book or touched by a video clip.  But never can I remember that I have been so emotive about a dance routine.

This is until I saw J.T. (the cutest dancer ever) and the equally cute Robert strutted their jazzy moves in So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation.  These couple are the most graceful male dancers I have ever seen on TV and on Youtube.  The emotions that both exudes are so uncommon.  Their movements seem to possess poetic words that would directly hit your intense passion and deep sensation.

J.T. Church in particular was such a joy to watch!  He’s seems like a genius poet on the dance floor.  This little young man can rock the wits out of every viewer with his dance moves!  I’m a fan!

jt church and robert roldan... (photo captured from the former's instagram post)
jt church and robert roldan… (photo captured from the former’s instagram post)

I don’t watch or follow this year’s SYTYCD series, but the dance routine J.T. and Robert in this video, which came as a surprise recommendation by Youtube in my laptop, can already be adjudged as the best performance of the season.

Grabe ang swabe!


Longganisa Pasta at Celias Cafe

Alaminos Longganisa, the Filipino chorizo sausage with the most exquisite taste for a longganisa takes a different form.  It is now tweaked into a delicious pasta dish.  And this can be found and tasted in an all-breakfast café in Alaminos Pangasinan.

homey & relaxing...
homey & relaxing…

Congratulations to Celias Café for serving a scrumptious Longganisa Pasta.  This café substituted the usual ground beef to the native and locally-made pork longganisa for its meat sauce.  The café also dropped the usual tomato-based mixture and instead settled for a rich, creamy and mushroom-y white sauce.  And to add more sophistication to this beautiful dish, Celias Café appropriately settled for the richer tasting fettuccine instead of the tired and usual spaghetti.

happy tummy! (inside Celias Cafe)
happy tummy! (inside Celias Cafe)
the annatto oil of the alaminos longganisa makes the dish looks reddish in color... yummy!
the annatto oil of the alaminos longganisa makes the dish looks reddish in color… yummy!

Served in generous portion, Celias Café’s Longanisa Pasta is served with a big chunk of toasted focaccia bread.  Celias Café actually bakes their own focaccia which can rival the best focaccia breads available here in Manila.  It was so tasty, I ordered for an additional chunk of this delicious bread!

Though this dish is not for the health conscious, Longganisa Pasta is a delightful super tasty dish which I believe could make Celias Café very popular.  It’s one luscious creation!

Pucha! Ang sarap! Lip smaking gud!

Palawan & Me: Saying Positive, Staying Positive

According to Nengkoy, if you have anything good to say, SAY IT!  That has been one positive mantra that I have learned from my mother.  With this viewpoint, let me express two awesome thoughts.

First is to applaud the beautiful tropical island of Palawan for besting all other islands of the world.  Congratulations to Palawan for being chosen as the number one island in the Travel + Leisure World’s Best Awards.

got Nacpan Beach in El Nido  all for myself
got Nacpan Beach in El Nido all for myself
Big Lagoon
Big Lagoon

Though I am very much elated by this awesome recognition, I am a little sad because this once hidden place of a paradise is slowly being discovered by world travelers.  I would love to keep Palawan unspoiled.  I hope that the blue and emerald green waters, the jungle-filled mountains as well as the incredible and colorful wildlife both underwater and on land of this beautiful paradise will be well preserved.

Second is to convey gratitude to my Facebook friends for “liking” my profile picture.  I am delighted and overjoyed because it is the first time ever in my being an FB account user that my profile picture reached more than 200 likes.

my most "liked" FB profile
my most “liked” FB profile

Thank you FB friends!  Your “likes” in some ways makes me stay positive! I am not a popular FB account user, but my reaching 200+ likes felt like winning the award for being the best island of the world.   And just like Palawan, I think I need to preserve my positive bearing and uncomplicated being because I’m starting to get “popular”! Hahaha!

Parang Palawan, pasikat na ako!

Pater Noster: Prayer For Life

Just like missing prayers before a meal or going to sleep I missed writing about the Church of Pater Noster. Also known as the Sanctuary of the Eleona, Pater Noster church is located on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

pater noster church
pater noster church
lords prayer in its first two language...
lords prayer in its first two languages…

Being a Catholic, my not writing about this place felt like heresy of some sort.  It is because this special spot, where I and my sister visited when we were in Israel, is where Lord Jesus believed to have taught the Lord’s Prayer.

Not all Catholics were blessed enough of being able to see and experience what it was to be like in such a special place.  Honestly, I consider Pater Noster to be one of the highlights of me and my sister’s tour of the Mount of Olives.

This 4th century Byzantine church is serene and beautiful.  And underneath this massive structure is a cave which I think is considered the holiest spot of the area for it is believed to be where Lord Jesus taught his disciples  the ‘Ama Namin’ (translation: Our Father) prayer.

selfie inside where it's taught
selfie inside where it’s taught
searching for the tagalog version...
searching for the tagalog version…
got the ilonggo version
got the ilonggo version
feeling so blessed...
feeling so blessed…

The walls of the structure are placed with multilingual plaques bearing the Lord’s Prayer in different languages.  Feeling proud Pinoys, I and my sister failed to locate the plaque in Filipino-Tagalog language.  We nevertheless was successful in locating the English and the Filipino-Ilonggo prayer versions.

Saying the Our Father has always been part of my prayer, in whatever form or state of mind I am.  And I may miss saying prayers before meals and before sleep but I will forever be so thankful that the stars has aligned for me to see and experience this holy place where the prayer for life started.

Oh ‘di ba, ang banal banal ko na??  

Excited for Celias Café

People living in Alaminos, Pangasinan (and those who would visit this fast developing city) has something awesome to look forward to.  Celias, a new modern Filipino coffee shop, is due to open on Saturday, July 16, 2016.


I am excited because the last time I visited Alaminos, Pangasinan, there seem to be no decent café or coffee shop where we could enjoy good coffee and some sumptuous meal.  I and my friends (after touring the Hundred Islands) settled on eating at a trivial fastfood joint inside a trivial shopping mall.

What I’m most excited about Celias Cafe would be their all-day-breakfast Pinoy food offerings as well as that of their coffee concoctions.  I am excited because I know, on a personal level, the owners of this café. And I know that these owners has lived for years in Osaka, the culinary capital of Japan.  Hence, these new proprietors knows what good food is and I believe they have acquired impressive palatal sense.  They know what delicious is!

I will definitely be heading to Celias Café and will give you my two cents on what this new exciting café has to offer!  Celias is located beside the SSS Building along Marcos Avenue, Alaminos City, Pangasinan.

Si yu der…

China Blue Makes My Blog Look Expensive

Let me add some class, sophistication and culinary elegance to this blog by posting photos of the interiors, table set-up and a couple of tasty food dishes of China Blue.

China Blue Manila
China Blue Manila
the set-up (especially the beautiful plate chargers) speaks a lot about elegance
the set-up (especially the beautiful plate chargers) speaks a lot about elegance
Thin Crispy Beef... my personal favorite
Thin Crispy Beef… my personal favorite
elegant interiors... round chandelier in manila, square chandelier in tokyo...
elegant interiors… round chandelier in manila, square chandelier in tokyo…
Steamed Truffle Mushroom Bun... the most "sosyal" and ostentatious "siopao"
Steamed Truffle Mushroom Bun… the most “sosyal” and ostentatious “siopao”
inside Conrad Hotel Manila
inside Conrad Hotel Manila

China Blue Manila inside Conrad Hotel (the newest five star luxury hotel in Manila) is not the first on the planet.  The first China Blue, a classy modern Chinese cuisine restaurant is in Conrad Hotel in Tokyo.

O ‘di ba? Ang sosyal sosyal ko!

Laughing at Conjuring

Two weeks ago was movie night in the office.  I was the one who initiated the invitation for this mini-gig.  The movie in my mind was the terrifying second edition of Conjuring and as expected only few agreed to join.  Not everyone, I guess, in the office is keen on watching creepy movies.

The movie is supposed to be cerebrally ominous and emotionally disturbing.  But what turned out during our viewing was the opposite.  Watching Conjuring 2 suddenly felt like me and my colleagues entered into some fun horror house of some amusement park.  This is because we were giggling our hearts out while awaiting the big scare of a scene!  And we would cackle so hard because the movie was so effective in startling our wits out!

before the movie...
before the movie… from right: gelene, cherrie, neil, rosely and jb
scary jb (before the movie)
after the movie… from right: gelene, cherrie, neil, rosely and valak (MWAHAHAHA!)

The fun feeling and pleasurable laughter we had seem to overpower the supposed feeling of intense fright and terror.  Conjuring 2 then suddenly became a super fun and enjoyable movie.  It is a must see movie with fun friends!  Can’t wait for its third installment!

 Mamatay-matay ako sa katatawa!