Month: February 2011

The Word of the Day is… Hongsaya

Hongsaya is the modern way of writing a Filipino phrase ‘ang saya’ meaning “it’s so fun”.  This is the usual way today’s youth would write their feelings of elation towards a certain situation, event or happening.

It is from the Filipino root word ‘saya’ meaning fun with an inflectional affix ‘hong’ to express a grammatical mood. ‘Hong’ on the other hand is a modern derivative of the Tagalog article ‘ang’ meaning ‘the’.  It is spoken in a loud yet low toned voice similar to Santa’s “Ho! Ho! Ho!” in which the intonation of the last syllable is uttered similar to that of shouting or howling.

This fresh contemporary and up-to-the-minute word can be transformed into a word-compounding process that would imply greater expression of not just simple fun but high degree of elation. You could write or say in a loud yet low toned voice: Hongsaya-saya!!!

Some examples of this modern prevailing word when used in a statement could be as follows:

  • Hongsaya-saya… parang magjowa lang!
  • Grabe, hongsaya aylavet!
  • Haler… Hongsaya-saya diba?

Wala nanaman akong magawa.  Sensya na…


Awesome Mush-Up

I woke up, turned on my computer, check my Facebook account, did a little construction and rent collection of my Cityville then open Youtube to check and confirm if my personal discernment that Lady Gaga’s hit Born This Way sounded similar to Madonna’s classic Express Yourself.

Indeed, there are numerous videos in Youtube that tried to compare, equate and link both songs.  After checking out a couple of mush-ups, Fil-Am Youtube star, Manny Garcia’s funky and spunky version I think is the best.  It even got a dash of Cee Lo Green’s Forget You sprinkled with Enrique iglesias’ I Like It and Kelly Rowland’s When Love Takes Over as a cherry on top.  It’s a first-class, first-rate, five-star mush-up!

Check out Garcia’s genius work…

Tuod ang di mapasayaw nito.

Catch Love, Win Love

Love is like a raffle stub.

The more entries you send the more chances of winning!!!

I hope you win the heart of your beloved this Valentine’s Day.  It’s not the day you run away from love, it’s the day you track it down, tie it up and take it home.

Here’s a classic yet modernized Kundiman song for all lovers out there…

Hapi Balentong Day!

Made on Valentine’s Day

According to US study the average length of pregnancy for primigravidae is 288 days and for multigravidae is 283 days.  Also, based on a robust study undertaken in Sweden, based on over 400,000 births, the average length of pregnancy is 283 days.

However, in mid-19th century according to Naegele’s Rule the gestational length of a woman’s pregnancy would only be 280.  However, with the more modern time and the advent of Utrasound Scanners, it was found out that the more accurate gestational length is by adding 3 days to the Naegele’s formula, thus a sum of 283 days.

I’m not a medical doctor nor a midwife but utilizing my knowledge on the most primitive mathematical technique called ‘counting’, I found out that the days from February 14 until my birthday (November 24) is equal to 283 days.  This only goes to show that the mitotic chromosomal genes of Nengkoy and Joe once again united for me to be conceived on the most romantic day on earth known as Valentine’s Day.

Ikaw kelan ka ginawa?

Devirginized Terminal Phalanges

Nervousness, agitation and neurasthenia were the general feelings, never in my life that I have experienced it.  I always do it to myself and I have never let anybody do it to me until this morning.  The question I initially uttered is if it would hurt.  I asked because the living soul who would do it to me never uttered a word prior to doing it.  I asked because usually like doctors injecting a vial of medicine into my corporal chassis, they would tell me that it would ache a little similar to an ant’s bite.

Nengkoy’s Executive Housekeeper Alma was the one who took the object of my toenail’s innocence and purity.  She was the first person ever to do me a pedicure devirginizing the tough dorsal part of my terminal phalanges. Yes, in my 40 years of existence never in my life that I had a pedicure done by another soul.  My elder brothers (Kuya Bogis and Kuya Wreigh), my niece Thatcher and Nengkoy were around for moral support while Alma does my toenails.

It took Alma the strength, perseverance and iron-like guts to finish cleaning off my toenails.  It was so unkempt she was able to amass boulders of grime, excess keratin and sprouting ragged cuticles.  Nengkoy actually wanted to collect it and place it in a pot and plant a tree on it!

After my spectacular pedicure, I actually felt lighter.  I think I lost three pounds in the process.  Now, my toenails are so gorgeous, I want to bite it!

Sabi ni Nengkoy ang taytel daw dapat ng blag-powst na ito ay LUYA.