Month: July 2010

A Spectacular Jellicle Ball in Manila!

My delicious body just attended the marvelous Jellicle Ball!  Thanks to Mrs. Eugene Billones and her family who chose me to be one of the recipients of a ticket to see Cats (The Musical).  We were seated at the balcony’s “high-end” parterre box next to the reserved box for President Noynoy Aquino (but he was a no-show!). 

Though I am not fond of the storyline, after watching Cats, I no longer wonder why this show is considered the 2nd longest running-show in Broadway!  It was awesome, it was colorful, it was pure entertainment!!!

The Manila run was an all-international cast except for Lea Salonga.  That is why I got a bit teary -eyed when a short Tagalog translation of Memory was sang by one of the foreign actors during the opening of Act2.  Everybody was surprised and was not expecting this little add-on or exclusive revision of this famous Broadway show.

The dance numbers were breathtakingly spectacular.  I was amazed by the double-windmill dance moves of Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer.  But the character who most impressed me when it comes to sensational dancing was Mistofelees!

Though the character of Lea Salonga being Grizabella (The ostracized Glamorous Cat) sang the most popular song in the show and Lea’s voice is the clearest with understandable words being sang, I particularly most enjoyed watching the introduction of Skimbleshanks (The Railway Cat) to the Jellicle Ball.  Skimbleshanks number was fun, the dance was very playful, the song sounds young and the props used were very innovative.

All in all Cats in Manila was fun, fun, fun!!!

Por syur, walang daga sa CCP ngayon… Meow!!!


There Must Be Something In The Water

Aside from having its distinct language, the Filipinos are so unique in living its life as compared to other dwellers of this planet.

  1. Except for the feathers, we practically eat every part of the chicken: helmet (the head), leeg (neck), balunbalunan (gizzard); betamaks ( coagulated blood), isaw (intestines), adidas (feet).
  2.  We enjoy sipping softdrinks through a plastic straw contained in a cellophane as poured and transferred from the original bottle.
  3. We eat fresh pineapples dipped into bagoong (hot and salty sauted shrimp paste)
  4. Practically almost all Pinoys have cellphones; have access to the internet; can ride airconditioned trains, buses and taxis; can have electronic bank transactions; got 24/7 convenience stores; can obtain cheap airline tickets; etc. but we have yet to hear a Pinoy being interviewed on TV admitting that life is better now than a couple of years ago.
  5. A dramatic movie is no good without the sampalan (face-slapping) scene.
  6. We have the habit of interchanging “I” and “O” to “E” and “U” respectively.  (Examples are those dirty writings on the walls of Manila: Potang Ena Mu, Bawal umehi detu! May Molta!!!)
  7. Our spaghetti’s main ingredient is hot dog and sweet banana ketchup.
  8. Shoppers cannot see the naked toes of the sales ladies though they are required wear open-toed shoes because of the stockings they are wearing.
  9. We have the inclination of adding the letter H in our name (Example: from “Berting” to “Vherto” or “Gemma” to Ghemmah”)
  10. Everybody would not want to take the last piece of food on the serving plate.  Thinking that it is so un-cool and a sign of poverty stricken life otherwise known as being “dead-hungry” (patay-gutom).
  11. Foot-bridges are practically of no use but lodging areas of solvent-intoxicated souls.
  12. We have the liking for sweat excretions being printed on our vehicles — Katas ng Saudi; Katas ng Dubai; Katas ng Oman
  13. We know that bribery is a norm and it is uncomplicated to deal with a fixer than a legitimate but pain-in-the-butt public servant.
  14. Though we do not have winter but male celebrities in live variety shows on TV are always wearing jacket even if it is swelteringly hot and humid!
  15. We often witness that the streets are sometimes transformed into makeshift memorial chapels or funeral parlors.
  16. We hate other nations when we Filipinos are being discriminated abroad but we are incautious when we call a black man “Negro” or a  no-show fellow as “nang-Indian” or a mortal with body odor being “Amoy Bombay”.

Walang kakupas kupas…

Don’t Like What I Write Like

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

This worries me…  According to I Write Like, I write like Dan Brown.  I know that my writing style is better than Mr. Brown.  With smoke-wafting ear, let me announce my formal declaration of protest to this time-wasting viral statistical analysis computer software by Coding Robots!!! Dan Brown’s writing is merely a caricature.  My writing is not a caricature! It’s a bedlam lampoon!!! Hmpft!

 Yabang ko.

A Retail Therapy in Hong Kong

Shopping in Hong Kong is a must!  This is especially true this particular season because it is a screaming half-the-price season now.  Armed with my stupendous haggling powers, I personally got the chance to do a little retail therapy (shopping) in this former English territory last weekend.

 My personal experience can be considered an epiphany since it confirmed that Hong Kong is one of the best shopping Mecca in the planet.   In Hong Kong, you will be besieged with signs saying “50% off”;  “Sale Only for Today”;  “Sale Happens Only Once A Year!” or “Removal Sale”.  This is not only because of the unpretentious prices but also of the efficient sales crews of the various shops.

 In Hong Kong the sales crew would delightfully encourage a buyer to offer me to bring two different sizes of the same design of clothes that I would like to fit inside the fitting room.  A sales lady actually chased me and insisted to fit a smaller size.  Unlike in Manila, sales lady would never offer such and I would usually ask permission to bring 2 sizes for me to try on.

 In Hong Kong the sales crew never forgot the moment to greet me as soon as I entered their store and never miss the chance to say thank you even if I did not purchase any item at all when I leave.  Unlike here in Manila the sales crew would give you a rude bad look if you fit on certain merchandise but leave the store without buying a single item making yourself so guilty for messing up their merchandise.

 In Hong Kong the sales crew would automatically call another branch if the item you wish to have is of different color or if the size you want is either smaller or bigger.  Unlike here in Manila, the sales lady would automatically say “wala” (“none”) even without lifting a finger or checking their storeroom or asking a colleague.

 Yun nga lang di ko maintindihan ang sinasabi ng mga Chekwa. 

No Sight of Website

this is all you get...

Today is July 12, 2010.  It’s been 12 days that I have a new president – Benigno S. Aquino III.  However, as far as the global system of interconnected computer networks that serves billions of users worldwide, the Office of the Philippine President’s website is still closed. 

Is this a sign of poor public service ahead?  I hope I’m wrong, mistaken and incorrect.  At least his youngest freakin’ loud sister had Twitter and Facebook when she was still active in the showbiz limelight… 

With all the techies breathing the same polluted air of the country, the officials of the office of the highest post in the land doesn’t seem to tap even a single computer guru to update or at least open it.  I’m bitching because I want to be informed and it’s my right to be updated on what has been done, being done and planned to be done straight from the Commander in Chief.

 Ano ba yan?!  O baka walang signal sa Malacañang…

Almost Fooled by ‘Bench Uncut’

‘When you determine the value of other people based on their physical appearance, it becomes much harder not to evaluate your own worth based on how you look.’  I am soo guilty as charged, especially right after watching for the first time the bi-annual Bench underwear fashion show last week! 

No thanks to this fashion show because it took me awhile to re-align my thoughts and reconfigure my brain cells that good looks based on the current standard created by commercial capitalism, like any other currency, tend to multiply among those who already have it.  But at the end of the day, while much of the world around us may determine our value (either in full or in part) by the way we look, we are free to maintain our own perspectives, minds and viewpoints.

Besides, I thought fashion designers claim that what they want from models is to look like a blank canvass on which to paint.  They want models to be with hanger-like features on which clothes becomes the most apparent aspect of the ensemble.  So how come, the models in Bench Uncut fashion show are better looking and more stunning than the clothes they are wearing? 

Moreover, I have yet to find a read or a write-up about this recent fashion show reviewing, praising or disparaging the Bench clothes and apparels that were featured.  All I read about are the who’s who that graced the show and who walked the ramp this year sporting their toned rectus abdominus and pectoralis major.  The clothes’ designs and structures – which should be the pinnacle part of the show – were totally never discussed.  Therefore, Bench Uncut Fashion Show can be considered as one big phony.  For me, it’s an artificial form of “fashion show”!!!

At dahil dyan, eh ano ngayon kung malaki ang bilbil mo?!

Borutesu Faibu

“A generation without closure” is one label that has been associated to my generation.  This is basically linked to me and my contemporaries’ failure to realize whatever happened to the well-loved Voltes V team (Steve, Big Bert, Little John, Jamie and Mark) and the Bozanian Empire when the very popular TV show’s final five episodes were cut off the air by the Marcos regime in the late 70’s.

But because of the new technology in which almost all information is now available in the internet, I had the opportunity to finally make a closure on this long-standing delay.  Some even feel that this anime is considered to be the longest story ever told.  Thanks to Youtube and the person who uploaded the final episodes of the most adored anime series of my generation.  Hermetic seal has somewhat been achieved. 

However, there are still some silly questions that left hanging after watching the final episode:

  1.  Who did Jamie end up marrying? Will she pose sexy in the cover of FHM magazine?
  2. Did Little John outgrow the black heads on his face?  How does Little John look like as an adult?
  3. Would Big Bert agree to trim his body down as treated and sponsored by Dra. Vicky Belo?
  4. Would Mark be signed up as a Bench underwear model in its next bi-annual fashion show?
  5. Would Steve agree for a 5-picture contract with Pinoy Box Office Queen Sarah Geronimo?
  6. Are the remaining Bozanians with horns on their head dehorned by the earthlings when peace was achieved and realized in the universe?  In case they do not have horns anymore, does it mean they will never get horny for the rest of their lives?
  7. With peace being achieved in the universe and Voltes weapons are practically of no use anymore, will the Ultra Electro Magnetic Top, Laser Sword, Voltes Bazooka and Chain Knuckle be auctioned in Sotheby’s or be on display at Tokyo National Museum?
  8. Is it true about the rumor that Voltes V will do a film and their main antagonists are Celia Rodriguez, Bella Flores and (the come-back movie of)  Zenny Zabala?  There’s even a big buzz that Imelda Marcos will have a special participation at the end to relive her family’s power of killing Voltes V! 

 These questions may seem to belittle the fascinating anime of my childhood days.  But one thing remains Voltes V was able to bring a generation of Filipinos (of various social-classes) into a commonality.  It created a shared experience that really brought people together.   It captivated a Pinoy breed on a story of friendship, of brotherhood, of sacrifice, of justice and of team work.  No doubt, Voltes V will always have a reasonably huge fragment in my life and the persuasive lessons it conveyed will always be remembered.

Dahil dyan… Let’s Volt In!!!