Month: September 2006

Asians in an Early Lead

Puka_1 The idea of putting together a tribe according to ethnicity is a very interesting concept for the 13th season of Survivor (now in Cook Islands).  I have watched the first two episodes and I am simply lovin’ it!  The show made me feel awestruck since I have more reason now to cheer fiercely most especially for the Asian contenders.

Puka Tribe is the Asian group composed of two Filipino-Americans (Jenny Guzon-Bae and Brad Virata), two Korean-Americans (Becky Lee & Yul Kwon), and one Vietnamese guy (Cao Boi).

Jenny_hs Brad_hs But of course my favorites are Jenny and Brad.  These two American born Pinoys make me feel so proud.  If these two charming Pinoys only lived in the Philippines, I’m sure one of them will end up being the winner of the show while the other is the runner-up.

The first two episodes made me stomp, shout and clapped crazy cheering for the Puka Tribe.  True enough, in the first two challenges for tribe’s immunity Puka Tribe placed first.  It’s an early lead for the Asians kicking the big and smelly asscracks of the Hispanics, African-Americans and Caucasians.

For sure there would be some negative reactions in the US about the show’s racial format.  But no matter what, it’s going to be a big exposure for the Asians since previous seasons of the show would only have African-Americans and Caucasians as contestants.


An earthquake, an angel and my underwear

I have been living alone in an apartment for more than 5 years now.  In my unit, I usually sleep only in my underwear.  One night while I was in this periodic state of rest, I dreamt and felt that a man seem to be waking me up saying, “huy, huy gising!” (hey, hey wake-up!).  I could still remember responding by mumbling “huh, huh” in my still sleepy tone. 

Angel_1 Still groggy from a deep sleep, I was a bit confused how come this man was able to enter my unit in the middle of the night when I always make sure that the door is locked before I snooze.  The feeling was so real that I tried opening my eyes to check who he was.  But when I opened my muzzy faculty of vision, I was totally shocked that there was actually no one there. 

That night a big earthquake hit the metropolis.  The rumbling of the earth happened right after I opened my eyes to check on who was waking me up. The rocking of the whole building prompted me to stand up quickly and head out of the building.

I can still recall that I had trouble going down the stairs since it was dark.  I was not wearing my contact lenses and was not able to pickup my eyeglasses.  Moreover, I forgot to put on some clothing.  Yes, I made it out to the street in my underwear while the earth was rocking!

The building did not crumble.  Nevertheless, this miracle confirms that an angel actually woke me up from my sleep to protect me from an apparent danger. 

Neilangel_1  Now I always sleep with my eyeglasses at my bedside.  However, I have not changed my habit of sleeping in my underwear.  Mas presko kasi!

43 Days before Halloween

In the Philippines when the “BER” months begins to surface, people starts sending text messages greeting their friends a Happy Christmas wanting to claim that they are the first person this year to greet you such.  There are even radio stations that would initiate playing Happy Holiday songs or live local TV shows having a countdown on the number of days before Christmas.

Halloween This leaves less anticipation for the country’s Halloween celebration.  Hey people, as of this writing, there’s 43 beautiful days before the Halloween! Trick or Treat!

Worst Dressed Pinoys of 2006

Philippines being a tropical country only have dry and wet season.  It is so funny to see Pinoys immediately sporting their jackets and sweaters even with a slight drizzle.  Every time rain drops in the morning, people leaving their houses for school or office will pull out their jacktes or sweaters from their closet and will wear it the whole day even though after lunch the sun is angrily shining.  A heavy proof that Pinoys love to dress up!

I am not a fashion guru neither am I aspiring to be one.  But like any typical Pinoy, I also love to gussy up.  That is why, I abhor personalities who, no matter how expensive their clothing is, still look preposterous from my own personal valuation.  With this, listed below are my top 5 worst dressed men for the year.  They are…

  • Top 5 – Lito Atienza.  I simply hate the floral short sleeved polo for this Litoatienz mayor.  He may have established an image that is not typical of a politician in "barong" through this attire.  His fashion statement may have brought him to Manila’s highest local government post, but he is totally stumpy and grumpy if you would compare him to the great Statesman and Senator Raul Roco who also has the same fashion campaign strategy.
  • Top 4 – Mark Bautista.  This singer always wears winter clothes every time I would see him on TV.  Even during the hot summer season, Mark struts on stage wearing either a thick jacket or layered knitted shirts on top of each other and even a mufler around his neck.  I suggest he wears ear muffs for the total winter look all year round!
  • Top 3 – Eagle Riggs.  He is a popular figure of Pinoy mornings for he is a part of the pack in Unang Hirit morning TV show.  He looks snaggy since this guy likes to wear over-sized t-shirts and baggy pants.  Eagle should learn from one of my fashion principles… "Wear baggy to look baggy, wear fit to look fit!"
  • Top 2 – Tim Yap.  He may be the envy of all fashionistas but I plainly do not like his style.  It’s too outrageous for my taste.  But if you are the type of person who wants to be easily noticed (because of bizarre to outlandish taste) on gatherings, you can follow the footstep of this social climbing specialist.
  • Top 1 – Boy Abunda.  Every time I got the chance to watch his TV show, his Abunda2 clothing simply look silly and ridiculous!  I am very surprised to know that his outfits would come from well known top designers.  (He thank them during each program.)  It’s not the garment, it’s not the design and definitely not the designer.  It’s simply Boy Abunda who regrettably cannot carry these pricey outfits.

Lynsey Badilla on my list…

Sunday, September 10, 2006 is one special day.  It’s the christening date of my latest goddaughter, Lynsey Badilla (anak ni Ferdie)…Baby_1

This precious little child is one lucky babe for she got a very “delicious” looking ninong.  Welcome to the astonishing world of Christian living sweetie!  May the angels protect you and sadness forgets you…

I Miss Ally

Ally2 A hugely successful TV program ‘Ally McBeal’ was shown on RPN 9 channel in year 2000. I can still remember rushing out from the office to go home for me to catch the show.

Ally McBeal (played by Calista Flockhart) is a lawyer blessed and cursed with friends and officemates that works in a law firm with unisex comfort room.  She is a woman with overly active imagination, an extreme emotional instability and a seemingly perpetual unmarried life. 

My most memorable episode on this TV show was when her childhood sweetheart (but already married and never got over with), also-a-lawyer-colleague and officemate Billy Thomas died.  He passed away while being with Ally litigating a case inside a courtroom.  I still remember when Ally cried, I cried along with her (commercial break na umiiyak pa rin ako!)

What I love most about the program are its bittersweet endings on each episode.  It’s usually, Ally or the other characters wandering on the street on his or her way home after learning a little piece of wisdom from the failures and disappointments of an adult life.  It confirms and conveys that living a life does not always mean that things or events will happen the way we want it.

I miss the show because I can actually relate easily well with Ally and the other characters.  Not because I’m close to being loony but because of the pursuits a single person is faced with in life.  This fantabulous TV program may have ended a long time ago but one thing is quite sure… on this earth, Ally never stopped searching for her soul.  I miss it, I miss it, I miss it!  It was a damn good show!