Month: May 2007

Word for the Day is CHURVA

Churva (tsur-vhah) is a Pinoy noun (or can be a verb) which means something that can’t be adequately expressed in words.  It is also a word that can be used in all aspects.  It is an utterance when a person can’t seem to find the right word out of being speechless, out of being maarte (speaking with affectations) or out of simply being stupid.  This word when conjugated would be: chinurva, chumurva, chuchurva, chuchurvahin.

Using this word has its advantages.  It can be an alternative expression to use instead of those bad words you don’t want to utter.  It can be fun using this word, adding more spice to friendly conversations.

At the same time it has its disadvantages.  When overused, it limits a person’s mental faculty and restricts the development of vocabulary.  Also, it can be a source of misunderstanding, the speaker may mean something else but the listener may conclude otherwise.

Just imagine our popular pinoy salawikain (proverbs) utilizing this word…

            Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa churva ang gawa

            Aanhin pa ang damo kung chinurva ang kabayo

            Kung ano ang itinanim iyon din ang chuchurvahin

            Ang chumurva ng matulin, kung matinik ay malalim

            May tenga ang lupa may churva ang balita

But do you know that Churva is a place in sardonic Russia?  It is a place situated in Ust-Tsilemskiy rayon, Republic of Komi in Russia.  It is also a ruined building or place of meeting for Jewish worship on the Old Holy City of Jerusalem.

Wala lang… churva lang…


Nagcarlan & Liliw

On our way (me with friends) for an overnight swimming gimmick last weekend to hushed Nagcarlan and tranquil Liliw in Laguna, I chanced upon noticing the sign at the back of the truck in front of us…


Ganon?! Meron akong oras noh!







The pleasure trip was mega fun and delightful.  The outing gave me the opportunity to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.  It was my first time to visit these lovely towns.  It’s not too remote yet not too metropolitan.  It’s like a perfect hideaway, an archetypical Filipino province, a place that has a class of its own.


1_4 Thanks guys! I had a blast!

AI: A Karaoke Singing Contest

Melinda_3 I’m simply stunned that Melinda is booted out of the competition.  Now that Melinda Doolittle has been eliminated from the contest, American Idol this season obviously lost its credibility.  For sure, next week’s final show will be nothing like a karaoke singing contest between the two inferior singers (Blake and Jordin).  The show suddenly became less interesting.  I’d rather have a root canal than watch the finals.

I am not worried about Melinda.  I’m actually worried about America.  They’ve proven again how tasteless they are.  I thought Americans were smart… mga engot pala talaga!

Summer Is Ending

Traveling from TriNoma to Gateway at 5:00 PM today to have a super late lunch, I witnessed the sign that splendid summer is nearly ending.  It rained!

Rain_1 Lukewarm baths straight from the tap will soon be over.  We will all be soon done with moments of sweating even without moving.  Umbrella will soon be part of the gears I pack when going to the office, gym or mall.  Time to pull out those knitted shirts and safe keep those speedo trunks and shorts.  Colognes are off, perfumes are on.

Part of my grocery list this weekend will be a big bottle of isopropyl alcohol that I will be spreading unto my lower extremities after dashing those would be flooded streets.  It’s the appropriate time to purchase batteries for my rickety flashlight to get ready with blackouts that usually follows after a storm or a heavy cloudburst.  It’s not before long when radio stations will play Apo’s "Pumapatak Na Naman Ang Ulan" and Eraserheads’ "Tuwing Umuulan At Kapiling Ka".  Enough on the grumbling and verbal altercations with cab drivers with busted air conditioning…

Days are counted when we will be watching and listening again to Korina Sanchez and Kuya Kim regarding the confusing conditions of the Inter Tropical Convergent Zone!

A Slice of Heaven

Cake I never claimed to be the final arbiter of cakes and pastries.  No one is.  But the tastiest cake I have ever tried in my more than 30 years of milk-toothed existence is the Chocolate Decadence Cake at Café Adriatico Malate…  Thanks to Ms. Merle Dela Peña for such a blissful creation…

It’s simply hypnotic.  Grabe and sarap!

May 1 in the P-H-I-L-I-P-E-A-N-S

Aside from going to the gym, I totally spent my May 1 in front of the boob tube.  May 1, a Labor Day is ironically a non-working day.  This is the day when people commemorate about their being a worker but remarkably mortals do not have work on this day.

Amazing_race May 1 gave me the opportunity to catch up on the all-stars edition of Amazing Race.  AXN channel featured all the previous episodes of the all-star edition that ran from 12:00 noon until 6:00 PM.  I was able to watch the said TV marathon.

Now I know that the Philippines is the reason why the condescending and stalwart duo of Rob and Amber (regulars of reality shows like: Survivor: All Stars, Survisor Marquesas, Survisor Australian Outback and Amazing Race Season 7) was eliminated from the race.  Their task was to build a sign that tracks Magellan’s route in his legendary expeditions.  They got it all right, Rob was such a whiz in following Magellan’s trail, but regrettably the tandem misspelled the name of our dear country.  They keep on spelling it as… P-H-I-L-I-P-E-A-N-S!!!

Well, this only shows that the Philippines have yet to truly glitter and impact the world.  Let’s face it, people of other countries still do not know where and what Philippines is… that is why they can’t spell it!  But we Filipinos, though we haven’t been there, know how to spell Mississippi or Czechoslovakia and lately Slovenia (thanks to housemate Tina and the Big Brother swap).  It is because these places or their people may have astonished our lives…

Happy Labor Day PHILIPEANS este Philippines!

Boracay Gemba…

It was a hasty decision joining friends in Boracay.  Josel, Joel, Bill, Don and Mark all came from Australia to have a 2-week holiday in the Philippines.  They have chosen to chill out in the white sands of hedonistic Boracay, the world-class majestic beach in the central part of the country.

After having dinner with them, Baby and Karen-Friendship at Cafe Adriatico upon their arrival from Australia and a round of champagne at Sofitel Hotel, I decided to join them for a much needed yet short holiday.

Bora Last April 20, 2007 I bid tah-tah to Metro Manila and boarded an Asian Spirit plane bound to Caticlan.  The 4-day experience was truly awesome.  There was never a dull moment with those fabulous Aussies.  The fun even got better when precious Karen-Friendship and her boyfriend Denton arrived and joined the following day.

Being under the rays of the golden sun for 4 days made my skin really dark.  I don’t like this tan epidermal color, but my Aussie friends actually loved it.  They said that I actually looked better in my new full-on grill marks.  Josel even told me that I looked healthier.

What I enjoyed most was the parasailing event.  I never imagined that I could actually do it.  Seeing those big parachute-like hemispherical canopies up in the air gave me shivers.  Ayayay!  When it was our turn (me, Josel and Bill) I felt my goosebumps had goosebumps!  But when my feet were released off the speedboat gaining some height, it was nothing but smooth sailing experience.  It was actually relaxing and breathtaking up in the sky seeing the whole island of beautiful Boracay.

I was so thankful to have joined… It was a wondrous ultimate gemba!