Month: February 2009

Chinatown in China?

Last night I was bamboozled.  I was so distressed that I have to air out my confusion.  To help me alleviate my upheaval, I decided to do a little survey by sending text messages about my uncertainty.  This was the text message I sent that has kept me mystified all night…

“Question:  All countries seem to have a Chinatown, meron bang Chinatown sa China?”

And these are the crazy,outregeous and wicked answers I received from those who cared to ease the agonizing and stinging torture in my brain:

Ate Gaying:  Wala ka nanamang magawa ano?
Marvin Morauda:  Meron ito ay matatagpuan sa capital ng China.
Jerry Avena:  Wahaha! Correct! Kumusta na sir!
Jong Villas:  Sino ‘to?
Fernan Paulo:  Of course meron lahat nga ng country di ba kaya nga Chinatown
Myk Dalida:  Meron, according to my Chinese staff (si Joan).
Nancy Delos Reyes:  I think meron!
Popsie Arcilla:  Meron sa kanila pa nga ang the largest restaurant in the world eh.
Kuki Catindig:  Meron po yata. hehehe…
Mimi Quibedo:  Wala.  Henyo ka talaga.  Magmana sana anak ko sa ‘yo.
Karen Batangan:  Pagpunta mo sa China, pa check kung may Chinatown.

These are the top three answers:

Karen Agustin:  The whole country is Chinatown!
Karen Teotico:  Perhaps its just plain “town” to them.  Just like Chinese food in Macau (its just plain “food”)
Grace Villadolid:  Meron… It’s called Ongpin.

‘Yan ang mga kaibigan ko… mga may sayad!


Happy SAD!

Valentines in over!  Gone is the day of sophisticated form of torture designed to mock my singlehood.  Demented romantic fixation moments are over!  Gone is the day of happy loving couples in front of me attempting to swallow each other by mere smooching.

Finally, it’s February 15 and it’s the annual Singles Awareness Day (SAD).  I am so happy its SAD and I survived and gone over Valentines Day without a respirator, a fractured bone or any bout of insanity.

Now that its SAD let me remind all those who are romantically attached that… SINGLE IS SEXY!

Tumabi-tabi kayo dyan! Araw namin ngayon!

Praying For Love

Let this be my valentines week song.  It’s so unfortunate and surprising that no website existing on earth features the whole lyrics of this very beautiful song.  Let me challenge you to google it if you want.  For sure you will never find a copy of the lyrics sang and spoken by Donna DeLory (the singer) in the internet except this blog.  To immortalize this song, I took the initiative to listen carefully to Donna and tediously write every word of it.  Here it is…

Praying for love
To take my tears
To take my fears
And throw them all away
Praying for love
On this holy night
If we look real hard
I know we’ll see the light
Praying for love,
Praying for love, praying for love, praying for love
Everybody needs a hand to hold
To keep them warm at night
To take away the cold
And everybody needs a goodnight kiss
It’s the one great thing
That we can’t resist
Ohhh Whoaaa
I’ll be right here
Waiting and I’m praying
Praying for love
Oh get here soon
Take me in his arms
Under the yellow moon
Praying for love
Oh bring me wings
And to let me fly
Up where the angels sing
Praying for love
Praying for love, praying for love, praying for love
While the world is waiting on its side
You can stay right here
And make our dreams alive
Take the time to hear
The beating of drums
Hear the voices calling
I’m for everyone
Ohhh Whoaaa
I’ll be right here
Waiting and I’m praying
Praying for love
Oh take my tears
Darling take my fears
And throw them all away
Praying for love
On this holy night
If we look real hard
I know we’ll see the light
Praying for love
Praying for love, praying for love, praying for love
Aphrodite are you out there?
I thought I heard you whispering his name
You know Eros doesn’t play fair
But I won’t get into the flame
Cause I’m praying for love
Oh hear my cry
And to touch my heart
Before we say goodbye
Praying for love
Oh bring me wings
And to let me fly
Up where the angels sing
Praying for love
Praying for love, praying for love, praying for love.

O sha! Hapi balentayms na lang sa lahat. Umulan sana!

I’m Not Brand Conscious…

On a normal day right after waking up and say my humble little prayer, I would always try to stretch my delicious body while still lying on my Salem bed.  I would stand-up and get into my Speedo slippers to walk me inside my washroom to take a leak into my American Standard toilet bowl.  I would then look for my Eveready battery powered remote control to turn on my Sony colored TV to watch the early morning shows.  While the sound of the Sony TV emanates from my living room, I would turn-off my LG aircon and fix my Salem bed, Ingeo Fibers pillows and Family Home Sanitized comforter.

After a couple of minutes watching, I re-enter my bathroom to do number two on my American Standard.  Right after, I would take a shower and shampoo my hair using Rejoice and soap-up using Safeguard.  I use Nivea foaming wash for my face before rinsing with Maynilad water.  Using Sferra towel, I would dry myself up before brushing my teeth using Colgate toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrush.  I clean my ears with Purity cotton buds, shave my facial hair using Gillette Vector and put on Bausch & Lomb contact lenses.  I would sink between my teeth a good length of minted Oral-B dental floss and gargle with Listerine to further ensure a clean fresh breath.  While gargling, I would spread Nivea unto my underarm for the whole day’s odor protection and sweat control.

After steping out of the washroom, I would usually be caught between using either Zara or CK underwear.  I would spray a little of either Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo or Giorgio Armani perfume before putting on Fissan foot powder and Guess black socks.  I would put on my Topman or Zara slacks paired with Van Heusen belt before slipping into either Aldo, Frank, Merger or Hush Puppies leather shoes.

A huge amount of time is spent trying to decide which shirt to wear either long sleeves from GAP or Celio or short sleeves from either Zara, People Are People or Merger.  My choice of Tie Line necktie would depend on the design of shirt I have chosen for the day.

Before stuffing my Nike gym bag with Adidas training shoes, Adidas shorts, Adidas socks, Adidas shirt, a Calvin Klein underwear, a Sferra towel and Body Shop shower gel for a Slimmers World International gym work out later in the afternoon, I would wipe-off my face and neck with a Cleene cotton damped with Nivea facial toner.  I would then fix my hair with Gatsby hair wax before wearing either my Kenneth Cole or Guess or Timex watch.

When time still allows, I would fix myself a quick breakfast by tossing two slices of Gardenia bread into Philips bread toaster and spread it with Dairy Cream Lite Butter.  I would gulp it down my tummy with Nestle low fat milk.  I would turn off all GE light fixtures and unplug unnecessary electricity-run appliances to make sure minimal Meralco electricity is running while I’m gone.

Finally, I would grab the Nike gym bag, my Nokia mobile phone and Yale keys atop the Whirlpool microwave oven placed on top of LG refrigerator and check if my Paul Smith wallet is in my back pocket before heading out of my unit.

Sarao ang ngalan ng jeep na sinasakyan ko papasok ng opisina.

Front Passenger Seat

Common seanse dictates that boyfriend with car is better than a boyfriend without one.  A car obviously allows mobility and freedom.  When shopping, the girl would not have to worry on how she will transport all the goodies she splurged on to her house.  At times she can make use of her boyfriend as an alalay (assistant) who would carry some of the goods.  She need not insist to make use of those gym biceps for a good purpose aside from just showing them of.

The girl need not worry about the traffic for she would even have longer hours bonding with her boyfriend inside the car.  She could enjoy a lunch in the breezy wind of Antipolo or have a lovely dinner in Alabang without worries on how to go home even if she lives in the northern most part of the metro.

Aside from no longer enduring with the terrible taxi drivers, she can arrive in a party looking fresh and beautiful.  She can go at any place without engulfing the polluted air of the city for she is spared to take a kamikaze jeepney ride.  She could gulp all the alcohol she would want and get crazy during a party for she got somebody who would bring her home even in the bluest hour of dawn.  At the same time maintain for her boyfriend to be sober during the party for he still needs to drive her home.

She could save a lot in transportation expense for she possesses not the whole car but the front passenger seat.  Moreover, in the eyes of dimwit people, a car-owning-boyfriend is always more goodlooing compared to non-owners no matter how freakazoid the guy looks like.

Still furthermore, the girl can sometimes find a reason why she cannot work longer hours in her job or study longer in the library since her “sundo” is already waiting for her outside the office or school building.

With all these benefits and advantages, girls sometimes are mesmerized and gone twisted of the actual feelings they have towards the boyfriend and towards themselves.  They tend to go on with the relationship for they would not want these benefit to disappear.

During arguments, they rather not risk showing their fury and sometimes wonder if the fighting is worth the trouble of commuting going to the next dream destination.  Sooner or later they tend to depend on the boyfriend so much they let major issues to go.  It’s like swallowing their pride for convenience sake.  They no longer know if they are actually in love with the boy or in love with the hatid-sundo set-up they enjoy.

Bakit ba nangingialam ako? Syet.