The Pressures Faced Yet Outshined By Jessica Sanchez

If you are a contestant in a singing competition and you are to follow a stratospheric vocal delivery of a contender dubbed by the judges as the greatest live performance in the history of any singing contest, what would you do?

If you are the next contestant to perform in a singing competition and you heard for sure the rendition of your opponent who just sang which was truly amazing and one of the judges announced that he wanted to go home already like announcing to the whole world that the contest is already finished, what would you do?

If you are the person who will sing next in a singing competition and you heard the judges giving the most superlative accolades that a judge could say about a contestant and this contestant was the person who just sang before you, what would you do?

If you are the contestant who was told by the stage director that you should just stand don’t walk around the stage nor go near the live audience and do nothing but sing and you knew that the competitor before you received the most number of standing ovations bestowed by the judges during the elimination process of the contest, what would you do?

Could you still sing with all these chock-full of pressures at hand? This is what Jessica Sanchez was faced with during the top 4 elimination round of American Idol Season 11.  If I am in the shoes of Jessica Sanchez at that very moment, I for sure would just be compelled to step back, shut my mouth, pack my bags, go home and never sing a single song ever in my life.

Before Jessica Sanchez sang, I wondered what song was she gonna sing to topple down the performance of Joshua Ledet to prove to the judges and the viewing public that they were wrong.  I even thought to myself that I would totally understand with full compassion if the host Ryan Seacrest will announce that Jessica Sanchez has decided not to sing and just backed out from the contest.

But that is not what Jessica Sanchez did.  She actually sang one of the most difficult songs on the planet and simply gave her all!  After seeing and hearing Jessica Sanchez sang her second song entitled And I Am Telling You, I hated her.  I hated her because I wanted to smack her down, rip her throat open and put her vocal chords into my body and use them!

Jessica Sanchez seemed not shaken by the pressure for she was fabulous and was flawless.  I don’t know where she came from!  It’s absolutely insane!  She is so great! I don’t even think she’s from planet earth!

What she just did and overcame was simply a mark and testimony of a true IDOL!

Galing mo neng!

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