Counting Stars by OneRepublic

this photo was taken from One Republic's facebook page

this photo was grabbed from OneRepublic’s facebook page

Poetic genius, that’s how I would simply describe this song.  Though not a new song, this track has actually been the music I kept on playing and listening to inside my bathroom every morning while I take a bath for the past two weeks.  I would even sing along loudly, as in at the top of my horrible out-of-tune voice.

I don’t know why I am so stuck and fascinated by its catchy beat.  Or maybe it’s the lyrics of the song that kept me captivated.  It tells you about overcoming the hideous parts of life and finding a greater meaning of it.  It proclaims that sometimes taking risks in life are doorways to the best moments of your existence.  The ones you were meant to experience and live to see.

Or maybe the reason why I so like this song is because of my internal desire for an insane precursor that something big is coming.  Because, instead of counting dollars I’d soon be counting stars!

This song is dedicated to me! Go me!

Selpish lang ang peg!

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