Month: May 2013

Chinito By Yeng Constantino

ChinitoI don’t need to hear vocal fireworks to make me decide if a song is impressive or not.  That is why I like the fresh, vivacious and gorgeously basic beat of Chinito sang by the prolific Yeng Constantino.

I like Yeng because she seems to possess a preternatural gift for turning clichés into light yet deeply affecting songs.  In the song Chinito, Yeng exhibits both weariness and innocence in her voice yet manages to convey hope and despair in equal measure.

As for the music video, it’s very Asian! There’s a little of Korean, Japanese and Chinese in the video yet it is very Filipino. I can’t remember which Filipino music video has impressed me this much in the past.  I can say that this is one cute, impressive and intricately well thought type of concept for a music video.  Even the brilliant choreography is something to be praised about (love the cool snapping shoulders).

I wonder how non-Filipinos would receive this music and its video…

Kyut, kyut…


A Piece of Heaven At The Gates Of Hell

It was eleven thirty in the evening.  I woke up drenched in sweat for I forgot to switch on the air conditioning unit before I fell asleep.  It’s already the third week of May and yet the scorching summer heat still lingers here in Metro Manila.  With this roasting temperature, I am starting to believe Dan Brown when he wrote in his latest novel Inferno that found in Metro Manila are the gates of hell.

I tried but could no longer go back to sleep, I slipped into my old blue jeans and put on a freshly laundered singlet.  I proceeded outside the streets of “the gates of hell” to find anything that will cease the torridity off my body.

About a hundred meters away from my flat while walking through Vito Cruz Street I found an eatery.  It’s about to close but I begged the attendant to let me in for I want to order, guess what? Answer: Halo-Halo.

Yeah! There is a new Teresita’s branch here in hell-gate Vito Cruz!!!  It’s no longer just in the far away hell-gate Tomas Morato!!!

teresita's in vito cruz street, manila
teresita’s in vito cruz street, manila
alone inside this refreshment parlor, i did not hesitate taking these photos
alone inside this refreshment parlor, i did not hesitate taking these photos
these ladies must be canonized not as saints
these ladies must be canonized as saints or angels by the vatican

Of course I ordered the “Special” version, i.e. with “minatamis na langka” (sweetened jackfruit) only worth Php 95.  It’s not the generic Filipino halo-halo neither the typical Razon’s halo-halo.  Instead it’s of a grandeur version, that is, with heaps of chunky-to-the-bite banana, brutal portions of glutinous macapuno, the sweet viscous lumps of tasty langka, smooth shaved ice with super generous amount of the vicious and sinful leche flan.  I swear to God they have the tastiest halo-halo in all face of heaven, purgatory and hell.

don't be fooled by the lucid and incomplex look of this halo-halo.  heaven is lodged beneath those shaved ice
don’t be fooled by the lucid and incomplex look of this halo-halo. astonishing heaven is lodged beneath those shaved ice

After paying my bill and start to walk back to my unit, I realized that Tesesita’s Halo Halo is something that can be compared to a piece of heaven and that I am actually glad to be living here in the “gates of hell”.

Makasalanan sa sobrang sarap!

Looking For Alaska Is Inspiring

looking for alaskaThis is the second John Green book that I read this month.  Though it’s not as strong and powerful as The Fault In Our Stars, Looking for Alaska nevertheless is an inspiring work about life and death, about loyalty and friendship, and about the choices we must inevitably make during the tender ages of our life.

I like this book because of its uniqueness of not having a villain or bad person in the story.  Though this book is generally introspective, brooding and contemplative, the story is interspersed with fun hilarious episodes and laughable conversations among characters.

Aside from having normal human beings as characters, the compelling forces that made this novel very meaningful are the literary allusions.  John Green definitely was right in the money for every mention of dead yet admired and/or significant individuals’ last spoken words being mixed through the storyline.

Two connotations referenced in the book that truly stirred me were Francois Rabelais’ “The Great Perhaps” and Simon Bolivar’s “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth?”  Readers at the end will definitely be left with something to think about regarding these two rousing allusions.  I won’t explain further for I don’t want this write-up to be some silly spoiler.

Overall, this book is excellent and is well worth my time.

Eksayting nga naman malaman kung ano “Ang Dakilang Marahil”

Top Touring Artist This Year

Yeah you can hit the number one in the music charts but will people buy your ticket to watch you in a concert?  A better recognition I guess would be if you sold a concert for people to personally see you perform and hear you sing your song.

Love my queen to death…


Defending Jacob Is Splendidly Exhausting

defending jacobDefending Jacob written by William Landay is such a compulsive read.  The great story telling technique of the writer will make you bone-tired and muscle sore yet you would still wish to continue reading because it is so compelling it will leave you guessing right ‘till the end.  You would think that the story has concluded and the author was just wrapping up but at the last few pages even more exhausting bombshell revelations would crop up.

Defending Jacob is much more than a superb mystery crime novel.  It is also about family battling and striving to hold things together for the sake of an accused child. It will compel you to question yourself on how far would you go to protect your child or what would you do if it happened to your family or how are you going to handle it. You will definitely ponder your capacity for objectivity as a parent while you read this novel.  Furthermore, the style of writing is so effective it will make you feel how devastating and haunting it would be like if you would be faced with such horrific circumstances.  These poignant thoughts that percolated in my brain add up to the exhaustion that I felt while I read this novel.

Defending Jacob may be quite a disturbing story but it is indeed an insightful, informative and enlightening novel as well.  Bravo! It was one terrific read, it definitely kept my attention!


Happy Election Day

done voting. used my power today.
done voting.
used my power today.

If you would notice only a handful of people would greet Happy Election Day.  Election-day cliché does not include an expression of happy greeting.  It’s usually a reminder to “exercise your right” “vote wisely” or broadcast to “let the fire of democracy burning” because “together, we build our future”.

I love elections especially national/general elections.  This is because it is the day when there is a total shift of power.  All of a sudden, ordinary people at this important day become more powerful than those who hold an electoral position.  The power is in their hands/votes.  Also, during election day all people’s individual power are in equal standing.  The 1 vote power of a poor bloke is as equal as that of the 1 vote power of a rich dude.

With this plain thought of having the power (even only for a day), people must feel at least “happy”.  So let me greet everybody a Happy Election Day!

Namnamin ang pawers mo ngayon…

Rare Photos: A Mother’s Day Special

Unless done and taken by a well-known or critically acclaimed photographer, a photo is often appreciated on what it contains.  Unless you tell that it’s shot by a popular photographer, only few or even no one would ask who took your photo.  May it be a good angle of your face, a suddenly slim-looking body or a surprisingly sweet smile it’s always the person on the photo who receives raves and praises and never the photographer.

So to appreciate a work done by a nonentity in the field of photography, let me post two rare photos taken by her.  These photos are preciously exquisite because the one who took it is often the one photographed and never the one behind to click the camera.   These photos are so rare because she never shoots photos for she doesn’t know how to operate a camera.

These photos were taken from our recent trip abroad.  In our trip to Japan, I and my family were able to accumulate more than a thousand images and snapshots to chronicle our delightful adventures.  And out of these voluminous shots, only four photos were made by her.  I will post only two of these four shots since the “qualities” and “characters” of such photos are basically the same.  Again and let me reiterate that she is always the one photographed and never the one who photographs.

no.  there's nothing wrong with your vision.  actually, it's very artistic.
no. there’s nothing wrong with your vision.
it actually looks very artistic.
love this shot!
love this shot! “may nginig paktor!!!”

These rare photos were taken by Nengkoy.

These photos are stupendously extraordinary because it took us long arduous minutes to prolong our smile, held our breath and stay motionless on a pose.  We need to stay still and wait for Nengkoy to peep through the narrow viewer and at the same time find her index finger to the camera’s shutter to shoot these atypical pictures. The waiting to hear the clicking camera to shoot these motionless moments were so gruelingly prolonged, all of us in the photo kept quiet which made the room so silent it hurt my ear.

After four shots, we gave up, no one complained and quietly proceeded to call a waiter to order our dinner.  Actually after these shots were taken, I felt exhausted!

Happy Mother’s Day Nengkoy!!!

Kakaibang talento hatid sa inyo ni Nengkoy sa araw ng mga Maders…