Month: June 2009

Mighty Womanoids

Power is defined as the ability to act or produce an effect.  It is the possession of control, authority, or influence over others.  It is a physical, mental or moral efficacy.  Recently, Forbes Magazine published Angelina Jolie as the most powerful woman celebrity on earth.  She may have earned heaps of money from the past 12 months but I will never be controlled and lift a lame finger in case she would ask me to do something.  Never will this ham of a celebrity have enough power to affect me.

Since we are in the subject of power, the ladies I consider mightiest for the past twelve months who actually moved my universe and produced physical, mental and moral effects (good or bad) on my being are as follows:

  • Virgin Mary:  She continues to be mighty even if she has lived more than two thousand years ago.  She’s the divine lady I would pray to and ask guidance every time my life experiences are crumbling.  I am a flawed and reckless disciple.
  • Nengkoy:  For obvious reasons, I would not be around without her.  I owe everything to this innocuous woman.  I am her loving son.
  • Madonna:  I could no longer quantify how much time and wealth I have spent in trying to be updated about her.  I am a fan at nuclear intensity.
  • Cristy Fermin & Lolit Solis:  They are the parasitic Perez- Hilton-like figures of Philippine showbiz.  These two thorny ladies simply annoy me.  They are so powerful I go on full metal ballistic rage every time I see them on tv.  I am their scornful senseless adversary.
  • LCA and MDP:  These two deities are my big bosses in my office.  They make me worthy.  I owe the regular monthly earnings I receive which keeps my insane needs achievable.  I am their twisted humble servant.

‘Yan ang lakas ng bebot. Kakatakot!


Michael Jackson…

1958 - 2009
1958 - 2009

I am not a fan but in one way or the other I admit that in some little speckle of a way I have been influenced by the music of Michael Jackson.  Who hasn’t?

As a gesture of respect, let this post be my simple tribute to the enigmatic artist.

Sumalangit nawa.

Thonz: A World Class Bartender

thonz2Thonz Viola, the 2009 top-3 national bartending champion I wrote about a couple of blog-posts ago gave the ultimate pride and honor to the whole nation.  He was judged as the Grand Prize Winner in the recently concluded 2009 ASEAN Bartending Competition held last June 19 in World Trade Center.

He impressed the judges as he twirled bottles and glasses to a thumping beat with precision and high level of difficulty.  Thonz buzzlewumped 11 other finalists (from Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and the Philippines) during the contest.  People in the audience can’t help but clap and cheer to the high energy flipping, tossing and pouring of drinks as accurately performed by Thonz.

During the international cocktail mixology portion of the contest, Thonz perfectly mixed, prepared and presented the cocktail he randomly picked from a fish bowl.  International cocktail mixology portion is considered the thorniest part of the competition because you will have to master a long list of international cocktails in terms of recipes and preparation procedures.

Of course me and workmates were stunned with his performance and were glad to take pleasure in witnessing Thonz’ winning moment.  It’s an explosive series of flips!  A well choreographed routine mixed with stunning charm and startling umpf!  Truly, a world class performance…

Considered as the sweet icing on a winning cake, Thonz appeared in ASAP 2009 (a top-rating local Sunday noontime party tv show) and perform in the program’s big opening number.  He along with three other great Pinoy bartenders were introduced in the show as world class bartenders.

Hanep ang lolo mo!

Lord Give Me A Lover (A Repost)

I was glad to have my blog transferred to  However, there are few blog posts that did not seem to appear and transfer in this new blog location.  One of which is my 2009 pre-valentine post entitled: Lord Give Me A Lover.  I so enjoy writing and reading this article (which I wrote last February 3, 2009) that is why I am re-posting it here today…


dariaWhile having lunch with an officemate, 2 of our operations guy came to join us.  The one was greeted by the server with a big smile complimenting what he was wearing, barking that he looks like a celebrity.  When I asked who the celebrity he was talking about, the server blurted the name of George Estregan – a Pinoy actor of circa ’70s known as the King of Bomba Films.

That’s when I suddenly remembered and excitedly told my colleagues that Estregan starred in a ’70s movie entitled Lord Give Me A Lover.  It was so odd that the other operations guy who grew up in the ’70s remembered the film.  We exclaimed in synchronized manner that it was the launching movie of the then sexy star Daria Ramirez!

Like a scar in my brain, I can still remember the gist of the story, i.e., Daria had difficulty finding a boyfriend because her parents were psychiatric cases and her seemingly last hope was a doctor-suitor played by Estregan.  I knew that Estregan played a doctor in the movie (even without saying that he was) because he was always in white jacket with matching stethoscope  wrapped around his neck.  When I was a kid watching the film on afternoon TV movie, I actually got confused if Estregan was also a mental case because the stethoscope never escaped his neck.

The most dramatic (or the most hilarious, if I may say so) scene in the film was when Daria who was about to introduce Estregan to her parents, she found her mom and dad having bouts of insanity atop the roof of their house.  Out of despair she blurted the words… “Lord Give Me A Lover!”

Ang artikulong ito ay para sa mga walang balentayms.


joeDuring my preschool years, after spending the whole day playing outside our house in Pasay, I would usually fall asleep right on the sofa of our living room.  Under deep snooze due to exhaustion, I would often feel the stubbles of his chin against my forehead and smell the musk that emanates from his chest.  I would lightly be awaken by a firm set of arms that would carry my small frail body to where I am really supposed to spend the rest of the night.  Upon gaining slight consciousness from the process of picking me up from the sofa and carrying me into his strong arms and shoulders, I would go back to a calm state of sleep knowing that he is around to watch over, shelter and care for me for the rest of his life.

The man I’m talking about is Tatay Joe.  He died years ago and is no longer around for me to kiss him on his forehead and greet him personally a very warm Happy Father’s Day.

Tatay Joe is no longer physically around, but I’m pretty sure he is watching and protecting me in this life’s adventures.  God knows how much I miss my father…

hapi pader’s dey tatay!

Nengkoy Blog is 3 Years Old

3My brain has been leaking for three long years, the result of which is this blog.  Only now that I have come to my senses that I am actually a blogger. 

Since this blog has been running for 3 years, I decided to transfer its host from Friendster to a more sophisticated blog provider, WordPress.  Nevertheless, Friendster blog are still powered by WordPress which made it easier for me to transfer all my previous post entries.

Happy Anniversary to Nengkoy Blog!

Ang saya saya!

Como Agua Para Chocolate – Revisited

The recent long weekend enabled me to read (again) and finish (again) one of my favorite novels.  Like Water For Chocolate authored by Laura Equivel for the second time brought me to the mystical story of Tita.

The style of writing was superb for I can taste, smell, feel and see the characters lives unfold.  The author did a well crafted device of connecting food’s texture, flavors and concoctions being bind together with love, longing and passion in the story.

I particularly liked the unique idea of the main character – being born inside the kitchen – has an unconscious power of transmitting her feelings, passions and emotions that she possess while preparing her exotic dishes to be transmitted and passed on more than double to those who taste it.  The feeling she pours into her cooking affects the people who eat it.

The unusual novel combines a magical romance of true love with mystical angles.  Food lovers as well as romantic readers will definitely relish this book.  It will make you hungry and want to fall in love at the same time.  Besides, this is the only novel that I have read in which the main character died of erotic euphoria.

Ang Tagalog sa “died of erotic euphoria” ay “namatay sa sarap”.