Month: July 2009

Cory Aquino: My Kind of President

coryIn the height of Cory Aquino’s worsening health condition due to the spread of cancer cells in her other body organs and the fear of loosing a dear Pinoy icon, I remember one proudest moment of my being a Filipino. 

 It is when I watched Philippine President Corazon C. Aquino appeared and addressed the joint session of the United States Congress in 1986.  It was Cory in her prime and the Filipino people in their most shining moment during the ‘80s!  I felt that the Americans were giving a long and big emotionally filled applause not only to Madam Cory upon entering the hall but also to the Filipino people for doing a job well done by peacefully eliminating a long-standing dictator.

 After reviewing the event in YouTube, the most moving part of the speech is when Cory promised that the country’s accumulated foreign debt – as looted and corrupted by the former dictator – shall be paid by the Filipino people.  The very people who in the first place never benefited form it.  She did not appeal to dissolve the country’s arrears but instead she gently urged the Americans to support the new democratic Philippines.  She said, “You have spent many lives and much treasure to bring freedom to many lands that were reluctant to receive it, and here you have a people who won it by themselves and need only to help to preserve it.”

Her addressing the US Congress’ joint session was such a fine beginning for a new Philippines, but it all seem to go down the drain.  I wish that all present political figures in the country are of the same brain waves as that of Cory.  For sure, the dream of being a well respected race would be so easy to achieve.  The speech is full of inspirations and moral boosters I hope and pray that the young citizens of today would be able to watch this historic event.  Lastly, I demand the country’s commission on elections to require all politicians running for a government post next year to watch and listen to this glorious event and meaningful speech.

Cory Aquino will eventually leave this earth, but three things are for sure: she has a beautiful soul; she definitely captured our hearts; and, she will always be my kind of president.

Lab yu Tita Cory…


7 Pinoy Films In 2 Days (A Cinemalaya Episode)

cinemyalaThanks to Mrs. Eugene Billones for the complimentary tickets she gave me for this year’s Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival.  Because of her I was able to watch an unprecedented seven Filipino films in two days.  I have never been exposed to this amount of Filipino films in my life.

Five of the films were short indie-films entitled: Musa; Tatang; Hulagpos; Behind Closed Doors; and, Wat Floor Ma’am.  While the other two are full length films entitled Colorum and Dinig Sana Kita.  Take note, all these films were in competition and not just mere “feature film” in the festival.

behindclosedI usually feel dumb after watching a short film.  Maybe it’s because the short films I watched in the past were all too deep-seated in which the viewer would have to have their own personal interpretation about the film, but not for Behind Closed Doors.  It is my personal favorite among the five short-films I watched.   I liked it because it featured two of Pinoy society’s taboo sex gizmos (the condom and the vibrator) being vital objects in the story.  It is also an impressive movie because of the superb editing efforts.  No scene is wasted because each is fundamental in the total construction of interesting twists in the story. The movie is wittingly and intricately presented.   

DinigSanakitaPOSTERresizeBetween the two full length films I watched, I prefer Dinig Sana Kita (If I Knew What You Said).  The film is simple, pleasant and apolitical.  It is not necessarily a tearjerker but the whole film is endearing and charming yet very unique.  It is a story about an abandoned-by-parents and deaf-at-birth young man who loves to dance and a troubled-by-parents and soon-to-be-deaf young lady who loves to sing.  Surprisingly, the performances of the actors were effective.  It is a unique movie that was able to cater to the deaf audience.  It is believed to be the first Filipino film to have a deaf actor in the lead role.  Its simplicity in story and presentation made the movie a very good festival film.  The film was so impressively heartwarming the crowd gave a standing ovation and burst in a loud applause at the end of the film.

 Mabuhay ang Cinemalaya! Klap! Klap! Klap!

I Am Kevin…

[clearspring_widget title=”Brothers and Sisters Personality Quiz” wid=”49a457ded86dd1a7″ pid=”4a659386fd4954f9″ width=”180″ height=”150″ domain=””]

I stumbled upon the website of my favorite American TV series Brothers & Sisters.  I took the personality quiz available in the site to figure out what traits do I possess that is closest among all the characters in the show.  I believe I do possess a little of everyone’s personality in the show  but the result revealed that I am a Kevin of a personality.  According to the quiz, if you’re a Kevin…

“You’re wise, logical and willing to help out everyone who needs you… and yet you still manage to put your needs ahead of everyone else’s.  Boy, that takes skill!  Ever wonder why your former relationships don’t last more than a month or two?  Family and friends understand that you need to stake out your own territory in an ever-growing family of 300, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need support.  Hopefully you have found what you’re looking for.”

Swak na swak.

Ice Age 3: A Super Cool Movie

ice ageI barely remember the last time I laughed hard inside a cinema.  It’s been eons of years ago that I freely laughed towards an American-made film.  I know that it is so easy to make me laugh but I started to wonder if the Americans do not have the quirk to tickle me anymore.  However, the inkling has ended after watching Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

The movie is a hilariously fun family movie.  It has engaging characters, tons of gags and sweet little comedies.  The movie even has some adult humor that is still acceptable to the mind of little kids.  Movie critics’ major expostulation about the film seems to be the fact that dinosaurs were extinct during the ice age.  I didn’t know it was supposed to be a scientific documentary.  Hello, it’s a film for kids; it’s supposed to be fun and entertaining!

I particularly loosen my wits off during the scene when Manny, Diego, Crash and Eddie (The Two Possems) get stuck in the green toxic laughing-gas and they realize that their voices changed into high pitched tones and start to crack up and make fun of themselves.  These characters were hilariously laughing at their own laughs in the scene.  I was literally chuckling along with the characters and felt how they felt.  The movie is such a big riot!

It is so fitting because all my immediate family members are present in the movie house – all 21 of my nephews and nieces, all my brothers and sisters, all my brother and sister-in-laws and of course Nengkoy.  Yes, the whole family watched the movie occupying the whole cinema.  I will personally not forget this movie event because it is such a rare occurrence that the whole humongous family that I have would watch a side-splitting film all at the same time.

Hagikgik to the maks!

A Relaxed Weekend Novel

5peopleMitch Albom’s The Five People You Meet In Heaven is a light-read novel.  The story may depict tragic episodes in a person’s life but the style of writing is so pleasant and pacified that you would not actually feel the horror of the main character’s experiences.  The book is not preachy but you will be able to understand certain aspects about the dynamics of life.

It is a short-read manuscript that I enjoyed comprehending during a relax weekend.  The storyline will not cause you to experience a cardiovascular workout or even eat most of your fingernails due to the suspense other novels may contain.  But the immense messages it conveyed totally stole the thunder away from my contorted behavior.  If this book was a song it is considered a smooth & easy sound kind of a tune.

The book assures the reader that dying is a normal thing and there is nothing to be terrified about when you expired and gone totally horizontal.  It will in a way advice you about the concept of serendipity, sacrifice and living a simple life may actually mean enormous significance for others.

I was surprised and especially enjoyed the last part because the fifth person the main character met in heaven was a kababayan (a fellow Filipino).  It assured me that there actually is a Pinoy soul in heaven aside from St. Lorenzo Ruiz, the first and only Pinoy saint.

Sino kaya ang limang malas na tao ang makakaharap ko sa heben?

The Smell Of Paper

paperInside a mall hanging out with my relatives and while waiting on queue for our turn to dine in a Japanese restaurant, I excused myself to rush to the nearest bookstore.  I purchased a book authored by Mitch Albom to feed my brain during weekends.  When I arrived in the restaurant my nephews and nieces checked on the book, how much it was and discussed that they have read other works of Mr. Albom.

My eldest nephew suggested downloading books from the internet and read it form my iPod Touch for it is sometimes free or cheaper instead of having the hassle of buying pricey bulky books.  My second to the eldest niece suggested downloading audio books, which she explained to be even more chic and even more hassle free for you can listen to stories while doing other stuff.

I refuse both suggestions.  For one, I don’t know where and how to download an e-book or an audio-book.  I admit that I am a moron on this new technology.  But my main reason is because I like the musty smell of paper.  My silly sister suggested shoving a lot of paper inside my nasal cavity while reading an e-book if the smell of paper is the only reason.

Books in its old fashioned form may not be earth-friendly anymore but the feel of crisp paper on my hand and the act of turning the pages is a gesture of visiting another world, another life, another space in time.  E-books and audio-books may be avant-garde but I still enjoy the traditional way of exploring lives, places, cultures and emotions may it be fiction or not in the comforts of my bedroom.  I also love stocking books that I have finished reading.  After some time, the paper will turn sepia and its musty smell even grows more intense.  The color and smell reminds me of how nourished and enriched my twisted brain has been.

Oo.  Adik ako. Papel ang tinitira ko.