Month: November 2010

A Whopping Over Sized Thanks

Failing to express gratitude is like wrapping a present that will never be given away.

It’s official.  Last November 24, I have been in this human body for a period of 14,610 days. I can proudly say that I have not been too dumb and have fallen behind the pack.  I can proudly say that I have not been fiercely too bright to the point of being noxiously arrogant.  I was just right smack in the middle.  And for the next 14,610 days, I will still do my best to live a balanced, calm and focused life.  With God’s grace and assistance I will remain to be in-charge of my life with wonder and enthusiasm.

The personal birthday greetings I received during the week of my birthday were just overwhelming.  It really felt like you (my family, friends and colleagues) were just arms away.  I may not have won the lotto whose grand prize was the highest in the country’s history last November 24 (no one did) but it felt like I was triumphant in building a priceless personal relationships with people.  Because of this, let me express my deepest whopping over-sized thanks to all of you…

At tama kayo sa sinabi nyo’ng delisyus, makinis, gordyus at yami ako.


My Dove Man

While wasting time and lazing around in my living room, I learned through a TV ad that Dove has an on-going promo which challenges folks to write an essay or testimonial about their Dove Man.  I am still mustering full courage to send this short essay and hoping that this could be a possible entry.  Instead of sending it, I obviously posted it here in this virtual journal.  Here’s how it goes…

He is the man who taught me the second half of the alphabet.  He is the one who made me aware about the existence of pomade.  He always summons me to buy Rubie blade in the nearby neighborhood store when his shaver’s blade is already dull.

He is Joe, my father who worked hard in the Middle East for more than 10 years to financially buttress me and my siblings’ studies. He left for Saudi Arabia to work when I was still a kid.  Yes, my father was one of the first batches of Pinoys who worked as an OFW.  I even used his Pan Am airline bag he received as a giveaway in one of his flights back to Manila as my schoolbag when I was in Grade 3 until Grade 4.

Before the word Balikbayan Box was coined here in the Philippines, we were already receiving imported goods sent by my father via door-to-door delivery service.  Nengkoy never purchase corned beef and bath towels from the local department stores since Joe always made sure that these items are always included in his parcel of goodies.  Our coffee was either Taster’s Choice, Sanka or Maxwell House.  Our shampoo was either Suave or Head & Shoulders.  Our chocolates were Toblerone, Baby Ruth and Kisses.  Nengkoy never misses to receive tubes of Ben Gay for her physical aches and pains and huge containers of Ponds and Oil Of Olay for her beauty regimen.

Joe’s Katas ng Saudi (products of hard work, blood, sweat & tears) package will not be complete without the bath soap.  Dove.  Multiple bundled bars of Dove bath soaps are the ones that complete the entire package.  Honestly, through the years, I may have tried other bar soaps that lather my gorgeous body.  But let me confess that when it comes to bath soaps, Dove is the first brand that enters my mind.  I admit that the foundation of my childhood’s soft silky skin is because of Dove.  Thanks to Tatay Joe my loving father.

Actually, while I was growing up I actually know that Dove is a bar of soap not a bird.  Because for me the English translation of the Filipino word kalapati was pigeon.  This is all because of Joe, my Dove Man.

Siguro malaking tsansang manalo ko sa patimpalak na yan… Hahaha!

Kulangot Monologue

Kulangot.  Let me say it again, ku…la…ngot…  Kulangot is a byproduct of mucus.  It’s a dried-up snot otherwise known as booger in English.  It is like a wild exotic fruit that needs some time before it can be appropriately harvested.  It needs time to grow and cultivate in an appropriate size so that it will be easy for picking.

If my kulangot was an event in the Philippine history what would it be? It would be the inhabitation of man inside the Tabon cave last 22,000 B.C.

What I like about my kulangot are the many functions that it serves for my body.  But what I don’t like about my kulangot are the many functions it serves for my body. It’s like a two way street with only one lane.

If my kulangot was an astronomical body floating into space, what would it be?  It would be a gentle sloping molten meteor covered in snow, pure and pristine yet cold and unwelcoming. Or a humongous asteroid that shoots down to earth and kills an entire continent.

In a dating game arena, my gentle and loving booger though very clingy is constantly in the playing-hard-to-get field.  It’s like a porcupine whose quills stand up on end when on the defense of being picked up.

If my booger was a movie, what would it be?  It would be The Blob or Escape From Alcatraz or King Kong.  If my kulangot was a famous movie line, what would it be?  It would be the line uttered by Maximus Decimus Meridius in the movie Gladiator… “I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.”

Boogers can be squishy and slimy or tough and crumbly. Everybody gets them, so they’re not a big deal. In fact, boogers are a sign that your nose is working the way it should!

May tadyak, batok at sapak ang nagsasabing di sya kinukulangot.


So the Gods, the odds and karma are again in favor of Manny Paquiao.  His win today against the bigger Antonio Margarito only confirms that Paquiao is the greatest boxer in modern history.  Every time Pacquiao wins a boxing fight, I am always so impressed by how the heavens answer the intense prayers of Nanay Dionisia (his mother).  Also, every time Pacquiao wins a fight, I always remember my first ever encounter with this boxing hero.

It was more than a decade ago when I was still working as the Head of HR in 3-star Royal Palm Hotel (now Lotus Garden Hotel) located in Ermita, Manila.   Pacquiao then was a budding boxing athlete who could hardly speak the English language and was worth less than a million pesos.  He was not yet popular then.  Even the boxing ring announcers during that time could hardly pronounce his name.  He is either introduced as “Pakyeyiyow” or “Pekyaw”

Pacquiao during that year was due to have a boxing fight in Manila with Mexican Gabriel Mira and no five-star hotel (I suppose) agreed to sponsor both fighters’ hotel room so the organizers settled with ours.  Both Pacquiao’s and Mira’s team were billeted in our hotel.

I remember the owner of the hotel instructed me, Mr. Sal Magugat the Resident Manager and Mr. Oca Bangayan the Head of the Security to ensure that Pacquiao be given the most comfortable room.  On the other hand, she further ordered that Mira be assigned in a crib where the noisiest air conditioning unit is situated or in a chamber located on the street-side of the hotel where the earsplitting engines and honking of public utility vehicles (like jeepneys and taxi cabs) can be heard inside the room.  That’s just precisely what we did.

The following day, it was in all broadcast media that Manny Pacquiao retained his WBC Flyweight World Title and was tagged as boxer with the greatest potential to be the next boxing hero of the Philippines.  Let me clarify that Pacquiao did not cheat it’s just that his opponent was puyat (without sleep).

Isang sikretong pati si Pekyaw di alam…

Biting a Tasty Tongue at Café Adriatico

I envy Virginia.  While having my lip-smacking Tamis Anghang Longganisa (Sweet & Spicy Filipino Sausage) served with fried rice for my lunch at Café Adriatico, I suddenly got envious with what Virginia (my voluptuous officemate) was having.  She was having the delicious looking Lengua Estofada (Ox Tongue Stew).  I failed to resist my supreme urge for I took a slice from her plate and bite it.

Definitely not just a slip of a tongue but the taste was sooo heavenly I want to repent!  Lengua Estofada is a dish that richly justifies that ox tongue is not only edible but also delicious.

I even became more envious (guilty actually) when I remembered that the meal she is having is part of Café Adriatico’s Good To Dine Promo.  As part of its worthy campaign, the restaurant donates portion of its sales of Lengua Estofada dish to the UP-PGH Cancer Institute which provides care to indigent cancer stricken Filipinos.

Parang ako ang dilang yan… Masarap.

Cobre Cama

After an epoch and a half, I suddenly felt the urge to change my bed sheets.  While tucking the seams of the sheets, like a virus awakened from hibernation in the deepest recess of my cranial cavity, I suddenly realized that almost all mothers in the Philippines changed the bed sheets of their kids last November 2.

This is attributed to the Pinoy belief that kids who play with fire like a lighted candle will end up suffering from nocturnal enuresis (peeing on bed while deeply asleep).  Trooping and spending a considerable amount of time at the cemetery is no fun if you as kid is not permitted to collect thawing wax and form it into a ball from the melting lighted candles that were lit on the tombs of the departed loved ones every November 1.  In the Philippines every November 1 at the cemetery, a kid’s coolness and savvy-ness is measured by the size of the collected ball of wax.

Though there is no scientific and empirical study on how playing with fire is directly connected to a child’s urinary bladder, let me impose my own particular explanation.  Kids during the Day of the Dead (November 1) are so engrossed in waiting for the lighted candles to melt for them to collect the liquefying wax.  Kids would not have the time and opportunity to go to a lavatory for them to release their excess in bodily fluid.  They would not want to lose the opportunity to collect the melted wax since another kid (a cousin, a sibling or a kid from an adjacent or nearby tomb) may also be eyeing to collect these melting wax from lighted candles.  Also, kids would not want to pee, do something else or walk away from the lighted candles since a melted wax easily solidifies and would be difficult to bend and glue-in into the increasing ball of wax.

With this rationalization, we can therefore conclude that there is a direct mutuality between the diameters of the collected ball of wax and that of the child’s urinary bladder.  The bigger the collected ball of wax results to bigger bloated urinary bladder.  This ends up to bed wetting which in turn also results to their mother’s changing of Cobre Cama (bed sheet) early in the morning the following day.

Susmaryosep! Nagpalit lang ng kobre kama, ang dami ng sinabi. Hmp!

From Madocian to Mighty Titan

Yesterday I received an e-mail from a certain Catherine Aquino attaching the official statement of Manila Doctors College’s name change.  It indicates that the school will now be named Manila Tytana Colleges – naming the school after the mother of its Chairman.

I respect the MDC management’s decision in its name change but I being a simple alumnus of MDC (and other Madocians for sure) are definitely saddened about this development.  This prompted me to wear an all-black-clothing today for me to personally observe the death of the name of a school I learned to love, value, honor and adore.

A couple of months ago, I even wrote a foolish and ridiculous write-up about this issue in this blog when rumors reached me with the hopes that this little-tattle is not true.  Consider this as my initial reaction of “in denial” and “anger” stages of grief.   (please click “here” if you wish to check it out)

Well I guess, any effort to reverse MDC management’s decision may be too late already and I should learn to accept the fact that the internationally renowned name Manila Doctors College will soon be blasted into smithereens.

With its new name, there will be a lot of compelling and necessary adjustments, modifications and transformations that the former MDC’s present management will have to do which I would not want to enumerate here in this write-up.  It’s their job, so let them do it!

Being part of the corporate world for more than 15 years, I would like to believe that “change” is one inevitable reality that people should accept so as to adapt to the ever changes in the corporate world.  “Change” makes businesses to move forward, further its security, be more adaptable, and of course be more financially sound.  I’d rather change the name of the business institution and move forward instead of restraining its capacity to expand due to the limitations of the institution’s name and end up losing and closing it down.  Therefore, I’d rather change the name of Madocs to something else for it to grow further rather than limiting its capacity to swell or totally kill it.

Another thing that will be definite, “Madocians” death will give rise to the “Mighty Titans”.  I am a former “Madocian” but a newborn “Mighty Titan”.  I respect the opinions and sentiments of all Madocians.  I hope you respect mine…

Sabi nga ni manong Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, “Hi hu mubs nat porward, gows bakward”.  Pis…