Month: May 2010

Fame Flores: A Rare Filipino Talent

Fame Flores, a semi-finalist in the TV contest Pilipinas Got Talent (a Filipino franchise-version of Britain’s Got Talent owned by Simon Cowell) possess the most tasteful, sophisticated and world-class talent among all the contestants.  Her singing was beyond Pinoy.  It can cross the boundaries of cultures around the world.  It’s the type that cultured souls would love to listen to.

She could be compared to world-class talents like Italy’s Andrea Bocelli; England’s Sarah Brightman; Charlotte Church of United Kingdom; or, New Zealand’s Hayley Westerna (my personal favorite among these lot whom I own 2 of her CDs).

The title of the show “Pilipinas Got Talent” is a misnomer.  It should have been called “Pilipinas Got Mercy” because the judges seem to base their decision/selection not from remarkable talent but from either: corporeal, financial or emotional state-of-affairs of the contestants.  Flores should have joined the British version.  For sure she could have undoubtedly advanced to the finals.

Unfortunately, the dubious lady judges are cheap and unsophisticated that is why they let such a rare talent go astray.  If Fame Flores reached the finals, her talent could have further widened the diverse spectrum of popular Filipino art and music. The Philippines do not have mainstream pop-classical genre.  Flores could have started it!

Paki-treyn nga ang mga diyadyes!



translation: Its okay not to be famous at least my prominence won't corrode!

Stardom is defined as a status of an individual acknowledged as a star.  One gospel truth is that everybody aspires to be sikat (popular) and be a star.  It is synonymous to fame and fortune!.  Due to life’s surprises and enigmatic circumstances people just suddenly find themselves in the status of stardom.  It could be in-born, a fascinating fate and destiny or simply caused by melodramatic blood, sweat and tears.

I envy those ungifted and undeservinng stars who did nothing but suddenly found themselves filthy rich and fiercely famous (the likes of Kim Kardashian, Zanjoe Marudo, Willie Revillame, Gerard Anderson and Kate Gosselin to name a few).  Some have not yet even finished their studies but owns heaps of money and monstrous properties.  The only factor why they ended up being wickedly famous is because of their so called x-factor – the unexplainable element that enables these individuals to portray kick-in-the-butt social and cultural values in the lives of others.  They are the existing testament of “life being unfair”.

Saan ba makakabili ng letcheng x-factor na yan?! Bibili ako ng lima. Grrr!


It is believed that no Pinoy living soul would not know the classic lines, “Walang himala! Ang himala ay nasa puso ng tao!  Nasa puso nating lahat! Tayo ang gumagawa ng himala! Tayo ang gumagawa ng mga sumpa at ng mga diyos! Walang himala!”

Whether you like it or not Nora Aunor is someone who contributed a big chunk in the enrichment of contemporary Filipino culture.  I actually just finished watching one her greatest films entitled Himala (Miracle).  Thanks to Kuki Catindig for giving me a superb copy.

I have second thoughts writing about this movie because it feels like desecrating such a cinematic miracle.  Himala is a richly textured film collaborated by 3 geniuses of Filipino film industry:  directed by National Artist Ishmael Bernal; starring Nora Aunor; and, written by Pinoy Writers’ Icon Ricky Lee.  A lot has been written and spoken about the film.  But from my own perception and analyses, this cinematic giant is very haunting, brilliantly daring and hugely moving.  It’s a magnificent art that articulates that if truth, hardships and poverty are too difficult to digest; falsehood, religion and illusion will serve its purpose. 

The film was made 28 years ago but it still pokes and affects every person who watched it.  The movie seems to breathe and has a life of its own.  It deserves more than the accolades it has already received worldwide.

Ika nga sa pelikula… “Elsa labs yu.”

High School Reunion Contemplations

Prior to making it to high school, batch 1987 grew up watching humongous robots that battled an assortment of imperialist aliens on tv: Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Mekanda Robot and Daimos.

23 years later, the real world has totally taken over us: bigger tummy, receding hairline, grey hairs, sagging skin, thicker wallets, richer wisdom, more affluent experiences, broader tolerance and cooler persona.  These are some of the thoughts and reflections that got into me after attending my high school reunion last Saturday night.

Early in the afternoon while I prepare myself for the reunion party, soft little high school memories start to creep in… those simple lives we were living; those shallow springs of contentment; those uncomplicated troubles; and, those inimitable “kulitan”.

A lot of people abhor attending class reunions, but my high school batch of 1987 was totally different.  We graciously accepted the laws of gravity and realized that time has caught up with all of us.  We recognized that changes are an inevitable fact of life.  We embarked from high school 23 years ago to build our lives yet we acknowledge the fact that high school shaped us into the unique individuals that we are today.

We were but ourselves during the awesome get-together and we celebrated life’s changes.  Everybody was simply relaxed and had a wonderful time.  I really had a fantastic night.  Bottom line, the party felt like home…

Mor pawer klasmeyts…

Thanks Gibo, Congrats Noynoy

The majority has decided and losing sucks! Gibo just conceded defeat against his cousin-rival Noynoy.  The thought of having Noynoy Aquino being my new president starting in a couple of weeks until the next 6 years of my life has yet to sink in.  It’s the same feeling when Erap won the presidential election in 1998.  I hope to get over this crazy feeling soon!

I would like to thank and personally commend Mr. Gilbert Teodoro for an excellent and different approach on campaigning.  It’s nothing but positive politics, with which the Pinoy population unfortunately is not used to.  Great job Mr. Teodoro!

 I just hope that with Noynoy’s presidency I will stop living the life of a 3rd class citizen of this planet.   I also hope that Noynoy will not disappoint the Pinoy populace and be brilliantly productive (this time) for the speedy development of country.  For sure I will cooperate and will definitely hope for the best!

Bawal ang tamad sa Malacañang!

Jeprox, Jologs, Jejemon

Jeprox, Jologs and Jejemon are all urban slang that describe some chunks of the diverse Pinoy human spectrum.  These words that all unexpectedly starts with the letter “J” – a non-existent letter in the original Filipino alphabet – emerged at different periods characterize the cultural variations among the megapolitan Pinoys.

In the ‘70’s rock artist Mike Hanopol coined the term Jeprox.  He best describes these people in his song Laki Sa Layaw.  Jeprox are born rich, exuberant and lives an unrestrained life.  They are liberal and laid-back to the point of being immature, prodigal and irresponsible.  By now these portion of the population are 90% owners of colossal beer-bellies and a big chunk of these stratum smoked weed at least one time in their free-and-easy life.  They idolize Iskul Bukul tv seatcom characters Tito and Joey Escalera.

After approximately 2 decades, Jologs was coined.  This ‘90’s-born term depicts a person being crappy, unstylish, unfashionable and cheap-looking.  They are the corny group from the lower class who tries to be cool but ends up mediocre to the point of being an annoying failure.  Jolina Magdangal (a ’90s teenybopper superstar) is their Goddess while Mystica (a singer with hydrogen-peroxide-treated haircolor) is their Empress.  April Boy “‘Di Ko Kaya Tanggapin” Regino is their ultimate beloved idol.

Still after approximately 2 decades and just this year the term Jejemon emerges.  These are the maddening type of Pinoys who are experts in Jejetyping. What is so alarming is that with the age of social networking sites and text messages they seem to breed!  DhEy tYhp DaRe tHouWts enD meSShaGes CmeeLhar 2 dIzs, jejeje.  They breed questionable spelling.  They promote incorrect punctuations.  They support intolerable grammar.  Fortunately, their is an emerging group out to ruin this group otherwise known as Jejebusters.

I refuse to name some of the people I know and have personally encountered as Jeprox, Jologs and/or Jejemon.  All I can say is that I can live with them… Peace!

Bungga!  Kanya-kanyang trip lang yan!

Kelly Clarkson: The Manila Leg Concert

Ironically my May 1 Labor Day is nothing laborious.  I lay all day on my bed but when late afternoon comes, I fetched my “darkest” nephew Luis to watch with me Kelly Clarkson’s All I Ever Wanted Concert Tour (the Manila leg).

Ironically also, I am not a big fan of Kelly Clarkson but I possess three (3) of her magnificent albums.  I was able to unintentionally amass all these albums simply because I am so impressed by the rock beat and soulful songs she has written.

Thanks to an officemate who got me a twelve thousand pesos worth of complimentary tickets for the said concert.  I admit and concede that I enjoyed and was totally entertained at the said musical event.  Owning the 3 albums made me aware of almost all the songs played during the concert making me sang along with Kelly.  But there were moments in which I just sat down, shut up and let the sound slice up the air and wash me.

Kelly Clarkson may not be the greatest pop rock artist in the world but her songs are majestic primal howls of anguish and isolation yet centers on appealing melodies with hooks that dugs into a listeners brain.  During the concert she even admitted that her songs are not happy.  I knew that after listening for numerous times to her albums in the past.  He songs are about pain, confusion, defiance and loss.  Even then, listening to her will leave you feeling cleansed and strangely… happy!

Her slow pop-rock hits were simply awesome it made the whole Araneta sing along with her — Because of You, Breakaway and Behind These Hazel Eyes.

Of course, I did not gave up my chance of enjoying to wave my hands, stomp my feet, dance on my seat and sing with her and the awesome audience when the fast-beat top hits by Kelly were performed — Since U Been Gone; All I Ever Wanted; I Want You; Walk Away; Never Again; If I Can’t Have You; Gone; and, Walk Away (my personal favorite).  The last song (My Life Would Suck Without You) just blew it because it failed to keep my heavy butt on my seat.  It made me stood up and dance to the beat!

Ayun umuwi akong masakit ang palad at medyo namamalat!