Month: June 2007


Transtorm Only few movies could not make me stand up and leave my seat inside a movie house for a while to take a leak.  A Michael Bay film entitled Transformers is one of them.

It’s about alien robots that turns into cars!  Transformers is fast, often silly, hilarious and loud with lots of spectacular mass destructions.  The visual effects were pretty astonishing.  The transformation sequences from cars to robots or robots to cars are smoothly done.  I could hear myself uttering “wow”!  Fight scenes are like suave hypnotic kung fu moves.

Transfrom2 Transformers was never an integral part of my youth unlike Voltes V, Mazinger Z, Superman, Mekanda Robot and Daimos but I totally enjoyed watching the awesome movie.  I was not a huge fan of the cartoons edition during my teenage days that is why there are times I am confused on who are the Autobots and who are the Decepticons.  But the movie simply provided a sign – the colored ones are the good Autobots while the plain light grayish brown are the evil Decepticons.

You don’t need to bring your brain when you go and watch this film.  It offers nothing but fun, fun, fun!

I just wonder if Optimus Prime is being run by an environment friendly alternative fuel like coco diesel…


Happy One Year Anniversary!

Candle It’s been a year that I have started onto this blog.  It was never a plan, just a spur of the moment.  There were a lot that I shouldda, wouldda and couldda have written.  But just like what others say… you have to live for the day in the present and what is done is done.

A year has passed and I hope I’m right in deciding to continue on with this.  Expect more exciting and thought-provoking random thoughts from yours truly!


A Spice Called UMA…

Uma2 It’s Uma to the rescue!  A welcome change from the monotonous and boring past episodes, it’s about time a genuine housemate enters the house.  Uma Khouny known for his sharp wit, brutal honesty and blunt comments added spice into Pinoy Big Brother Season 2.

I can still recall the first season when Uma with atrocious frankness would give his vicious opinions about Jo D Mango (having a face of a worm), Madam Auring (having a scary face), Boy Abunda (having a bad fashion taste) and Kris Aquino (too "kikay" self-conscious to be the country’s president) which actually made eyebrows raised.  Truth hurts you know?!

Uma Unlike the first season, almost all of season 2’s housemates are bland and unexciting that is why I seldom watch the show. With more than 100 days running, the two episodes when Uma was in the house were the most exciting and most hilarious.  True to the analysis of Uma, this season’s housemates play the game too safely to the point of being pretentious and mind-numbs.  Uma simply brought the house down and gave life back to PBB2.  He was all but natural.

I’m sure even Big Brother himself enjoyed Uma’s stay inside the house.

Vamos Rafa Nadal!

Federer_1 I know why Roger Federer lost this year’s Roland Garros.  It is because the live TV program keeps on focusing on his girlfriend’s pretty but not so dazzling face.

Roger keeps on hitting the ball low that would usually hit the net causing him this year’s French Open championship.  It’s obvious from the face of Roger’s girlfriend that she belongs to the weighty side of the scale.  Instead of just sitting and watching his boyfriend lose, she should have laid down on the middle the net to keep it lower for his boyfriend’s ball to reach the other side of the court.

Another reason why he lost the match and the elusive championship is because he gets stunned with the loud scary grunts of Rafa Nadal causing him to slip and trip on the slippery clay.

Rafael_nadal_3  I hate seeing my preferred and world’s number 1 Federer lose but let me give credit to the younger and sexier Rafa.  The whole game showed how impressively aggressive Nadal was.  It made me upset, Federer annoyed and Federer’s girlfriend disturbed.

One thing I noticed, every time the Spaniard serves he would touch his behind and adjust his jockstrap.  He must have worn a smaller size.  Even then, Rafael Nadal has proven again that he is actually the King of the Clay Court, winning 3 championships of the French Open in 3 consecutive years.

Losing sucks!

Independent’s Day

Baby_independent The funny thing about life is that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to be.  In the first 25 years of my existence I never thought that I would be later on independent and live all by myself.  Living alone can actually be quite empowering.

More than 5 years ago, it just dawned on me that I needed some space to spread my wings as an independent, responsible person.  And the only way that I could do that is if I live on my own.  Don’t get me wrong, I care for my family dearly and they love me as well.

Some mortals thought I was foolish leaving the solace and comforts of home.  Others thought that it was a wise decision for it may reinforce my independent beliefs and would build me character.

Living independently entails a lot of things and making certain sacrifices…

  1. Budget is always a primary concern.  I need to be more responsible with my finances because I don’t want to be crawling back to Nengkoy for some help
  2. It controls what I eat.  I now serve the food that comes to my system.  I have the power to make healthier food choices
  3. I manage my own time.  I need to have the discipline to wake up and sleep on time.  It entails me to properly schedule my activities on weekdays and weekends.
  4. In the grocery, I now bother the potency of laundry detergents, the effects of bleaching agents, the strength of scrubbing pads, the color of rags, scent of bathroom deodorizer, the thickness of toilet papers, the size of trash bags and the list go on.
  5. I need to meet up and coordinate with people whom I didn’t bother dealing with before.  An electrician, a plumber, a computer technician, cable and telephone linemen, internet customer server and even the trash collector.
  6. Laundry is another thing. Plus, ironing it! Which, I hate and have mastered.
  7. Being on your own also means being responsible for everything in my place including maintaining it.  I literally get down to my knees and start scrubbing.  I believe that cleaning your own space and place reinforces the feeling of independence.

There would be days when feelings of loneliness get to me.  I must admit, this adjustment period took a while and getting used to during the early months.  But once I got over this initial hurdle, nothing compares to coming home to the place that is all mine.  On those days when loneliness hits me my personal solutions would go out and do shopping (when there is disposable income), go to a spa and get a relaxing massage, visit my mom or call some friends for small talks.  If all else fails I just read a good book, listen to music or watch a new DVD movie.

Living independently is more than just a choice – it has been my necessary rite of passage.  The time of solitude is one of the keys in helping me reflect about myself.  It aided me to value those who are genuinely important as well was what is truly important.

Now, I rarely feel restless living alone in my apartment.  I go home knowing that I have made a home for myself.  I wake up in the morning and take pride in what I have accomplished.  This is empowerment. 

Happy Independence Day to all!

Traumatic Bike Ride

Bike I’m twisted.  There are things a regular person knows that I don’t.  Riding a bicycle is one of those.  Yes… it’s true… di ako marunong mag-bisikleta.  My older brothers when I was still a kid own a bike but I never had the interest of learning how to drive it.  I was always at the backseat and never the driver.

I remember a nasty and an embarrassing moment when I was in college.  Me and my college classmates went to CCP grounds to hangout.  Everyone rented a bike except me.  Here comes one of my best friends in college Marie Dela Victoria (now in the US living a full life) who volunteered on teaching me how.  While riding it with Marie running and patiently holding the back of the seat making sure that I be steady and wont fall, here comes a school bus full of wicked little kids in grade school with their little heads out of the bus’ window.  While nervously struggling with the pedals and trying to balance the damn bike we suddenly heard these kids shouting at us… "Ang laki-laki mo na ‘di ka pa marunong mag bike!!!"

Nowadays, I always brush aside the stationary bike at the gym.