Month: May 2008

A Realistic Tale about the Glass Slipper

Ugly_5 I just finished reading another fun book!  Gregory Maguire’s Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister is about the intimate and moving tale of two nasty looking sisters: Ruth, a mute and whom everyone assumes to be dim-witted; and Iris, a talented, smart, practical and delightful girl minus the aesthetic beauty. 

The novel cleverly recreates the Cinderella story without the magic spells, without the fairy godmother, without the prince in shining armor, without the happily-ever-after concept.    It rectifies the usual clichés and stereotypes.  It relates that not all stepparents are wicked; not all ugly girls are dreadful, undeserving, and unlovable; and not all beautiful girls are good, commendable and amiable.  The novel in some way would illuminate that beauty can sometimes be a curse. The “Cinderella” character in the novel is actually spoiled, capricious and annoying!

I thought Iris was the most interesting character in the book, but the ending packs a lot of wallop in which I did not expect Ruth would truly astonish and surprise me.  The book shows that there are always more than two sides to a story.  It’s a great all-around fabulous tale from a grown-up’s point of view.

Sabi ko na nga ba luka luka yang si Sinderela eh.  Mabuhay ang mga panget!


Corregidor Island

Corregidor One of the surprisingly and amazingly organized places in the Philippines, Corregidor Island boasts of its majestic beauty and historic sifnificance.  The small island that I recently visited was way beyond my expectations.  Everything was orderly and well planned that could be comparable to Singapore’s Sentosa Island without the thrilling rides but contains the rubbles and ruins left by World War II.  Even the tour guides were impressive, sharing and relaying short anecdotes significant about the island (from the people who’s been there down to the trees and animals that thrive around).  I was glad that I got to set foot to this historic island.  It was simply amazing.

The sight that truly impressed me was the stalwart Malinta tunnel.  I thought it was just a single crawlway penetrating underground from one side of the mountain up to the other end.  But what is remarkable are the multiple intricate lateral tunnels branching from the main one that served as a hide-away hospital and bomb shelters during the WWII era.  The historic lateral tunnels are eerie, ragged and humid.  It’s like being in another universe.  From the outside terrain of the mountain, you would not imagine that such creepy structures exist inside it.

One thing that made my heart sank was the presence of trash along the seashore washed away from the filthy and polluted Manila Bay.  A grim reminder that the island is truly located in the Philippines.  The island could have been a perfect foreign tourist destination if not for those eyesore garbage.

Bilib ako.  Promise!

Rosas Pandan (X-Rated Version)

Some would name it as “Rosas Pandan Bastos Version” others would call it the “Tigidong” song.  There is no official title of the song.  No one knows who sang it neither who wrote it, no one dared to step up and admit to be the writer and/or singer.  It is basically an underground hit that will never be played in the mainstream airwaves.

Possessing a weird sense of humor, I laughed hard upon hearing it.  I can’t help myself from hearing the tune since it keeps on resonating persistently in my head.  Its funny, its cunning, it neoteric, its pornographic, its crazy, its vulgar.

I commend who ever wrote the salacious lyrics.  He or she must be a genius.  No ordinary guy or gal can think of utilizing an ancient melody of a Visayan folk song and libidinous words put together to give birth to a naughty yet shrewd musical arrangement.

I would not dare to post the complete lyrics neither post the actual song in this blog since I don’t want to be restrained and banned in the use of this web.  Here’s the lyrics that has been censored…

Ang beep-beep ko na kulay rosas, namumukadkad pag hinimas-himas.

At ang namumulang talulot, dinadaluhong ng mga bubuyog. 

Kapag ako’s na beep-beep, tumutihaya kahit sa lansangan.

At ang bawat makakita’y kaagad akong pinapatungan

Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep, Beep-Beep

Ang beep-beep kong makipot, namumula’t sariwa, namamasa ang hiwa

Tigidong, tigidong, tigidong

Nag beep-beep na si Dodong, mula ng makita ang butas ko at kweba. 

Ganyan ang dalaga, lalo na’t merong beep-beep.

Hoy! Pu-beep-beep mo nag-re-record ako e! (laughter)

Grabe, ibang level ito! Bastuuuuuuuuus!

A Summer Bus Ride


Saturday, April 26 was the day of our Support Services’ company summer outing.  I can’t help but write about the adversities I encountered during the bus ride going to Infanta Quezon…

The Bus

The bus left an hour late waiting for the others to arrive.  The bus ride was dizzying going through the sharp curves and turns of the road going up and down the mountains.  The bus was also running slow, I don’t know if it is because the vehicle is ancient or the zigzag road is too dangerous to speed up.

The Aircon

The old bus’ aircon was unfortunately busted. We were literally being baked, roasted and seared inside it.  I was not in the beach yet but I was already soaking wet with sweat.

The Fume

Though inside the very sweltering bus, I tried to grab a nap during the travel.  However, the plan of swindling even a short nap ceased and was impossible when the smell of the burning clutch suddenly breezed through inside the bus.  I admit I was craving for a cigarette during the ride but instead I was treated to a much toxic carbon monoxide stench reeking out from the bus’ motor.

The Adobo

A couple of hours later, I could smell carbon monoxide mixed with Adobo in the air.  It was the moment when no one noticed that the Adobo intended to be served for lunch was knocked down dripping out its sauce on the bus floor.

The Vomit

While inside the humid running bus, I smelled the stench of vomit as puked by the person sitting in front of me.  All the complaints of those people inside made me impatient to alight making the travel being the longest four hours of my whole summer season.

The Drink

I was famished.  I haven’t had breakfast and my throat was dry.  I was given and finished a tasty egg sandwich but I need to endure my cravings for a drink for it was not available inside the bus during the 4-hour bus ride.

The Bladder

Ironically, I never drank any liquid prior to boarding the bus, but my bladder is starting to fill up.  Imagine being sleepy, thirsty, perspiring and wanting to pee all at the same time.

Add all this up plus funny moments with my co-workers equals great summer outing! Panalo!