A Message From Paula Cole

I own two CD albums of Paula Cole.  Until now the resonating range of her voice and magical lyrics in these CDs is a common sound inside my house.  From time to time, I would search for Paula Cole music on Youtube and without missing a single line of the songs, I would sing along.

Dawson’s Creek hit soundtrack I Don’t’ Wanna Wait, three-time Grammy nominated song entitled Where Have All The Cowboys Gone, the upbeat I Believe In Love and the sexy Feelin’ Love are some of her hits.  But my two most favorite Paula Cole songs would be the chilling Nietzsche’s Eyes (which I have written about more than a year ago, press this link – Wailing Woman In My Room) and of course the excruciating I’m So Ordinary.

Today, I received a personal message from Paula Cole through my e-mail account.  It is a thank you note from Paula after I have pledged in helping her produce her next indie-album entitled Raven via kickstarter.com.

Dear Neil,

 Thank you very much for your pledge! So appreciated.

 Your contribution makes Raven possible and makes our team a success. Please continue to share the link, the word, the enthusiasm so that friends will know too.


 Warm wishes, 


I pledged because I miss the Paula Cole music and I would definitely be looking forward to listening to her next album.  Peace out!

Aktwali, prends na kami ni Mareng Pawla…

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