Wailing Woman In My Room

Years ago when I was still living in the humble abode of Nengkoy, I collect CDs of various musical genres from classical Vivaldi to heavy metal rock.  Almost every weekend I would troop to a record bar to get me a new CD.  One of the CDs that I will never forget buying is the second album released by Paula Cole entitled This Fire.  This Fire is an impressive collection of songs.  It contains the hit Where Have All The Cowboys Gone; I Don’t Want To Wait the theme song from the hit TV series Dawson’s Creek; and, Feelin’ Love used as one of the soundtracks in City of Angels movie.

During those days every time I play my newly bought CD, I made sure that the volume is blaring.  It is so loud that the music could be heard in the outskirts of southern Mindanao.

In the album, the dramatic and poetic track number 6 made me rolling down my bedroom floor from laughter because of Nengkoy’s reaction.  The astounding yet underrated song is entitled Nitzsche’s Eyes.  Nengkoy upon hearing the last part of the song came nervously running and rushing up the second floor of the house to find out who was the wailing woman in my bedroom.  Only to find out that it was just the CD player running.

Here’s the great Nietzsche’s Eyes.  I recommend that you turn the volume in full blast to know and appreciate what I’m talking about.  Warning: before clicking the arrow, tell your mom first that you are to listen to an amazing song and there should be no cause for alarm.

Ol togeder now!!! — Geting dawn dis! Getting dawn dis! Geting dawn dis!

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